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Cara membuat Japan nomer 2 JA!
How to make Japan number 2 JA!

Membuat roti dengan reskuker (penanak nasi listrik)? Tentu bisa dong, apalagi aku sudah mencobanya dan berhasil! Ide ini berasal dari anime Yakitate Japan dan gambar-gambar di halaman ini diambil dari situsnya. Jadi semua gambar dan naskah kopirait pembuatnya.

Make bread using a rice cooker? Of course it's possible, moreover I have tried it and it was successful! This idea is from an anime called Yakitate Japan and the pictures in this page were taken from its site. So all pictures and recipes are copyright of the makers.

Bahan ●Terigu 350gram ●Mentega 21gram ●Gula 21gram ●Susu 35cc ●Air 180cc ●Ragi bubuk 5gram ●Garam meja 6.5gram

Ingredients ●Bread flour 350gram ●Butter 21gram ●Sugar 21gram ●Milk 35cc ●Water 180cc ●Dry yeast 5gram ●Table salt 6.5gram

(1) Yang paling penting saat membuat roti yaitu mengukur bahan2 dengan teliti, karena itu bikinlah dengan mengukurnya benar2 yah!

(1) The most important part in making bread is measuring the ingredients carefully, so please make it by measuring them well, ok?!

Terigu / Wheat flour
Gula / Sugar
Garam meja / Table salt
Air / Water
Susu / Milk

Ragi bubuk yang dilarutkan air / Dry yeast that has been dissolved with water

Ulet bahan2 / Knead ingredients

(2) Masukkan terigu, gula, garam, air, susu, ragi bubuk yang dilarutkan air ke reskuker JAA dan ulet2 lah JA!

(2) Add flour, sugar, salt, water, milk, dry yeast that has been dissolved in water to a rice cooker JAA and knead it JA!

Tambahkan mentega / Add butter

(3) Setelah tak terasa seperti tepung, tambahkan butter, lalu ulet2 dengan serius JA!

(3) When it doesn't feel like flour, add butter, then knead it up seriously JA!

Bentuklah bulat / Make it round

(4) Kalo bahannya udah ga lengket, bentuklah bulat JA yo!

(4) When the mix become not sticky anymore, make it round JA yo!

Fermentasi 1 / 1st fermentation

(5) Taruh bahan di tempat hangat 60 menit, fermentasi pertama JA! Setelah itu, akan mengembang seperti ini JA yo!

(5) Place it in a warm place for 60 minutes, it's the first fermentation JA! After that, it will expand like this JA yo!


(6) Selanjutnya, keluarkan GAS yang berlebih JA! Jangan digilas dengan kepalan JA yo! Jatuhkan saja dari ketinggian 50 cm oke JA!

(6) Next, remove excessive GAS JA! Don't punch with your fist JA yo! Just dropping it from 50 cm height is OK JA!

Fermentasi 2 / 2nd fermentation

(7) Kalo uda keluarin gasnya, fermentasi ke 2 JA! Lagi2, tarolah bahan di tempat hangat selama 60 menit!

(7) If the gas has been removed, now is the second fermentation JA! Again, place it in a warm place for 60 minutes!


Kukus 1 / 1st firing

(8) Lalu, nyalakan tombol reskuker, makin terpanggang JA! Kira2 60 menit reskuker (kukus), satu sisi terpanggang.

(8) Then, turn on the rice cooker button, and it is baked more. After about 60 minutes in rice cooker (firing), one side is baked.

Kukus 2 / 2nd firing

(9) Lalu putar balik, reskuker lagi 60 menit (kukus).

(9) Then turn it over, and cook in rice cooker again for 60 minutes (firing).

Kukus 3 / 3rd firing

(10) Lalu, setelah terpanggang, sekali lagi balik, reskuker lagi 60 menit! Seluruhnya, 3 kali reskuker selesai! Hanya dengan begini aja, Japan nomer 2 yang hangat bisa dimakan JA yo!

