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Introducing Opera Portable, the Opera browser that has been repacked so that you can run Opera in a click, without installation (or administrator rights). In only less than 10 MB including Flash Player, you get almost the same Opera features. Of course it's free!

Update (2010-12-17): Opera Portable 11.00 is released with new features:

  • Tab stacking
  • Extensions
  • Visual mouse gestures
  • Safer address field


  • Does not affect existing browsers - IE, Firefox, normal Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc.
  • No traces left after exiting - files are overwritten, not just deleted
  • Doesn't make your USB drive tired - all program files and data are stored in a temporary place on the host computer
  • Create multiple profiles for use in different situations
  • Easy to distribute and use, not limited to USB drives or CDs

Support Opera Portable and get Opera Portable Builder!

Opera Portable is completely free and will always remain free, which means you can use it free of charge for any purposes (subject to Opera Software's license agreement). If you are satisfied with Opera Portable and want to help motivate me to update and maintain, any amount of donation is welcomed and gratefully appreciated.

Downloads /* oneuse=704; personal=718; oneuse_en=706; personal_en=720; */

  • Opera Portable Personal 11.00 (English, other languages see below)
    You can manage multiple profiles! For example: office, school, home, internet cafe. The profile file will contain all the settings you made while running Opera Portable. So, your settings, history, wand passwords, etc are packed into a single file, then they are overwritten and deleted on the host machine (so you leave no traces). When you run Opera Portable on other machines, your settings will be applied again. This is suitable for usage in USB/flash disks and other writable media, even your harddisk!
  • Opera Portable One-Use 11.00 (English, other languages see below)
    All settings, history, cache etc are completely destroyed after running. This is suitable if you run Opera Portable from LAN shares, CD/DVD, or other non-writable media.

It is recommended that you backup the .ophome file in case of data corruption. You should use 7z or zip or rar or any compressor to backup it since it is highly compressible :D

Other Languages

  Personal One-Use
Dansk Danish Danish
Deutsch German German
English English English
Español Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Latin America)
Français French French
Magyar Hungarian Hungarian
Bahasa Indonesia Indonesian Indonesian
Italiano Italian Italian
日本語 Japanese Japanese
Polski Polish Polish
Português Brasileiro Brazilian Portuguese Brazilian Portuguese
русский Russian Russian
简体中文 Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Simplified)
繁體中文 Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional)

Opera Portable Builder

Since version 9.20, I restructured the arrangements of files, and made it possible for you to build Opera Portable by yourself! Building Opera Portable by yourself enables these functionalities:

  • Using languages not available here (more than 30 languages can be built)
  • Additional plugins (the official version above only includes Flash Player)
  • Your favorite widgets, bookmarks, RSS feeds, even toolbar settings etc available as defaults
  • Edit the NSIS script to suit your needs

Etc. And so on. However, I would like to ask you to donate 10 USD (see the Donate section). The Builder is very easy to use, it is automated, by default you can select the language to be built and you are given the choice between Personal or One-Use version. Modify the data directories and you can add your own content, plugins, themes (skins), and so on.

Where and When to Use Opera Portable

  • When you are in a library / internet cafe / lab / other public places, Opera is usually not installed, and you are forced to bear with IE or Firefox that is indeed slower than Opera.
  • When you want to surf 'secret' websites but you afraid that your traces remains, use Opera Portable, because when you close Opera Portable, all data will be overwritten and erased (not just erased)!
  • When you use your own computer but IE is severely infected by worms, viruses, spyware, horses, rats, rabbits, dragonflies, etc. And you are afraid! And Opera comes...
  • When you want to have Opera anywhere you go, either on a USB flash disk or a CD (because Opera Portable doesn't require the medium to be writable!)
  • When you promote Opera to your friends, before installing it, it's better if you can show it first, right?

All intellectual property rights such as but not limited to patents, trademarks, copyrights or trade secret rights related to the Software are the property of and remains vested in Opera Software ASA/its suppliers.

Changes (click here for full list)


  • Updated Flash Player to 10.1.102
  • Removed outdated plugins


  • Updated Flash Player to 10.1


  • Fixed RSS feeds (and mails) not saved in ophome file
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Opera Unite applications excluded from package


  • Added Indonesian language
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Modified scripts to cater for new Opera 10 directory structure

Old versions


How do you think about this program? Do you have any suggestion for improvement? Can you tell me how to further reduce the file size (e.g. deleting unnecessary files?) Do you have any interesting experience in using Opera Portable? Please discuss it and tell us below!

Written by: yuku

hmm.. i think it can be reduced further.. i look into it first.. :D

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Ibu Siti [--], 6 Jul 2018, 16:00 reply

RWWWW [--], 31 May 2020, 17:50 reply
why is the download link only for 3 days?

david alicia [es], 3 Jan 2006, 13:28 reply
It's to prevent people directly linking to the file. Instead, they should link to this page and click the download link to download it.

yuku [id], 6 Jan 2006, 16:58 reply
Very nice
The only thing missing is bookmark (deleted everytime you close the program). And maybe a way to keep opera.ini file saved. Sometimes I edited the ini to get rid of ads.
Can't complaint though, you did a superb job

ice-pack [id], 7 Jan 2006, 10:03 reply
Hey any chance of sharign the nsis script file

chesss [in], 12 Jan 2006, 9:01 reply
I would also like to see the NSIS script as well. Thanks.

CYH [hk], 13 Jan 2006, 3:42 reply
Now it's available. Please see above. Thanks for your interest!

yuku [sg], 15 Jan 2006, 14:40 reply
Wow 750 visitors. Congratz

Yakumo [us], 23 Jan 2006, 6:52 reply
Very nice... Take a look at this.
(portable browser, perhaps "friend" of firefox, lol =P)

ru [sg], 26 Jan 2006, 2:18 reply
Awesome tool!! I posted this up on digg.com -- it should give this some more publicity!

FatMagic [us], 1 Feb 2006, 14:55 reply
Hello small question. How made your to change the Home Page.

dottycat [ca], 9 Feb 2006, 15:55 reply
Great idea but the link doesn't work to grab the script. :/

Tyanah [fr], 13 Mar 2006, 14:30 reply
Very nice idea!

Guti [es], 14 Mar 2006, 22:13 reply
Is it possible that opera portable can crash? And if so will the NSIS script still run to cover up all data tracks? Havent had such a problem so far, but just asking, because if it crashes then I guess the browser tracks data will still be accessible right? That was a problem in opera USB I think, is it so here also? Thanks.

The Reaper [us], 26 Mar 2006, 0:16 reply
Yes, when Opera Portable crashes, the NSIS script will run to remove all data tracks. The problem in Opera USB doesn't happen here.

yuku [sg], 4 Apr 2006, 17:06 reply
Will my employer be able to check my usage?

Howard [us], 3 Apr 2006, 16:14 reply
No, because all data will be overwritten and deleted. Except if he/she use a sniffer to detect network traffic.

yuku [sg], 4 Apr 2006, 17:00 reply
Just loaded this onto my USB stick, and its working great! One question - I need to spoof a website, which I would normally do by adding a record to the ua.ini file. Can this be done with Opera Portable? The values I need don't correspond to the options under Quick Preferences. Thanks.

Kevin [us], 14 Apr 2006, 17:20 reply
Yes, you can modify ua.ini and it will be saved in the profile file when you finish using Opera!

yuku [sg], 16 Apr 2006, 17:00 reply
Great job! Question - I set up an email account, but the next time I open up Opera its gone. Any way to save the mail accounts setup?

K-mac [us], 20 Apr 2006, 20:47 reply
Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I will try this on the next release.

yuku [sg], 9 May 2006, 17:34 reply
Your website has been mentioned in Webuser (a UK Internet)
Great! Thanks

melic [gb], 30 Apr 2006, 11:01 reply
Real nice job, I have different versions of Opera portable and I have to say this is the fastest one and also smaller, I don't see any private information left behind in the host computer.
Will you do a new version with Opera 9 ,we will really like to see that.
Thanks and keep up the good work.
Frank M.

Frank M. [us], 12 May 2006, 13:33 reply
Thanks for the upgrade to v1.0
I mentioned your page at http://portablefreeware.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=195
Th e profile feature is really useful, thanks a lot.

TheReaper [us], 14 May 2006, 0:18 reply
Nice Idea and implementation.
It leaves an empty folder like this behind:

I managed to use custom Toolbar, menu and skin.
Is it possible to include mail also?
If yes, How can i do this.
I didn't manage to create a package with your NSIS file.
Thank you for this great lauchning approach.

I have a suggestion to reduce size:
instead of zip.dll try 7-zip if possible. It has a much higher compression ration.

