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Have you ever heard someone shouting the word "Fuck" (or which is usually written "----" or censored)?

In our daily life, or in our movie-life (because some region may not have the word "FUCK" or "----"), we often heard the word "Fuck You" with his/her middle finger pointed to the blue sky. Whenever that occurs, the one who gets the word should be aware because he/she may be feel negative toward you and something bad might happen to to you. That's bad (for some people), but actually the word "FUCK" may be really useful in these days.

First, let me introduce you to the meaning of the word FUCK, based on OXFORD LEARNER'S POCKET DICTIONARY...
"FUCK" ... means ...
1. ... "have sex with (sb)." ... or ...
2. ... "(used for showing anger, annoyance, etc.)"
You see? It's not actually that bad.

Now, I'm gonna tell you something. These days, illness become more and more dangerous. People keep look for ways to prevent them. For example Bird Flu Virus just attacked some country and created panic in the whole country, some healthy people were afraid to eat chicken and some sick people because of the virus were sentenced to die. That's not a comfortable situation. Then people found the cure, at that time, many people have already dead but people who still suffer because of the illness got a slight hope that they could be cured. After that people tried to bury the threat and tried to find how to prevent it. How can they prevent it? Many way can be done to prevent it, one of them is using fuck-ination (vaccination) ... ^^;

Sorry, that's "Just A Joke" to "Break The Ice" ...
I'll tell you another thing. In today's life, looking for a job might a really suffering thing.
No job = no food = no energy = die.
So, people are trying many way to get a job quickly and easily. Let me ask you a question... for most people, how do they think that they can get a job a.s.a.p (as soon as possible)? Many people will answer... skill... education. Another question... how can you be an educated/ a skillful person? The answer is... getting into the right fuck-ulty (faculty).

Ok... that's enough... I hope the ice has "Melted Down" ...
I want to share something to you. Everytime I travel to another city or country using airplane, when the plane takes off, I always worry, will my ears be in pain? I think that's why many kids or even babies cry when they travel by plane. If that's happened, it's really "----" (censored). So, I tried to find out why and how. Some people say that that time my body isn't well, other people say it's because of pressure changes when the plane took off, and I sometimes think that a small bug may enter my ears... that's really horrible, isn't it? Other answer that is more logist is I do not eat the candies. So, I tried to eat it, keeped it in my mouth when the plane took off, and the problem solved. Some people also say that you should open your mouth when the plane took off. By the way, how can we know that toilets in the plane is occupied or not? Just read the sign, if it's said fuck-ant (vacant), it means you can use it.

Thanks for reading (although this might be another "trash"), keep visiting Kejut.com!

My last words. "Fuck" is really a wonderful word. Look again to the definition, you may find it useful, but I think there is no way that word can be positive. "Let's fuck" ... that words really suck. My suggestion, if you want to make others angry, you may say it, but if you just want to look cool, avoid that because the word might ruin you life.

One more thing, I want to introduce you that now Kejut.com has already have a mailing facility (see the envelope picture on the left side), that means we will inform you whenever we have a new surprising article. Just join us! Thank You.

Maaf, hanya tersedia dalam bahasa Inggris. Sekian dan Terima kasih. Selamat menikmati versi bahasa Inggrisnya.

Written by: adhi

aaa...... saya mau sambungan doraemonnyaa...

jamur [sg], 4 Aug 2006, 6:24 reply
yr English is very funny...huh...
e.g. "Bird Flu Virus just attacked some country and created panic in the whole country, some healthy people were afraid to eat chicken and some sick people because of the virus were sentenced to die"...Healthy people??

One [sg], 8 Aug 2006, 17:11 reply
with my lousy english, this article looks great and entertain me.

bebek [sg], 12 Aug 2006, 8:35 reply
Good writing ya.

hasan_huang [cn], 19 May 2007, 3:06 reply
dst dekh hebbi phanny!...n parle rodi aro onno public reo diss:P

Nazifa [us], 26 Jun 2007, 20:27 reply
aksoro opo iku cucuku,nenek mboten ngertos blasss

nadnad [id], 26 Jul 2007, 17:22 reply
it was nice great job

mansoor [us], 21 May 2008, 16:25 reply
I think fuck came from F.U.C.K (Fortification Under Consent of the King).. if you lived in england long time ago and you want to have sexual intercourse with your partner, then you have to ask permission from the King. And when you did, you have to put that "F.U.C.K" sign on your door each time you have sexual intercourse.

peter parker [id], 24 Jul 2008, 6:54 reply
This is the worst peice of writing I have even encounterd

Your mom [ca], 26 Jul 2008, 23:08 reply
Wow, I skimmed this and I don't even think it deserved that. Way to go on fucking this one up, best wishes in wasting more people's time.

Doctor Cock [ca], 30 Jul 2008, 4:57 reply
terrible article, absolutely rancid... not only is the grammar extremely poor, but its horrifically contradictory with itself... it says the word can be useful, then says its terrible... seriously, really poor job, i'm sorry, but absolutely 100% dreadful... rcw 555

r clay w [us], 1 Oct 2008, 9:48 reply
your thoughts are all over the place man. you should read this shit before u post it

Joe [ca], 28 Nov 2008, 14:53 reply
You really have to clean up your grammar. Needs a lot of improvement.

rocketman [--], 22 Feb 2009, 6:38 reply
i'm only to say "fuck man" what the hell are you doing .....

susilo [id], 21 Apr 2009, 11:37 reply
really really bad
hey what are you tryin to post actually?
have you ever think before ya posted it?
i know those r some of your dumb theory.. but just dont post stupid things like this cause itll make a very bad influence you know...you re not smart enough to write some good thing... please think of it before you post

abcd [id], 14 Jun 2009, 6:56 reply
Thank you for your critics. I am sure that you have pointed some important things and we will take that seriously, so later we can make better articles.

The Author [--], 18 Jun 2009, 10:43 reply
yang jelas klo dari dulu nenek moyang spesies manusia ga nge-FUCK, ga ada peradaban di muka bumi ini

anjar [id], 24 Jul 2009, 16:54 reply
i have many questions about english words, can u tell me something about it ?
i just wanna know the mean about
gotta, gonna, outta, i'd, etc ?
i hope u wanna answers my questions cause im so pool in english,

nadhiv audah [--], 31 Jan 2010, 7:22 reply
suck- wat's d meaning of dis?

anisha [in], 29 Aug 2010, 10:29 reply

pasek [id], 1 Mar 2011, 12:04 reply
What the "----"!!!!

Nomad [id], 4 Apr 2011, 14:38 reply
see now, THIS explains the Vietnamese pokémon translation .

guy [no], 26 Jan 2012, 14:26 reply