(10) Then, after it's baked, turn it over once more, and cook it in rice cooker for 60 minutes! Overall, with 3 times cooking it's done! By just doing these methods, you can eat a freshly baked Japan number 2 JA yo!

Kalau suka, campurkan telur atau teh hijau pun enak loh!!

If you like, even mixing in egg or green tea is delicious, you know!!

Selesai / Finished

Walau menghabiskan cukup banyak waktu, roti hangat ini enaaak sekaliii, ayo semuanya beranilah coba!!

Even though making this wastes time, this freshly baked bread is very delicious, all of you be brave and try this!!

Written by: yuku

How much is CC in mL?

Maree [au], 9 Apr 2006, 11:35 reply
100cc = 50 ml......maybe ...

Syawalludin [my], 7 Jul 2010, 10:26 reply
1 cc= 1ml, ;;;cc=centimetr cubic, anak sd jg tahu....

mbah jambon [--], 25 Aug 2010, 7:52 reply
1 cc = 1 ml
wah tampaknya enakkk!! ^^ tapi buatnya bisa 3 jam lebih nyo??

Derianto Kusuma [id], 18 Apr 2006, 11:42 reply
keliatannya enak nih..

adit [id], 3 May 2006, 11:48 reply
this article is very good

chiradee volante [ph], 7 May 2006, 15:15 reply
i love this article!!

kanmuri shigeru [ph], 30 May 2006, 15:11 reply
I LOVE Yakitate Japan and I love this Japan number 2! Try it y'all! - jeni from Philippines

jeni_love [us], 1 Jun 2006, 2:23 reply

Roweniemaniac [ph], 20 Jun 2006, 8:35 reply
boleh di coba neh.keliatannya oke he...he...

kenalan [id], 2 Jul 2006, 13:02 reply
Wow,,i cant believe there's a full info about Japan #2! Hehe.. I had seen the episode for the 1st time last month (i think), then they had a replay on a local cable channel..i couldnt follow or remember the ingredients...so i was hoping there will be a site about that Japan#2.. my mom said why dont we try it at home hehe...tnx for the info..;)

gRaY from the philippines ;) [ph], 12 Jul 2006, 7:23 reply
whaaa... i tried this 2 times but still i can't to it perfectly... its always sticky.. even i knead it harder ang longer.. maybe i just got wrong in doing it.. :( can someone help me?

kazuma [ph], 15 Jul 2006, 12:09 reply
To whom it may concern would you please give to me the recipe of all the Japan's that Kazuma did?

SHerry [ph], 21 Jul 2006, 3:28 reply
look delicious... ^^
wanna try sometime, hehe..

draw46™ [id], 24 Jul 2006, 8:52 reply
Azuma:"It's so easy, even the producers of Yakitate Japan program can do it!"
6-year-old-kid:"then even I can do it!"
tsukino: "but are the producers of the Yakitate Japan program are that bad???"
manager: "yes."
LOL! this program really cracks me up!!!
*kapamilya tayo*

CUCinteractive [ph], 5 Aug 2006, 9:30 reply
Yakitate japan is the best cartoon series ever here in the Philippines... but is the story real? Regards to my japanese friends Moriko and sir Morii!!! -Monica from philippines

Monica Marie Morales [ph], 23 Sep 2006, 5:01 reply
Menarik sekali .....

MAMAN sUDRAJAT [id], 13 Oct 2006, 7:23 reply
do u have japan 44 recipe ? ^^;

fumo [id], 7 Nov 2006, 10:08 reply
wedew pasti gwa cobain......

chan*** [id], 21 Nov 2006, 12:51 reply
i love cooking. please send me all the recepies about making cake/bread

ERNA [id], 24 Nov 2006, 15:00 reply
you made my officemate very happy! she's been looking for this recipe coz she wasn't able to write it down while watching that episode. thanks for this one!

shirly [tw], 7 Dec 2006, 6:03 reply
well, i thank god that i found the recipe for japan #2... thanks anyway.... now all i have to do is to try this one out....

ayanamifaerudo [ph], 19 Dec 2006, 2:32 reply
how much egg for a recipee?