Torpedro [at], 15 May 2006, 14:01 reply
Yes, it already uses LZMA, which is the compression algorithm used in 7-zip. The zip.dll file is used by Opera to read skin files etc.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:35 reply
Hey, its wonderful... I only have one request... cant you change the icon on opera ( An if possible a skin ) that matches internet explorer ??? My employeer dont permit the usage of other browsers besides IE, and I dont really like it... I`ve changed once the icon, but I lack the knowledge to do the rest... If you want I can send you the modified .exe with IE icon... Thanks in advance

Comegalletas [mx], 17 May 2006, 2:49 reply
Very nice. I love it so much. It's small, clean and works very well. But mail and feed will be lost if restart it. Hope to see its next version.

RedSpider [ca], 19 May 2006, 5:53 reply
To RedSpider and all who requested mail and feeds: It has been updated! Now mail and feeds are stored. But please don't store a lot of mail and feeds, since it will take longer time to repack.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:37 reply
I've been using operaUSB but even if you disable the cache, history & all it still wants to write to the thumbdrive every second (which ends up wearing it out in no time). The only thing I miss from O-portable is the email (&feeds) being saved but I know you're working on that.
I like opera's intuitive interface & the idea that I can put it on a USBdisk & have all my bookmarks & emails with me. I don't care as much about saving/storing history & cache.
Is there a way to have it automatically clean up the temporary directories it creates? It cleans them, but the empty dir is left after.
Oh, you may want to look at "UPX" for compressing EXEs & DLLs.

vengarato [us], 24 May 2006, 15:06 reply
Thank you for your suggestion, but UPX cannot work here, since the original executables has been compressed by Opera.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:34 reply
Your portable Opera is fantastic! You are very smart.

prolexa [us], 2 Jun 2006, 17:48 reply
good article ...
banyak membantu saya .. tapi ada satu hal lagi .. ada gak downloader yg portable kayak DAP,Get Right, atau Mass Downloader.

jufri [id], 10 Jun 2006, 16:37 reply
check out this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_portable_software

a.noor.a [sg], 29 Sep 2006, 11:25 reply
Great post! Now I am trying to make portable Opera for it's latest 9 beta 2. But the NSIS failed to compile. It ends up at the line 144 and 156. The folder doesn't exist on my PC. Can I make it without studying in detail about the tool NSIS?

Wallace [us], 12 Jun 2006, 3:03 reply
The lines are about the icon used and the path of the source files. For the icon, supply the icon by yourself. And modify the source path to the path were you stored the files to pack.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:40 reply
great work.
I hope you're working on an update and release it soon :D
Can't wait. It's hardly possible to wait ;-)
best regards,

iNsuRRecTiON [de], 12 Jun 2006, 20:15 reply
Great idea.It works perfectly except for mail and feeds.But that's OK with me because I'm low on space on my Flash Drive. Anyway you should try compressing all the executable files with UPX Tool before you pack them.
Hope you continue when Opera 9 is released.

G.Pranav [in], 19 Jun 2006, 22:11 reply
I got here as soon as I heard about 9.0 being released... to tell you the truth I wasnt expecting you to have already upgraded. I havent tried out your new version but judging from the past 2 versions I tried, I doubt there could possibly be anything wrong.
Thanks a whole lot.

TheReaper [us], 20 Jun 2006, 22:42 reply
Downloaded 9.0
Good job.

hasina [us], 21 Jun 2006, 1:51 reply
Good tool, though I have a question: if I were to reboot Windows and I forgot to close Opera properly, would the tool still clean out the Temp folder?
The reason I'm asking this is that I used Opera USB on school computers, and there's a tendency I can accidentally leave behind my profile data on that computer.

rm20010 [ca], 21 Jun 2006, 6:54 reply
After Opera closes, it will delete the remaining files. But sometimes Windows forces the Opera Portable program to end, so it has no chance to delete files. So it's better if you remember to close Opera before shutting down.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:42 reply
Great tool, exactly what I was looking for. I am uneasy that it completely empties the Temp folder however, instead of just the files it creates. The first time I ran it, it cleaned out several GB of files I had 'temporarily' stored there (on a work computer) to keep them from being easily noticed. Fortunately I had other copies of all of them, but it was still an unpleasant surprise. Can you not make it a bit more selective in what it deletes?

WD [us], 22 Jun 2006, 10:38 reply
Thank you for reporting this! Now it is already fixed, it will only delete the Opera directory.

yuku [sg], 23 Jun 2006, 8:44 reply
Awesome! Seems like a huge improvement; you got the mail & RSS feeds working AND you still managed to keep the size down. WOW!
How do the widgets work since it's portable? Does it pack them into the profile, or do they get erased when it cleans up?

vengarato [us], 23 Jun 2006, 16:53 reply
Are you going to release a portable opera based on opera 9.0

podney [au], 25 Jun 2006, 1:24 reply
Is more useful if you simply use Opera@usb version that work as Opera9 without any installation and there will be soon Opera9final.
Ciao, Igor

igorfree [eu], 25 Jun 2006, 17:32 reply
Hi, very interesting.
Say I want to use this soft at work. is there any way I can put my Opera 8.54 password and cookies in a floppy from home and download an "import/copy" them into Opera portable?.

Joshua [ar], 25 Jun 2006, 20:54 reply
How can i use italian language file in opera-portable-personal-9.00? I tried to change the language directory, but when the program start the language file is always english.lng

deep [it], 26 Jun 2006, 14:21 reply
Place your lng file inside the profile directory, so that it will be kept inside the ophome file.

yuku [sg], 4 Aug 2006, 10:55 reply
how to install plugin to Portable Opera??

Angus [hk], 28 Jun 2006, 1:54 reply
IMPORTANT TIP on shrinking the "default.ophome" file size!!! --- I found that my ophome file was taking up about 1700k even when I trimmed down my emails to the bare essentials. Two things I found that made a huge difference (my ophome is now 695k) were #1: the "cache4" folder inside the "profile" folder. And #2: the "lexicon" folder in the "mail" folder. They are both really unnecessary for operation. --- The lexicon data is only for speeding up searches thru your emails. If you could have opera portable ignore these two folders when it compresses/stores the ophome file, you'd see a great decrease in the ophome file size.

vengarato [us], 28 Jun 2006, 22:04 reply
cache4 folder is not stored in the ophome file. Regarding the lexicon folder, if you delete it, Opera will reindex all the mails everytime it starts, and it consume considerable time.

yuku [sg], 4 Aug 2006, 10:49 reply
Wow it is really nice, but I notice that flash is not in it that is why flash sites cannot be viewed. But overall, really good! Thanks.

Silver [us], 28 Jun 2006, 23:52 reply
Q: is there any way I can put my Opera 8.54 password and cookies ... "import/copy" them into Opera portable? --- A: Start O-Portable, note the address in the start page, this is where it stores the files when it's running. Copy your O-8.54 files there (*.adr, *.dat, *.ini) into the profile directory.

vengarato [us], 29 Jun 2006, 14:06 reply
Widgets will not open
Unwanted Zoom

IRVINGMEYERSON [us], 29 Jun 2006, 22:57 reply
it appears widgets are not saved, they work the first time but thats it. Are you sure you didn't hold down CTRL while scrolling with the mouse wheel? This is Opera's command to change the zoom level.

vengarato [us], 30 Jun 2006, 19:18 reply
good job ! but with www.Opera-usb.com you have more possibilities for personal settings; and it will start faster

Alfred Gusi [at], 30 Jun 2006, 6:23 reply
OperaUSB is NOT ideal for USB-flash/thumb drives. The cache writes to the disk constantly & I have personally burnt out USB-disks this way.

vengarato [us], 30 Jun 2006, 19:18 reply
That is wrong !! Opera@USB but the cache on Harddisk and also Sessions is disabled
Thank you for the user how send me those message
Admin of Opera@USB

Miraculix [se], 6 Aug 2006, 17:07 reply
Good job, man !
One request though : I have a problem with my firewall, because opera.exe is each time stored in a different folder, requiring each time a new authentification and authorization. Any idea on how to solve this ?

DFred [fr], 1 Jul 2006, 15:01 reply
In the updated version (9.01 v2) now it is stored in same folder. So now you can set your firewall settings.

yuku [sg], 3 Sep 2006, 3:04 reply
I copied all the files from my plugins folder (C:\Program Files\Opera\Program\Plugins\) to the portable folder on temp\hebat***\Program\Plugins and the Flash sites work, still.. after closing and reopening it, it's gone.. is there a way of storing plugins together with other ini options?

Pika [my], 3 Jul 2006, 5:16 reply
Excellent work, I like it an I will use it for sure :), just one thing I use Kaspersky Anti-hacker and its asking me over and over if I want to allow it to surf in the web and when I clcik "Allow all the activity from internet" it says that I can't do that, but If I click on the button "Allow once" it works but ask me a lot of time.

eViL bAz [mx], 3 Jul 2006, 20:28 reply
A great program.
Would be even greater if it was possible to use more languages, like Frisian and dutch.
I tryed the nsis script but it didn't work oké got an error.