Chloe Lumina [nl], 4 Jan 2007, 10:26 reply
No egg is needed. Just use the specified ingredients above.

yuku [sg], 6 Jan 2007, 14:46 reply
wasting too much time! i'd rather go to a bake shop n pay few rupiahs

lala [id], 23 Jan 2007, 7:16 reply
wah, ko bisa ya, patut dicoba........

indra [id], 14 Feb 2007, 0:10 reply
Wah!! macam enak!! ada resipi japan lain?
btw, to those who want to know how much cc=ml? just google it.

Omega(Farhan) [bn], 19 Feb 2007, 12:59 reply
im so lovely

abdika mulsita [us], 17 Mar 2007, 8:30 reply
Anyone tried Japan #3 (Microwave Pan)? That turned out good for me as well. ^_^

Jeni in New York [us], 23 Mar 2007, 17:59 reply
seems Oishii nee..!
wanna try at home but that fermentation tools..in jakarta i think not easy to be found...

Jenna [ap], 18 Apr 2007, 4:28 reply
yummi.....mmmmm good idea

beben kids radio indonesia [id], 23 Jun 2007, 11:49 reply
is this bread being sold on, say, supermarket, in japan?

getsuga [id], 19 Aug 2007, 17:22 reply
WOW it looks pretty good i guess. But is it possible to use a oven or something because my rice cooker broke. Is it soft inside?
i once made bread and inside and out was really hard. Don't know why

Chistia [ca], 25 Aug 2007, 17:41 reply
I don't think so, because the main purpose of this recipe is to make bread using a rice cooker instead of an oven. So enjoy finding a rice cooker for making your bread ^^

yuku [sg], 27 Aug 2007, 5:14 reply
i am just curious if this recipe will be cooked in an ordinary rice cooker? an ordinary rice cooker does not have a timer... so, what kind of rice cooker shall i use?

christopher (phils) [ph], 6 Sep 2007, 0:46 reply
yes! if you don't have any timer on the rice cooker, just put it on the cooking mode, and count the time yourself!

yuku [sg], 9 Sep 2007, 6:07 reply
jadi laper nih~~~

shia [id], 12 Sep 2007, 13:42 reply
If i use instant yeast, do I need only 2.5 grams of it only!
for the method of using instant yeast, do I just add it into flour without having to dissolve in water first?

Uzu [sg], 29 Sep 2007, 5:36 reply
I am'nt believe before trial..i'll try. I would be please if more recipe u can showing.

santo [id], 25 Oct 2007, 10:44 reply
i tried making it and 3 times unsuccesfull :( i dont kno what i'm doing wrong i measured the ingredients and i added it and followed the instructions directly first two times didnt rise third time it did but in the seconf fermentation didnt rise as much but i still cooked it and it wasnt THAT soft inside and it was hard outside and i knead it properly ...so...if anyone could give me some advice that'll be much appreciated :)

mandy [au], 25 Oct 2007, 15:42 reply
Kelamaan gile JA! Bisa ga di bakar pake oven aja JA?

wiwiek [my], 4 Nov 2007, 23:06 reply
wah, kalo mo pake oven mah cari aja resep di tempat lain, banyak yang lebih enak kayanya. Justru keistimewaan resep ini karena ga pake oven ^&^

yuku [sg], 26 Nov 2007, 17:27 reply
it is so easy to do ....

mary grace b. delosreyes [ph], 7 Jan 2008, 10:27 reply
Can I put this on my blog? I promise I will place a link to kejut. =)

Lara [id], 12 Jan 2008, 10:48 reply
Yes, of course! but don't forget the credit and link to Kejut. Also please tell the address of your blog ^^

yuku [sg], 13 Jan 2008, 3:47 reply
wow! thanx 4 da info. I was looking all over the site but thank God finally, i found it here. I just saw the yakitate japan episode, but too fast to write on. So thanx again. I will try the recipe... YummY~~!!!

aLLy-Malaysia [my], 7 Jan 2008, 18:07 reply
does it taste good?