Berend Ytsma [nl], 16 Jul 2006, 9:53 reply
works good ....but o can not keep it from leaving temp files on the host......what am i doing wrong?
thanks for any help..

ghostedrider [us], 16 Jul 2006, 22:27 reply
Maybe you are using an old version. The problem has been fixed in the new version.

yuku [sg], 4 Aug 2006, 11:07 reply
Im currently working on a version of Opera to build a multiplatform CD to launch interactive applications composed of a mix of HTML and Flash.
Passing by, I very appreciated your work.
Wy not reactivate your dowloads for Opera 8.54 because it is compatible with Win98 en WinME ?

Zio Bill [ch], 17 Jul 2006, 1:27 reply
It's now activated, please enjoy it!

yuku [sg], 4 Aug 2006, 11:12 reply
Great work! Portable opera needs only one more thing - portable java. Can you do it?

Michael [ru], 19 Jul 2006, 4:30 reply
i'm using it to open this site.. Great work! Really easy and fast.. Thanx!

Vivy [id], 19 Jul 2006, 17:59 reply
Opera 9.1 is OUT! When are you releasing it in the form of the Portable version?

Pika [my], 3 Aug 2006, 2:09 reply
great great. Thx for the update to Opera 9.
I hope you keep it updated and fix the outstanding problems, which mentioned here in comments..
Further I hope you keep updating the downloadable NSIS script, in order that people can learn from it and give you feedback, suggestions, comments, etc.
@Pika, yeah, lol, but keep cool, I'm sure yuku will updating the Opera Portable packages and script soon!
It is just 2 days out.. :)
best regards,
PS: Maybe you look at the NSIS script from Firefox Portable (portableapps.com, Launcher) and in that way you can improve your script. And maybe you can work with John Haller, so you can exchange each other and benefit both from it.. :D
(portasoft.org is a good source, too)

iNsuRRecTiON [de], 3 Aug 2006, 20:27 reply
To simplify the NSIS script: do not dynamically change the pathes in operadef6.ini, spelcheck.ini , etc. but use relative pathes instead ( e.g. "History Style File=.\Styles\history.css" ). Works great !

Daniel Vanesse [us], 4 Aug 2006, 8:23 reply
Now, can you do this for Firefox?

anonymous [us], 8 Aug 2006, 1:07 reply
Google Portable Firefox

Pika [my], 10 Aug 2006, 3:29 reply
I have Opera 9 for U3 and it is leaving temp files on the local hard drive.
How do I make it shred as the 9.01 personal portable does?
Thank you for a great piece of software.

Ramike [us], 10 Aug 2006, 14:25 reply
I meant do this for Firefox, as in one file version and overwrite then delete

anonymous [us], 12 Aug 2006, 15:45 reply
Nice job! I like it very much but the icon of Opera Portable looks coarse .

xxzhao [cn], 13 Aug 2006, 1:43 reply
How do u implement the shredding? When deleteting the files. I have created something similiar to this for 7-zip
and i would like to ask for help on adding the shredding procedure. The code of my app based off of
It s something similair to portable opera personal except for fillzilla but ive chaged it to now also run of a cd
Do you have plans to create a single exe version of firefox?

nycjv321 [us], 18 Aug 2006, 19:08 reply
To shred files, you can just write arbitrary bytes into it. It is like overwriting the bytes of the file. Currently we have no intention of making Portable Firefox, since you can find it elsewhere.

yuku [sg], 27 Aug 2006, 6:52 reply
Great job!!!
Thanks for making it portable, Opera is the best browser :)

philry4n [id], 25 Aug 2006, 4:57 reply
Can you do polish version of this software. It's only one language file:

Adam [pl], 27 Aug 2006, 14:28 reply
Congratulations, your request is fulfilled. You can now download Polish version.

yuku [sg], 2 Sep 2006, 17:18 reply
a super good job,all settings are packed in one file,hope the author can release a Firefox potable like this opera portable.

Aspirant [cn], 29 Aug 2006, 8:40 reply
It's really good, although to be fair I'm still comparing it with OperaUSB, which I don't like as much because it doesn't support profiles as Opera Portable.
There are still some annoyances with Opera Portable that I mostly fixed with a batch file. I'll be happy to share it if you contact me.

Stefano [it], 30 Aug 2006, 8:36 reply
IS there any way to use voice commands? Everytime I download the voice files, they are gone when I reopen opera portable.

billmania [us], 30 Aug 2006, 14:36 reply
Unfortunately Opera Portable currently only stores profile and mail folders. So voice is not saved. Maybe you can move the voice files to profile folder and set the ini file to find the new location.

yuku [sg], 2 Sep 2006, 17:26 reply
This looks very promising ... for those of us using Opera on Macs and PCs, I guess the promise land is still a ways a way?

Todd Katz [us], 2 Sep 2006, 23:02 reply
I'm not sure if I should have figured this out on my own, but I am hoping to add my personalized menus to my profile on Opera Portable, but if I just alter the menu.ini file in the 'defaults' folder in the Opera Portable temporary file, my altered menu.ini file does is not there the next time I open Opera Portable.
I was also hoping to add a UserJS and Sessions folder that would be implemented into my profile, but have not been successful.
Is it possible to change the search.ini, keyboard.ini and mouse.ini file in the temporary profile folder and have it be saved? This way you wouldn't have to go through the painstaking process of resetting all of the customization with Opera's wizard.

Andy [us], 3 Sep 2006, 1:05 reply
Please try the new version, it may fix your problem. Also make sure that you put the menu.ini file inside profile folder, else it won't be saved.

yuku [sg], 20 Sep 2006, 15:44 reply

MANAS [in], 3 Sep 2006, 6:31 reply
Any way to add your own bookmarks or have Opera portable access opera6.adr.

Ruc Razy [in], 3 Sep 2006, 7:54 reply
Use the bookmark import feature in Opera, and it should be saved (assuming that you use the Personal version).

yuku [sg], 20 Sep 2006, 15:49 reply
This is awesome. Allows me to do what I need to!

Steven D [au], 3 Sep 2006, 9:12 reply
Hover mouse pointer over link, but link address does not show. Can this be fixed? Thanks for a real great program.

Mikeg [us], 6 Sep 2006, 1:23 reply
I tried hovering and the link destination shows up. Please check "enable tooltips" on the Preferences.

yuku [sg], 20 Sep 2006, 16:21 reply
That did the trick.

mikeg [us], 22 Sep 2006, 0:44 reply
I use this between multiple computers by emailing it to gmail so I can refresh my bookmarks/wands with ease.
I imported my bookmarks of but getting the wands in was tricky. I copyed the real wand.dat to \\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp\hebat901\profile and clicked Tools->advanced and reload from cache a few times before "it took" Works great but now we need java!

operamanOMFG [us], 8 Sep 2006, 3:31 reply
..also the default icon looks like ass when placed in quick launch toolbar. Need a higher quality O icon.

operamanOMFG [us], 8 Sep 2006, 3:33 reply
new final version updated?
yuku,can u update ur super good portable version to latest?
thx in advance!:)

Aspirant [cn], 22 Sep 2006, 17:45 reply
It's updated ^^
Thanks for letting me know.

yuku [sg], 23 Sep 2006, 6:00 reply
Thanks!!! I love the Personal version.

OperaLover111 [us], 23 Sep 2006, 15:21 reply
i have tried to run the NSIS script and it keeps throwing errors at me can you suply a copy with references to c: and not d: drive please

glen [gb], 2 Oct 2006, 13:16 reply
Please edit the file by yourself before compiling it.

yuku [sg], 3 Oct 2006, 16:53 reply
i did edit it and still trowing errors at me thanks for you reply

glen [gb], 4 Oct 2006, 11:58 reply
Would you please add an EXIT button next to the START button in the choose profile option dialog? Many times I end up restarting opera portable when it's already running, an EXIT button would let me avoid this.

Stefano [it], 4 Oct 2006, 19:03 reply
Thank you for your suggestion. I hope I can add it in the next release.

yuku [sg], 5 Oct 2006, 1:59 reply
Very Goog! Good job!
Why included donwload manager plugins (flasget, etc.) ?

Peru [pe], 5 Oct 2006, 22:08 reply
Looks like we don't need such plugins, since there is only a slight chance that the system you're running Opera Portable on has the download manager...

yuku [sg], 6 Oct 2006, 8:21 reply
Hi there
First off let me say i just love this application, next i would love to see it either multilingual (I'm danish) or perhaps just a danish version along side the language versions.

Kenneth Knudsen [dk], 8 Oct 2006, 10:24 reply
Ok just wait when the next Opera version is released, I will try to include Danish language as well :)

yuku [sg], 21 Oct 2006, 14:33 reply
Would like to be able to arrange the toolbars where I want them, but "placement" option not available when "customize is selected...what up wit' 'dat?...