Lara [id], 8 Jan 2008, 7:44 reply
yes, of course ^^

yuku [sg], 13 Jan 2008, 3:54 reply
Who on earth can make Japan #57 ?!!!

Yakiatejapanbiggestfan [id], 12 Jan 2008, 10:22 reply
What's JA?!

Lara [id], 12 Jan 2008, 10:24 reply
JA is an ending word that does not mean anything. So just ignore it ^^ you will know if you watch the anime.

yuku [sg], 13 Jan 2008, 3:54 reply
Quite good, but adding eggs and more milk will make the bread even softer than before. If anyone knows how much egg do we need to add on JaPan #2 please tell me.

unknown [id], 14 Jan 2008, 13:40 reply
maksudmua ragi dilarutkan dlm air itu apa? Jd ragi 5g dicampur air 2.5g?

aaa [id], 18 Jan 2008, 8:47 reply
Menurutku sih, pake sedikit air aja untuk larutin ragi. Soalnya, seblumnya uda masukin air 180cc, jadi harusnya kalau sedikit air aja ga gitu pengaruh.

yuku [sg], 23 Jan 2008, 11:15 reply
I tried to make this last night, and it was a total disaster! Whatever I did, the dough was super sticky! I added some more flour, but it didn't help... I guess it's because I'm a newbie.. Please help me! What did I do wrong? And could someone tell me how much water we should use to dissolve the yeast?

kyle_atreides [id], 20 Jan 2008, 12:00 reply
When I tried this, the dough is still sticky, but the stickyness decreases if you knead it continuously. About the water, I think a bit is enough, only to make the yeast liquid.

yuku [sg], 23 Jan 2008, 11:16 reply
What The Heck is JA??? I saw this strange word all over this article

The Great Unknown [id], 25 Jan 2008, 11:11 reply
It's something the protagonist (Azuma Kazuma) puts at the end of his sentences.

JaPan [gb], 19 Oct 2014, 17:12 reply
Wah, awalnya sih bagus, tp waktu proses pemanggangannya jd aneh. Iy sih, dr atas kelihatannya wangi ama bagus, waktu di angkat, WADUH. BAWAHNYA JD ITEM!!! Padahal itu cuma wktu proses 1, cm 45 menit. Jdier, bawahnya item kaya batu.
... Maksudnya ini ap???
Aku bikinnya jd gosong.
Ad yang bisa jawab kenapa??...

aaa [id], 25 Jan 2008, 14:51 reply

SUPER [id], 27 Jan 2008, 12:56 reply
Iya, bawahnya jadi gosong n lengket2 gitu... Kayanya si karena rice cooker kita bukan kaya teflon gitu bahannya, jadi lengket... Mungkin kalo rice cooker jepang semuanya udah teflon kali ya... Anyway, gw dah nyerah bikinnya, soalnya udah 2x tetap gagal, ga mau ngembang...

kyle_atreides [id], 27 Jan 2008, 13:07 reply
mana resep pan d'epice gw???

Kai Suwabara [id], 3 Feb 2008, 3:51 reply
i know how to make two japan number 2 and 60. number 60
my friend teach me

lance [sg], 7 Feb 2008, 12:33 reply
WHAT!?!? O___O
where can u find the recipe for japan #60?

pengygirl [us], 23 Aug 2009, 21:59 reply
Yo anyone got recipe for any number of japan/gopan/lupan pls e-mail me at ashx2005@yahoo.com
Hey ada yang punya resep japan/gopan/lupan gak klo ada pls e-mail aku ke ashx2005@yahoo.com

Azuma Kazuma(HEHE) [id], 14 Feb 2008, 9:08 reply
My rice cooker has a 'cake','cook',and 'poridge' button..!! which should i use? please reply! Im confused X_X

Baker Jr. [id], 17 Feb 2008, 1:11 reply
hmm... it looks delicious (and not difficult to make) i'll try this :) Thanks.