Preacher [us], 8 Oct 2006, 11:00 reply
Excellent. Thank you for the one-time-use Opera. Small Fast Secret Secure Beautifull. Thank you.
Opera user since v3.x

Del Pez [ca], 16 Oct 2006, 0:05 reply
Goog job. Many people need Flash Player 8 included (Adobe Flash Player 9). Are you can try do it?

Peru [pe], 18 Oct 2006, 14:37 reply
Unfortunately flash 9 is 70% bigger than flash 8. It will make the total file size grow significantly. Maybe some time in future...

yuku [sg], 21 Oct 2006, 14:38 reply

tsch [de], 3 Nov 2006, 12:07 reply
We need Flash Player 9 plugin. Help!!

José [pe], 19 Oct 2006, 23:41 reply
Do we really need flash 9 now? Because currently I haven't seen any sites requiring flash 9.

yuku [sg], 21 Oct 2006, 14:41 reply
This page (mi email desktpo) need Flash 9:
Maybe in future. Bye

Peru [pe], 21 Oct 2006, 16:56 reply
Hi yuku, in the next version try to fix this problem: the Welcome to OperaPortable dialog should be displayed ON TOP of all other windows, otherwise people may not see it if there's another window with the ontop attribute set.

Stefano [it], 30 Oct 2006, 9:54 reply
Hi Stefano, OK, I will do that in the next version. It has been quite long since the last Opera version...

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2006, 14:02 reply
yuku, suppose that when Opera Portable starts it finds that its temp directory already exists with some files in it, what does it do? Does it overwrite those files? Could you add a dialog that prompts the user for possible actions: overwrite next file/don't overwrite it/overwrite all files/overwrite none ?
I think this could be useful for the (rare but possible) times when Opera crashes or is killed - then the user wouldn't want to overwrite the files in the temp folder so he/she could pick up the session from where it was right before the crash.
What do you think?

Stefano [it], 30 Oct 2006, 19:14 reply
It will always erase the temp folder (keep the profile and mail folder first in case of Personal version), no matter whether the opera.exe crashes or exits gracefully. So if the opera.exe crashes, you should be able to get the recovery dialog box when you run the second time.

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2006, 14:05 reply
Excellent, just one question: would it be possible to enable moving toolbars around? I'm not used to having the tab bar above the window and wouldn't mind moving it...

Nessa [ca], 3 Nov 2006, 17:49 reply
Yes, it is possible. Because the customization possibilities are the same as the installed version. You may want to consult the Opera documentation?

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2006, 14:07 reply
hi yuku,
i can say this is the best portable opera i've used. my only problem for now is same with Nessa's and Preacher's, that is non movable toolbars. i'm used to having the tabs bar at the bottom like Nessa and i couldn't find a way to move it. please check this screenshot: http://tinyurl.com/yebbgj
anyway it's great already, i can't stand any other browser since i began using opera and your portable version will save me a lot of time and nerve cells when i'm out :)
so thank you and keep up the good work!
p.s. i think you should add this page in the bookmarks inside the distribution. that would help us and could make your site better known..

seko [tr], 21 Nov 2006, 0:22 reply
It's now has been fixed. The dialog.ini file I used is compressed from the original version. Seems that it causes the dropdown to not appear.

yuku [sg], 15 Dec 2006, 8:59 reply
Well, I think this is very close to usable BUT .....
Why can't the cookie.dat and vlink.dat files be repacked with all the others on closing.
I'm a mod at some forums and the cookies have all my settings etc. It would be nice to be able to use this (v9.02) as I skip around peoples places, but with the cookie.dat file disappearing each time I'm afraid it's just unusable for my purposes.
Could it be added as an option .... or am I missing something?
.... but thank you .... apart from my disappointment, it's a great job. Well done.

Disappointed [au], 3 Nov 2006, 19:11 reply
Yes, the cookie.dat and vlink.dat are always repacked upon closing. Make sure that you use the Personal version. Or make a new profile in the startup screen and try whether the cookie is stored.

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2006, 14:10 reply
What about Flash Player 9? Can you include it in Opera 9.02?

Poland [pl], 4 Nov 2006, 14:20 reply
I will include it in 9.10 when it is released :)

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2006, 14:11 reply
opera 9.10 out

nycjv321 [us], 5 Nov 2006, 16:19 reply
opera 9.10 is not even a release candidate as of today 11/14/2006

opluv [us], 14 Nov 2006, 20:32 reply
The link for opera portable oneuse in Japanese is wrong and I would like to make opera portable in brazilian portuguese. Many of my friends in Brazil use it. How can I make it?

Motta [br], 18 Nov 2006, 21:34 reply
Thanks for letting me know! The Japanese and Polish version were swapped. It has been fixed :)

yuku [sg], 23 Nov 2006, 4:15 reply
forgot to ask a question in my previous message:
is there a way to uncheck the "don't show me this again" box in the starting profile window later? i doubted trying to check it..

seko [tr], 21 Nov 2006, 0:30 reply
When you check the box, the selected/typed profile name will be changed to "default" whose file is default.ophome. If checked that box and you want to get the profile selection dialog again, rename the default.ophome to other names such as myprofile.ophome.

yuku [sg], 23 Nov 2006, 4:21 reply
thanks yuku!
how about the previous problem??
please check the jpg at http://tinyurl.com/yebbgj
i wrote about it 5 messages up ^

seko [tr], 27 Nov 2006, 11:46 reply
Hi seko, it has been fixed now. Sorry for the long delay as I was having exams.

yuku [sg], 15 Dec 2006, 9:00 reply
you're doing a great job :)

seko [tr], 25 Dec 2006, 18:55 reply
good work, if i use mail client, whether all mails are stored here. becouse mail folder is been deleted?

kola [in], 24 Nov 2006, 2:20 reply
Does operaportable have windows media support? Whenever I click on links that require windows media support, it crashes.

omarromero [us], 27 Nov 2006, 19:11 reply
Yes it has windows media plugin. However due to different version and configuration it may not be possible to handle. When I have more information I will try to fix it.

yuku [sg], 15 Dec 2006, 9:03 reply
Installed Opera@USB 9.02 today - Thanks.
I then tried to enable voice, but after downloading additional files I received this message: "op.com unable to locate component. This application has failed to start because vxm.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem."
Can you suggest a work-around so I can use voice? Is vxm.dll likely to be the only additional file needed, or is there more to it than that?

greg [au], 28 Nov 2006, 23:32 reply
you can try to put the files that are used for voice into your profile folder. Then in opera:config ( opera:config#VoiceXML|VoiceXmlPlugin ) set the correct path. Opera portable only saves changes in profile and mail folder at this time, so I guess that's why the vxm.dll couldn't be found...

Patrick [eu], 2 Dec 2006, 16:17 reply
I put a plugin folder in my profile and set the correct path Opera portable (and deleted the default path).
After this I had Flash Player 9 (and my other stuff like shckwave, quicktime etc :)). However After restarting Opera portable the default path is added again and it uses Flash 8 again...is there a way to avoid this from happening?

Patrick [eu], 2 Dec 2006, 16:00 reply
I don't get it. How do you import wand, skins, bookmarks from Opera into Portable Opera?
I only see the .ophome besides the portable Opera.exe and don't know how what program should be used to open .ophome

Trailing [ph], 5 Dec 2006, 0:09 reply
Have Portable Opera running.
- Copy the wand, skins and bookmark files from the other Opera into the appropriate locations in the profile folder in Portable Opera. i.e. the Wand.dat to the profile folder, the skin (.zip) into the profile\skins folder, etc...
- get it?

opluv [us], 9 Dec 2006, 17:02 reply
Where's the profile folder? Only the .ophome and .exe are in the usb.

Trailing [ph], 11 Dec 2006, 1:39 reply
It is in your temporary directory (run %tmp%) inside a directory named hebat902 (depends on the Opera version). It will appear only when you have it running.

yuku [sg], 15 Dec 2006, 9:51 reply

Trailing [ph], 14 Jan 2007, 11:07 reply
How do you turn off error reporting?

mikeg [us], 14 Dec 2006, 21:27 reply
I ment to say error console.

mikeg [us], 14 Dec 2006, 21:59 reply
new final version's out
pls update your portable edtion
official download:
ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/910/int/Opera_9.10_Interna tional_Setup.exe
ps:pls add a simplified Chinese portable edition

Aspirant [cn], 16 Dec 2006, 14:18 reply
Thanks for your info! The first time I know about the release is from your comment. Now 9.10 is available, enjoy!

yuku [sg], 19 Dec 2006, 10:53 reply
you're welcome,yuku!thx for ur nice job again,and if there is an opptunity,I will write a comment on the news of opera's new final version to this page!

Aspirant [cn], 19 Dec 2006, 15:08 reply
Opera 9.10 finally out (not beta)

nycvjv321 [us], 16 Dec 2006, 15:48 reply
How do I update to the latest version...
replace the exe file for the new one?
or execute another instance and import?

El_Hoy [ar], 20 Dec 2006, 0:02 reply
Just put the new executable in the same directory the old sat in, and presto, you're there. All settings will carry over.

Bill [us], 20 Dec 2006, 4:45 reply
i love this program, lets me use my favorite browser everywhere, but could you release it in swedish also??
that would be great!!

Amax [se], 20 Dec 2006, 7:35 reply
Thanks for this great program! I only want to ask, to make Hungarian language version aviabla, or, at least give us the ability to change the language, and save it for the next time, because the lack of this feature holds back a lot of Hungarian user from this soft :)... Thanks!

cousin333 [eu], 20 Dec 2006, 9:10 reply
"Non-english language files compressed too"
I can't find them...

cousin333 [eu], 20 Dec 2006, 9:13 reply
Worked a treat on my USB drive. I even got my bookmarks imported and altered the toolbars to how I like them. So I closed it, removed the drive, reinserted the drive and can't open Opera Portable now. I tried to open the original download on my hard drive too and that won't open. Deleted the copy on my USB drive and redid it but no go. Works fine on my husband's computer - I can reopen it and it saves my preferences. Both machines are XPHome, SP2. Any ideas why it won't open again on my pc?

miskairal [au], 21 Dec 2006, 7:43 reply
I think Opera Portable should have a thread in the Opera forums (or is there one already?) or better, forums exclusively for Opera Portable use. (Opera@USB has one already)
I have a question about security: While running Opera portable, is the wand file located on the host computer or on the USB drive? I am afraid that someone might be able to access my wand file over the network if it is located in the host computer (Windows does not allow access to root drives like a USB flash drive by default).
Also, how do I import my wand, search.ini files and userjs into Opera portable?

BunkFace [ph], 24 Dec 2006, 11:15 reply
Just downloaded, it's wonderful, but i'm writing it still from my firefox ;-p Try to explore more with opera portable.

useman77 [ae], 24 Dec 2006, 12:09 reply
Please include Brazilian Portuguese Version

Raphael [br], 26 Dec 2006, 3:07 reply
I absolutely LOVE it. Keep up the AMAZING work :)

Matt [us], 27 Dec 2006, 6:12 reply
Your Version of portoable opera iss very nice ...
but ...
Can you add to save the \profil\images\ ?
Can you open a support Forum?
How can I upgrade from version to version?

Markus [de], 30 Dec 2006, 1:59 reply
Yeah! One file (plus a user file). I love it!
One comment,V2 doesn't allow you to go back into it after you exit.

Barry Gibbs [us], 30 Dec 2006, 5:24 reply
Awesome! It would be fantastic if you can have more than 2 instances (with seperate profiles) of portable opera running =)

songsh [ca], 2 Jan 2007, 19:01 reply
Perhaps this was possible with older version of Opera Portable, because they always started the profile from a unique temp folder. Now it isn't possible, because the profile is started --for good reasons-- from a fixed temp folder. Maybe the ability to override the folder location could be added to the profile choice dialog?

Stefano [it], 6 Jan 2007, 8:05 reply
Hi, very good. You need clean the old post, please. Many post are very old.

Perú [pe], 5 Jan 2007, 0:14 reply
I cant open widget when I run again opera browser. I cant see widgets. can you help me customize?

Paul [ph], 6 Jan 2007, 5:38 reply
That'd be good. Also, can you tell me what the tmp_2e.dll file is doing? Process Monitor seems to indicate that this file is being accessed when opening opera. I am concerned about this since alot of files starting with tmp_* are now appearing in my system32 directory and recently ad-aware detected a trojan. Thanks!

songsh99 [ca], 8 Jan 2007, 19:06 reply
perfect & secure ... i trashed my other opera ... because, there is no need for a other one ecxept this great compilation. keep it on!

SCORPiON [at], 15 Jan 2007, 7:59 reply
i agree with the comment posted by glen if you going to provide scripts for us to use they should be clean not littered with you own needs

FITS [gb], 16 Jan 2007, 19:35 reply
First: very good work!!!! Thanks!!!
I don't get it. It is really needed 2 versions of Opera-Portable????
AFAIK, the only one difference is that Personal version writes back the data into the writable media.
What if I use Personal version from a CD? I will get an error message saying it's not possible to write back the profile? Fine! I can live with that message.
Other reasons? Just curious.
Best regards!

Flavio [br], 23 Jan 2007, 20:04 reply
No.. there are almost no difference between them. You are correct, only the error message and the startup dialog are different :)

yuku [sg], 18 Apr 2007, 15:37 reply
Do you think this would work with the HP Jornada 728 handheld PC (Windows CE 2.11 or 3.0, ARM Processor)?

Mike Krueger [us], 24 Jan 2007, 4:11 reply
It would be nice if it did, but this is the Windows version only. Try Netfront:

atomicthumbs [us], 29 May 2007, 15:25 reply
up to now i can't figure out how to correctly import my cookies. its only the cookies giving me the problem. it keeps using the original cookies.i really changed the cookies file with my own backup cookies but still upon shutting down it keeps saving the original one.

darcc [ph], 4 Feb 2007, 13:35 reply
This Opera 9.X uncomfortable!

opera9grandsurprise [ee], 5 Feb 2007, 21:27 reply
New Verision(9.10) can't auto open new window for use F2 Key or bookmark open,didn't it have any problem or my setting is error??

Johnny [tw], 7 Feb 2007, 8:44 reply
Was there an answer to Mike Krueger's questions above? Is there a version of Opera Portable that would work on the HP Jornada 728 handheld PC (Windows CE 2.11 or 3.0, ARM Processor? There would be a lot of interested people if so.

PapaRazzi [us], 8 Feb 2007, 15:11 reply
This is a very - very - very - very usefull tool for browsing for mobile people, very great.........................

@Md_c|2acKe|2 [id], 9 Feb 2007, 13:22 reply
Very good tool!
Unfortunately, it is not possible to establish additional plug-ins...

369 [de], 10 Feb 2007, 19:24 reply
Has found the decision of a problem.
1. At the working program has copied folder C: \Documents and Settings \USER \Local Settings \Temp \hebat910 \program \plugins to C: \Documents and Settings \USER \Local Settings \Temp \hebat910 \profile.
2. Has placed additional a plug-in, for example, npdjvu.dll to the folder C: \Documents and Settings \USER \Local Settings \Temp \hebat910 \profile \plugins.
3. In opera:config-> User Prefs-> Plugin Path has changed the Path on C: \Documents and Settings \USER \Local Settings \Temp \hebat910 \profile \plugins.
4. Has restarted the program.
5. Has checked up - the plug-in works!

369 [de], 18 Feb 2007, 16:46 reply
hey!the download link does not work.
Opera download manager:error

Zoli [ro], 11 Feb 2007, 11:22 reply
How do i import my custom menu.ini file.
Awsome job on this btw

AndyMack [gb], 12 Feb 2007, 0:38 reply
First of all, as said above: fantastic app!
But i'm not here to thank you, i'll offer you the highres opera icon :) I rpped it from the original opera executeable, so you can use it :)
I hope, you can need it :)
greetz SCORPiON

SCORPiON [at], 12 Feb 2007, 23:02 reply
I would like to say that it would be a good option that the browser can have a password request by opening it. Because I have the wand with many passwords and if I lose my USB y lose a lot of things.

yeeliberto [us], 14 Feb 2007, 23:39 reply
If you could add an option where Opera Portable Personal asks you for a password before it will uncompress the .ophome file, I would be more than willing to $!$donate$!$ to see this feature added. I don't think it would be too hard to do either, would it?

vengarato [us], 28 Jul 2008, 18:21 reply
second that!

räpsä [fi], 21 Oct 2008, 5:48 reply
Wondering when you'll update Opera to the latest 9.10 version?
Love the portability and clean nature of the app!

Mike [us], 15 Feb 2007, 22:55 reply
öhm, opera is v9.10? read carefully ;)

SCORPiON [at], 16 Feb 2007, 0:46 reply
i think that you should post a clean script using default location on c:\ drive and not with any of you own sh!t this is my earlier posting "i agree with the comment posted by glen if you going to provide scripts for us to use they should be clean not littered with you own needs"

FITS [gb], 19 Feb 2007, 10:14 reply
Can you make a version to lunch ready with Bfilter...
Bfilter is freeware and can be used portable (see instructions: http://www.portablefreeware.com/?id=745)
It could be very good, and I think it can be easy for you.

eloyesp [ar], 19 Feb 2007, 18:28 reply
Why wont this script work??? Could you provide a Clean script and some instructions on wtf to do.Has anyone else got it to work properly?