Kei [id], 12 Mar 2008, 14:35 reply
itu dimasaknya pake "cooking" atau "warming" ?

indonesian gaul [id], 25 Mar 2008, 11:46 reply
cooking dong.. kalo warming ga mateng2 kali.

yuku [sg], 30 Mar 2008, 20:30 reply
wah .. pantesna punya gw jadi aneh .. lengket lengket gitu .. haha ^^ oiya , saran nih.. menidngan dicantumin aja di atas cooking atau warmingnya, soalnya takutnya ada orang bodoh kayak saya yg ngga ngerti , *^^*

indonesian gaul [id], 3 Apr 2008, 10:12 reply
wow , roti ini kayaknya enak kalau dibelah dua terus diisi daging , dan macam macam biar jadi kayak burger..
burger raksasa..!

laper [id], 1 Apr 2008, 23:25 reply
itu Roti apa Rote

siJi from sei mesa cabel [id], 21 Apr 2008, 2:04 reply
im just wondering but can u change the grams into cup, tbsp or tsp?
and for the yeast. how much water do u put to make is dissolve?

Melinda [au], 26 Apr 2008, 10:12 reply
the writing is actually in malay but it might be in japanese but i dont no so watever

superbad (the movie) [au], 21 May 2008, 5:40 reply
i realy like your recipe but it looks hard

the man[shafwan from aiden) [au], 21 May 2008, 5:42 reply
i would like to cook it buti got know time make it because i realy need to play basketball (CATCH YA BRA)

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shodiqfm [id], 9 Jun 2008, 4:14 reply
emmm kayakkk nya enakkkkkk enak banget pengen coba dech ^.^

indah [id], 18 Jun 2008, 2:56 reply
wkwkwkwk kukira cuma saya aja yg pengen bikin roti kukus ternyata ada resepnya asik2

hereman [id], 2 Aug 2008, 14:02 reply
saya perna coba bikin ini several times.but i always screw it up..jadi sih jadi tapi dalemnya ga kayak roti..ternyata perlu fermentasi kedua..i just know it when i read it..lalu one more thing,emangnya masaknya perlu 30mnt? coz my rice cooker cook only about 20 minute 1st time,second time 15 minute,3rd time just about 10 minute..hehehhe please help me..i'm looking forward to your answer.thank you very much^^
kalo bisa reply to my email..^^

hobi masak n baking [id], 7 Sep 2008, 13:33 reply
Ini pake rice cooker kapasitas brp ya biar muat?? di rmh kpstsnya cm 1,5 ltr beras

r-chan [id], 16 Sep 2008, 7:12 reply
what episode is it ?

miya [sg], 6 Dec 2008, 11:12 reply
Pertama kali saya nyoba, agak gagal karena adonannya kurang madet, Kedua saya lagi buat nihh sambil2 nyari artikel RiceCooker bread japan2, ehh ketemu nih website, yang kedua ini lagi saya coba, adonan pun tebal, ohhiya saya mau kasih tau semuanya, bagi yang adonannya masih lengket tambahin tepungnya,klo kurang tambah lagi, sampe bisa di bentuk bulat tanpa lengket, abis itu kasih Mentega Wisman / Blueband , klo saya Wisman

Hanzo [id], 16 Dec 2008, 5:37 reply
iyapp baguss Kedua kali masih tetep, dan berbeda, intinya, kita harus coba, dan mungkin Adonannya haruss benar2 Padett, dan bulat (jangan sampe ada celah lobang di adonannya), setelah fermentasi ke-1 harus di teken aja jangan di tinju, untuk ngurangin gas dari fermentasinya