Andy [gb], 21 Feb 2007, 2:11 reply
I've tried to recreate the app from the above instructions but also couldn't make it work. Is there a guide I should be referring to other than the instructions above?

Michael [us], 21 Feb 2007, 2:34 reply
I realized I forgot to writhe my email
I wanted to know about VLC portable

Evil_duc [ca], 27 Feb 2007, 21:43 reply
I have created a port of your wonderful app to be U3 compatible, please send me an email so I can send it to you and we can share it. I found it very useful since I use a U3 device

comegalletas [fr], 21 Feb 2007, 19:13 reply
HI,yuku,Happy Chinese new year first,these days,when i'm using Opera to surf the net,I'm curious how can you make your mod version of opera portable?I mean when I copy the program and its profile to another PC,the profile can be loaded the same as it was in my pc,i found that the program also creates profile in an absolute path in system partition,how can u make it portable?

Aspirant [cn], 22 Feb 2007, 1:34 reply
Lol..... you misunderstand me; kejut opera is entirely portable, what I meant by "port" is I have made a U3 installer in order for the app to be used and installed automatically on any U3 USB enabled device. If you want more info go to www.u3.com/
It took me about 15 min to do the installer thou, but I wanna share it for those who have a U3 usb or for those less experienced

comegalletas [fr], 22 Feb 2007, 18:33 reply
Very nice. I now use Opera only,deleted firefox

Brett [us], 24 Feb 2007, 21:48 reply
It does leave a reg. file. HKEY_CURRENT_USER. Under software I have a Opera software folderwith the following key..C:\DOCUME~1\COMPAQ~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\hebat910\opera.exe C:\DOCUME~1\COMPAQ~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\hebat910\opera.exe"

Brett [us], 24 Feb 2007, 21:51 reply
I just looked in a similar location on my system (Windows2000) and while those files are there when Opera Portable is operating, as soon as I exit, those files disappear.

cecilia [us], 8 Mar 2007, 1:37 reply
On my Computer at home and work the folder is left in the registry. I'm running xp pro at home and xp home at work.

Brett [us], 14 Mar 2007, 1:50 reply
I'm running xp pro at home and xp home at work. The registry folder isn't deleted when I exit opera on my computer or my works computer

Brett [us], 14 Mar 2007, 1:52 reply
Thanks for letting me know. I hope it has been fixed in the 9.20 release.

yuku [sg], 18 Apr 2007, 16:10 reply
I wanted to know if it was possible for you to do a vlc media player portable the same way you did Opera portable

Evil_duc [ca], 27 Feb 2007, 20:06 reply
You can get it on http://portableapps.com/apps/music_video/vlc_portable for that app.

yuku [sg], 18 Apr 2007, 15:41 reply
I was refering with the password that it asks you to open the program, no when you thy to enter to an e-mail account or using the wand.

yeeliberto [us], 27 Feb 2007, 20:50 reply
Thank you so much. I can not possibly convey to you how grateful I am for this program

melinda [ca], 6 Mar 2007, 14:42 reply
I want to convert the temp dir to a non temp dir, what I need to do?
I don't know if you need to know I have windows2000.
Greetings from MEXICO!

jechaviz@gmail.com [mx], 8 Mar 2007, 15:09 reply
How would I install Shockwave Player with Opera Portable? I put the dll in the plugin folder. After the close/incineration and then reopening of Opera Portable, the dll is no longer there.

TheX [us], 16 Mar 2007, 7:58 reply
Since I downloaded Operausb 9.1 to my Desktop, every thing works fine except the video on wmp, faces are green, and very bad quality video. Looks like it doesn't reconize WMP11. I replaced all the Plugins from the regular Opera, to the Opera@usb, and still not results.All other videos work OK.(Its OK on regular Opera.)
Could you please help?
OS:winXP sp2

Joaquin Fernandez [us], 23 Mar 2007, 22:34 reply
Please make a opera 9.20b version :)

Jose [ve], 28 Mar 2007, 16:59 reply
it's a liitle mistake
Japanese version links to Polish and Polsih to Japanese :)
but it's really good job thanks

czara [pl], 30 Mar 2007, 9:09 reply
Thanks for notifying! It has been fixed.

yuku [sg], 1 Apr 2007, 17:14 reply
I want to use portable opera. Thanks you.
My add: tangkinhcac2005@gmail.com

tangkinhcac2005 [vn], 2 Apr 2007, 7:08 reply
Hi, love it... just one feature request.
Please add capability to prevent running if Opera Portable already running. Sometimes I launch it again by accident and it will hang. I know I'm an idiot for doing this, but I think it might happen to others as well, from time to time.

Mark [--], 5 Apr 2007, 16:44 reply
opera so tough..

phx [id], 11 Apr 2007, 4:33 reply
To solve the issue with the widgets you have to update the temp folder in the file \Temp\hebat910\profile\widgets\widgets.dat in the tags <value id="path to widget data" xml:space="preserve">
great method the temp folder with the profile and the program data BTW

James P. Wack [cl], 11 Apr 2007, 8:14 reply
Thanks very much for your info! Your method has been used in the newest 9.20 version. Thanks again!

yuku [sg], 18 Apr 2007, 15:42 reply
Opera 9.20 Build 8771 Final released today,would you like to update your mod opera?and pls don't forget add a Simplified Chinese language,thank you!
Classic version
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/en/Opera_9.20_Classic _Setup.exe
ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/en/Opera_9.20_Classic_ Setup.exe
English version
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/en/Opera_9.20_Eng_Set up.exe
ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/en/Opera_9.20_Eng_Setu p.exe
International version
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/int/Opera_9.20_Intern ational_Setup.exe
ftp://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/920/int/Opera_9.20_Interna tional_Setup.exe

Aspirant [cn], 11 Apr 2007, 10:49 reply
The best portable Browser available!!! Looking forward for Version 9.20

Germany [de], 12 Apr 2007, 10:28 reply
Waiting for 9.20 with the latest Flash included :).
Hungarian version would be greatly appreciated ;).
Keep up the good work!

cousin333 [hu], 13 Apr 2007, 18:57 reply
I love your work, i´m waiting for The best portable Browser available. Congratulations from Chile, South America.

Pablo Fuerte [cl], 14 Apr 2007, 0:38 reply
O 9.2 is wonderful. I can't wait for your portable version.

opluv [us], 14 Apr 2007, 0:58 reply
9.2 is out... I dont see much different in this version (I don't like learning new features :P)
But for security reasons etc, I hope you make a portable ver of this too! :)

Matt [us], 14 Apr 2007, 1:28 reply
I just tried Opera 9.2 and I love the speed dial page. I can't wait to see a portable version. I will donate to have you do this. I don't have the time to figure it out on my own.

Dave [us], 16 Apr 2007, 13:06 reply
I love this browser, but I have a Mac. I want this browser for my Mac. Does it exist?

giddy [us], 16 Apr 2007, 14:26 reply
I think Opera Portable should have a thread in the Opera forums (or is there one already?) or better, forums exclusively for Opera Portable use. (Opera@USB has one already)
I have a question about security: While running Opera portable, is the wand file located on the host computer or on the USB drive? I am afraid that someone might be able to access my wand file over the network if it is located in the host computer (Windows does not allow access to root drives like a USB flash drive by default).
Also, how do I import my wand, search.ini files and userjs into Opera portable?

BunkFace [ph], 17 Apr 2007, 8:59 reply
Im a bit confused about the bookmarks on the 9.20 Beta
It seems to be pulling them from the machine that the fully installed version of opera is installed on. so for example. im running opera fully installed on this machine. when i run opera portable or one use the book marks have been already loaded.
I shall test later more when i get home. but you might want to have a look..
Regards and thanks for a good job.
this also applies to the one use version.

clivers [gb], 17 Apr 2007, 14:24 reply
Latest version (some of the file that is dropped in %TEMP%-DIR) is picked up by AntiVir, eSafe and Panda as a worm/trojan/downloader.
Check out here: http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/8461/screenshot00164yb7.jpg
I personaly think they are FP but you should fix this or people will think you might bug them...

Scrapie [de], 17 Apr 2007, 20:14 reply
Thanks for your info! I tried to use different compression, but it is still detected by some antivirus :( I don't know how to fix it.. Anyway only rare antiviruses reports wrongly, right? hehe

yuku [sg], 18 Apr 2007, 15:29 reply
Can you at dutch plz??? Cause that's easier for my younger brother.
Your doing a great job, go on!!

Moriean [nl], 18 Apr 2007, 16:25 reply
Thank you for your efforts Mr.yuku
Grettengs from tirana-albania

fotjon [al], 18 Apr 2007, 17:14 reply
cant figure out where to down load the 9.2 version? 9.1 works great though.

Nic [us], 18 Apr 2007, 19:00 reply
Sorry for the missing link, they were being uploaded. Now it is available, enjoy!

yuku [sg], 19 Apr 2007, 18:13 reply
I have the same problem as Nic.
Where's the link to download the new version?

Pablo Fuerte [cl], 19 Apr 2007, 2:49 reply
there are beta's
personal: http://www.kejut.com/download/86
one-use: http://www.kejut.com/download/85

Cheezar [nl], 19 Apr 2007, 11:27 reply
I can tell you the beta'-personal works good for me. And the new speed-dial thing is very handy.

Cheezar [nl], 19 Apr 2007, 13:57 reply
Thank you very much for the Hungarian build. We will promote it on our Hungarian Opera fansite: http:\\magyaropera.blog.hu

cousin333 [hu], 19 Apr 2007, 18:55 reply
where can i find the Builder?

John S [us], 19 Apr 2007, 19:25 reply
Hi, you can get the Builder by donating for at least $10 and requesting that. I'm sorry for charging it, but I made an effort to make the builder easy-to-use and can be used in any systems rather than only my own (with my file paths etc).

yuku [sg], 6 May 2007, 7:55 reply
Hi! And Happy New Year!
I had make today my donation, because I wish to have Opera Portable Builder, but... I don't know in wich way I can submit to you my request... No address, no link (I don't see it) to submit mi request... So, i am writing here... Can I have Portable Opera Builder, please?
Thack you, very mutch!

Italy [eu], 29 Dec 2007, 11:27 reply
Don't worry, I have sent you the link to download the Builder. Everyone who donates 10$ or more will get an email from me how to download the Builder :D
Happy New Year to you too!

yuku [id], 31 Dec 2007, 4:58 reply
Thank you very mutch, Yuku!

Italy [eu], 3 Jan 2008, 15:05 reply
I guess most hits on this site are caused by the Opera users. Great job, all in just one file. Unfortunately with version 9.20 my Virus scanner always recognizes the file 'tumpukse.exe' as a virus and gives me an alert. What is this file? And why did all the older version work well?
Best Regards

Mal Aka [de], 19 Apr 2007, 21:24 reply
Correct filename is 'tumpuksemuafile.exe'!

Mal Aka [de], 19 Apr 2007, 21:26 reply
Hi, same problem here http://img484.imageshack.us/my.php?image=operaportablevirusg x1.jpg

Jose [ve], 19 Apr 2007, 21:33 reply
Good job!!
Thanks from South America!!

Pablo Fuerte [cl], 20 Apr 2007, 1:18 reply
having promoted your work to Chinese well-known software forums,yuku.

Aspirant [cn], 20 Apr 2007, 4:06 reply
I think I found that! Thanks, Aspirant!

yuku [sg], 22 Apr 2007, 15:15 reply
Hello, as always great job, you´re at the same pace than the oficial releases. Keep it that way.
By the way can you unsuscribe me from the comments email list, my inbox is always flooded. Thanks

Manu [mx], 20 Apr 2007, 4:59 reply
Your work so far was brilliant, but this version seems to have a virus!!! My virus scanner recognizes this file 'tumpuksemuafile.exe' as a Trojan! I advice other users to be patient.

Soyung [de], 20 Apr 2007, 8:39 reply
THX the hungarian version. It is very, very great.

Opera11 [eu], 20 Apr 2007, 8:44 reply
Yes, me too. I also have a Virus found in Opera 9.20 portable from Kejut! Please check that!

James D. Meno [de], 20 Apr 2007, 12:26 reply
Thank you for the Brazilian Portuguese version. We in Brazil appreciate that!!

Motta [br], 20 Apr 2007, 17:26 reply
how can we get a copy of the Portable Builder?

John S [us], 21 Apr 2007, 4:31 reply
I dig this app but is there any way to have it work out of some sort of archive?

Garth [au], 21 Apr 2007, 10:09 reply

Garth1 [au], 23 Apr 2007, 0:35 reply
@ Kejut:
1. Just send the file and a link to the AV-Comanies and ask them to remove their FP.
2. Use another compressor like UPX. Most AV's can unpack it and then can check the uncompressed file but some exotic packer'sd (like you used) might bring up AV-heutistik and FP.

Scrapie [de], 22 Apr 2007, 10:40 reply
I am already using UPX for the compression, no special techniques used to create the exe file. I'll update them ASAP so that it is not detected as a virus.

yuku [sg], 22 Apr 2007, 14:49 reply
Can you please also add one more Language for your latest version.
繁體中文 Chinese (Tradidtional)

Dadada [hk], 22 Apr 2007, 16:06 reply
I'll add it soon when I update the files. I recompiled the tumpuksemuafile.exe using different compiler and now it is not detected as virus.

yuku [sg], 6 May 2007, 7:47 reply
Argh, why did you drop Danish in the new release?????
I am using that!

Kenneth Knudsen [dk], 22 Apr 2007, 16:22 reply
The same answer as above. Sorry about that.

yuku [sg], 6 May 2007, 7:51 reply
I dig this app but is there any way to have it work out of some sort of archive?

Garth [au], 23 Apr 2007, 0:33 reply
No reply yet, maybe everyone likes having files outside of folders.

Garth1 [au], 23 Apr 2007, 23:31 reply
Typical, unreliable and profile gets regularly thrown out. Sorry need to work harder on this or answer my other question.

Garth [au], 25 Apr 2007, 5:52 reply
Remember this is freeware. I'm sure you will get a answer soon enough. He probably has a job and family that comes first.

Brett [us], 25 Apr 2007, 6:43 reply
How do you delete the Opera Software? I downloaded but don't want it anymore but can't seem to download the setup because it says that it is being used by another program which I don't know what program is using it. I tried turning everything off and my internet but still can't delete it. Any suggestions?

Debbie [us], 23 Apr 2007, 3:02 reply
install this program, Unlocker. its free and will tell you what program is using it and will 95% of the time force that program to let go of it so you can delete it.
direct download link:

John S [us], 23 Apr 2007, 4:45 reply
Unlocker is ok. Also Who Lock Me is good. You can find Who lock Me from Google. My favorite is from malwarebytes.org They have two great programs. First is called FileASSASSIN and second is RegASSASSIN. Both programs work great.

Brett [us], 25 Apr 2007, 6:54 reply
i tried WhoLockMe a while ago and it didnt work as good as Unlocker does.

John S [us], 25 Apr 2007, 11:01 reply
I tried out the latest beta; I would have thought Macromedia Authorware Web Player would have been installed on such a late version of Opera. Could someone add that plugin into the final release of 9.2?

Dave [us], 23 Apr 2007, 15:35 reply
I don't think it is common enough to include in the package. If you get the Opera Portable Builder, you can include it for your own use.

yuku [sg], 6 May 2007, 7:50 reply
lucky it saves wand data, pity i cant export it

Garth [au], 29 Apr 2007, 2:29 reply
you can, the file you need is wand.dat in the profile directory

ff [al], 4 May 2007, 12:10 reply
yes, correct, open your temp directory while running the opera portable (start->run-> %tmp%), then open the "hebatXXX" directory.

yuku [sg], 6 May 2007, 7:49 reply
I only have the opera-portable-personal-en-9.20.exe, inuse and ophome files in a directory I created myself.
It's a good idea this portable program, but it would be dead in water if it were not to save my emails, but why do my wand entries disappear?

Garth [au], 5 May 2007, 2:21 reply
Hi yuku,
Just want to say thankyou for making the the best web browser into the best PORTABLE web browser. Also, To let you know that i have made small donation, Just so you know that all your efforts on this project are very much appreciated. Please ignore all the rude and stupid comments in this thread, as there are some of us that do actually appreciate the work you have done on opera portable sofar, Thank again.

Trooper [gb], 10 May 2007, 17:41 reply
Agree with Trooper, this portable Opera is just the best method, and for include settings just run an add the files to the temp-folder.

James P. Wack [cl], 10 May 2007, 17:49 reply
Hi, thank you for your compliment and donation! I really appreciate it. Today, all the files have been updated (no more false virus warning), and added Danish and Traditional Chinese. Again, thanks!

yuku [sg], 10 May 2007, 20:18 reply
Thank you for adding Danish again, i just downloaded the one-use edition, but there seems to be a 403 problem with the personal edition download link, can you check it and fix it?!

Kenneth [dk], 11 May 2007, 19:04 reply
Hi, I've fixed the missing link, now you can download the Danish personal.

yuku [sg], 12 May 2007, 4:36 reply
Thank you kindly

Kenneth [dk], 12 May 2007, 8:59 reply
Oh and now that i've donated, where do i get the builder?