Hanzo [id], 16 Dec 2008, 10:39 reply
hmm, ended in total disaster in my non-timer rice coocker. Just after a few minutes i could smell a distinct smell of burnt bread, and after 1 hour, about 1 cm in the bottom was pitch black. Suppose it gets warmer than 120 degrees =(

rubicus [se], 19 Jan 2009, 23:08 reply
kok bisaaaa ya masak roti di riice cooker

muhamad nur [id], 26 Feb 2009, 14:35 reply
I think is"t dificullt make a bread in the rice cooker????it"s easy;;;;...coy

ahmad rifai [id], 26 Feb 2009, 14:41 reply
Salam kenal. Boleh di coba, tapi kalau lihat RC yang dipakai, tentunya RC kelas mahal ya... kalau pake RC yang ada di Indonesia, kira2 berhasil ngak ya?

Cecep [id], 27 Feb 2009, 6:27 reply
enak juga tuh keliatannapengen nYOBA BUAT,eh kalo untu roti donan dasr pizza kyk gini jg y?2 kali fermentasi?

nissah [--], 3 Mar 2009, 13:18 reply
adonan yg udah tercampur rata ditutup dengan plastik sampe rapet supaya ngembang,trus tinggal semaleman.besoknya bisa langsung di panggang jadi pizza

ester [tw], 15 Jun 2009, 6:15 reply
The Recipe is also in the manga. Go to http://www.onemanga.com/Yakitate_Japan/15/30/ for the recipe and instructions

Hylke Langhout [id], 1 May 2009, 5:27 reply
ok boleh juga ide nya...thank ya...

Jauza [id], 19 May 2009, 13:04 reply
1. nanya donk, aku mo nyobaa tapi takut gagal n ricecookernya knapa" . misalnya kalo uda jadi ricecookernya bisa kotor item dll ga?
2. trus aku ga ngerti bagian yang no6 . maksudnya mengeluarkan gas kayak gimana? kan jadinya uda bulet gitu, nah koq yang no6 ada yang masih kayak gitu? trus jadi bulet lagi? bukannya ditunggu 60 menit trus langsung nyalain ?
tolong jawabannya yahh kalo bisa langsung email aku aja di r_musix@yahoo.com

indonesian [id], 10 Jul 2009, 6:04 reply
LOL..funny..i'll try it...^^
if anyone have the recipes of any other japan please tell me !!

.... [id], 17 Jul 2009, 14:44 reply
oh by the way...can we use something else instead of water when makin japan 2 ?

cynzzz_piyo [id], 17 Jul 2009, 14:46 reply
super creative !!
never seen before!!!

lucky [id], 16 Sep 2009, 5:28 reply
I'm a very big fan of Yakitate!!Japan and I'm very happy to find this article.
Please write more recipes of other Japan versions. Thx very much.

Michael [--], 20 Nov 2009, 11:02 reply
almost every recipe is here^^

misZ.nadya [--], 4 Mar 2010, 8:46 reply
if you can... can you record your japan 2 when you kneading it???
i want to see how to knead it right^^

Yakitate Japan Fan [--], 27 Jun 2010, 11:20 reply
aq coba besok ah..

movech-san [us], 4 Jan 2011, 10:24 reply
for this time
bread lovers is ME...hhaha

triana agustina [--], 24 Jan 2011, 9:07 reply
pagi mas, salam kenal for all by masta

masta [--], 10 Feb 2011, 1:26 reply
ud ane coba dan hasil ny mantab

ryu [--], 24 May 2011, 9:27 reply
Wah, weenak kayaknya, jd pengen buat nih. salam kenal

smskalit [--], 17 Aug 2011, 17:46 reply
おいしい そう ね。。
母は家でいつも作っていて、私は全部食べま した。

puramoz [--], 7 Mar 2012, 6:36 reply
I made Japan#3 and Japan #60 :3. Best anime ever!

Touhou69 [us], 24 Jun 2012, 15:58 reply