Kenneth [dk], 11 May 2007, 19:06 reply

Chris Tiffany [us], 11 May 2007, 17:14 reply

jose [ve], 11 May 2007, 17:39 reply
Great, I use it every day. However, one major problem (for idiots like me) is if I start Portable Opera while another version is still running. I had done this a couple of times and it resulted in an overwriting of the ophome file. Which of courses loses my mail, bookmarks and such things.
2 suggestions to protect against this:
1) check if opera is running and don't allow it to run if Opera is already running
2) option to make a backup of the ophome file in same folder, preferably after opera has loaded (this way the speed is not impacted... but otherwise before it is loaded, if this is not possible)

michael [--], 13 May 2007, 20:04 reply
Great! Great! Very nice!
But, I do not included user css for block flash :( and add button block flash...
You comments?
--- Best regard from Syberia Russia!

qalter [ru], 14 May 2007, 9:04 reply
why do my wand entries disappear?

Garth [au], 14 May 2007, 12:54 reply
9.21 8776 is on the opera FTP now!!! this is a small bug fix release i believe.

clivers [gb], 17 May 2007, 11:55 reply
Opera 9.21 is officially out! Please make a portable ones :) I like your releases a lot.

pikapika [my], 23 May 2007, 3:49 reply
What is the best way to upgrade the peortable version?

PJ [gb], 24 May 2007, 12:49 reply
wow man, that is called a really portable, neat , effective browsing idea...!!!! keep it on. good wishes always with you...

pro [in], 25 May 2007, 12:22 reply
1. How do I upgrde my 9.20 to 9.21?
2. How do I get the speech files to stay there?

atomicthumbs [us], 28 May 2007, 7:09 reply
hi, can you make a tool from which i can customize my settings for opera for number of connections, personal info , alignment of toolbars etc etc so that the setup exe file itself gets modified and runs opera with my settings next time i run the exe file? a handy tool to unlock or say customize the opera exe is not a bad idea i think considering that you always welcome new ways to enhance portable opera.... reply soon...!!

pro [in], 29 May 2007, 13:03 reply
Damn best way to browse, thank you very much to you for this wonderful piece of software! :)

Dagenham [hu], 29 May 2007, 13:59 reply
Can't find "hebat921" in my computer, I did a lots of searching , loock my self in Windows Explorer, following the path.Not way I can find it.Can somebody help me?

Balado [us], 29 May 2007, 14:57 reply
The hebat921 file doesn't exist unless Opera is open.

David [us], 29 May 2007, 16:05 reply
Thanks a lot...

Balado [us], 29 May 2007, 16:21 reply
Question about unsubsribing from responses - I cannot see a way to unsubscribe and would like to do so.
Thanks in advance.

Michael [us], 29 May 2007, 15:51 reply
I have placed some userjs files in folder hebat921, and pointed the "User Java files" to this folder, but Opera didnot seem to detect them. What should I do? Thanks for your help. You are very smart.

Indonesia [id], 1 Jun 2007, 22:34 reply
Second that! I put the .js files on my USB but of course it gets a different drive letter on each machine. Any way to compile new files from hebat921/userjs on exit?

WOFall [ie], 20 Jun 2007, 15:01 reply
Just make a folder in your profile folder under hebat921 and call it UserJS, and point it to that. Then it'll work.

atomicthumbs [us], 24 Jun 2007, 6:31 reply
I too am having issues with UserJS, yes it works fine on my PC, but when i take it to work the path is hard coded, so flashblocker doesnt work. Ive tried putting* %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp\hebat\profile\styles\user * (without *) and it still doesnt work. How can I make the paths dynamic, just like P_Opera does automaticaly?

E2-B2 [us], 3 Jan 2008, 16:13 reply
I think the start icon for Opera Portable should be the same as Opera's
Your opera portable start icon its kind of pixelated..

Zoli [ro], 5 Jun 2007, 13:41 reply
Please, is it possible to 'password protect' login into my profile in Opera Portable Personal 9.21 edition? I need to use password to login to protect my mail inbox settings. Please help. This is the best browser on earth now! Thanks

Eagle1 [ng], 10 Jun 2007, 14:16 reply
To clarify my request, I need password to be able to open the Opera browser itself at start-up. The security settings under advanced preferences does not prevent opening opera nor mailboxes, it only protect checking new mails. Pls help!

Eagle1 [ng], 10 Jun 2007, 14:19 reply
Would you kindly post on this website the MD5 hash so the downloaded file can be compared / conifirmed 100%. Thank you.

HAWK [us], 10 Jun 2007, 16:20 reply
Hi, do u think u cud get it 2 save current settings/pages from time to time instead of when u close it cause it is a problem when the PC crashes n u loose all ur work... or maybe u can add a script setting whr we can choose how often, if at all, we want it to save settings/pages etc...
thanks for the great mod, me and my frnds love it...

Nish [za], 13 Jun 2007, 22:39 reply
Can you name the temp folders different for the Portable Personal version and the Portable One-Use?
I've had several occasions where I want to run both at the same time and have not been able to.
Luv your work man.

opluv [us], 21 Jun 2007, 19:50 reply
9.20 - good
9.21 - Windows - No Disk
Exception Processing Message c0000013 Parameters 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c

Eleona [pl], 23 Jun 2007, 9:41 reply
Hallo. I Had this Problem too. I have a U3 stick and Opera 9.21 U3 When i get from one Pc to an other i get the same Message.
You must delete all Disk Letters in the following Files
?: = The DriveLetter of your Stick
?:\System\Apps\23MAi238-295D-4db9-B9BC-AA3268AC7936\Exec\pro file\opera6.ini
?:\System\Apps\23MAi238-295D-4db9-B9BC-AA3268AC7936\Exec\mai l\accounts.ini
First make a backup of the files! Then lock for ?:\System and replace it with \System
I hope that you can solve the Problem too. im lucky for telling the result to my email.
Lg Tommi

ET [at], 27 Jun 2007, 22:27 reply
I notice that the "virus" free versions are slower than the false-positives. Can U do a version with the older "virus" file?
thanx x 10 ^ 10

James P. Wack [cl], 23 Jun 2007, 9:53 reply
how to unsubscribe this comment section?? somebody HELP..!!!!

pro [in], 24 Jun 2007, 7:11 reply
Not 100% sure but try goin to http://www.kejut.com/newsletter , enter your address + then click unsubscribe.

WOFall [ie], 26 Jun 2007, 11:05 reply
EDIT: Works for me!

WOFall [ie], 26 Jun 2007, 11:11 reply
yes i t have seen it, it should work..... done that.

pro [in], 26 Jun 2007, 14:44 reply
problems with bookmarks and sessions
(opera portabel vs 9.20)

webrawde [co], 25 Jun 2007, 5:21 reply
hey yuku... can you please give yus a tool free which can "modify" the opera exe settings so that the preferences won't get lost when the exe starts next time?? i requested this earlier... please reply :(

pro [in], 26 Jun 2007, 14:47 reply
I like Opera hate IE and love Firefox. Over time I change from one browser to another.
Could you recomemmend a way to create a file(I can do a bit of programming & lots of HTML+JS!) to run the file at school. They dont allow EXE's or BAT's to be run(I tried linux!). The comps are gormless with no harddrive(as such) so i need something XP is not allowed to refuse(override?) Would be extremely use ful. Oh
Down with the blue e!

Random dude [gb], 28 Jun 2007, 18:45 reply
how to unsubscribe this comment section?? somebody HELP..!!!!
tried goin to http://www.kejut.com/newsletter , enter your address + then clicking unsubscribe.
NOT working and i don't want to label this wonderful forum as SPAM in yahoo mail.... it would be insulting to this great product... someone help

pro [in], 30 Jun 2007, 13:56 reply
To pro, Michael and the others,
you can now unsubscribe from the comments. Just wait for the next comment announcement email, there you will find a link to unsubscribe.
Sorry for the late solution :D

yuku [id], 1 Jul 2007, 12:29 reply
I appreciate your work.
thou', i don't get one thing:
After starting from USB, I copied my settings from my \profile and my plugins from Opera\program\plugins to the correlating folders in %temp%\hebat921\.
Also, I thought I should update the paths in my copied opera.ini.
I changed paths to .\profile and .\program\plugins, but i am afriad that did not do the job, as only some settings have been included with the next start of the portable Opera. (e.g., my toolbar_ini and autosav have not been recognized, also plugins are absent again)
So, what can I do to transfer my own opera.ini (well, I want my whole desktop Opera), and how do I have to change the ini file then?
Great work!
thx ReviewPilot

ReviewPilot [nl], 3 Jul 2007, 7:19 reply
I guess I'm the only one with this problem, as I haven't seen any other reports.
I've been using Opera Portable for a while now (since 9.1 for sure, perhaps longer, I can't remember)
It seems my default.ophome file is growing, it's now 10 mb. It takes a very long time to close Opera Portable, but only a moment to open it. On all other versions, this has not been the case.
While running Opera Portable, I've tried to trim everything that is unnecessary - deleting old email messages, deleting un-used skins files, etc. This has not helped.
Sometimes it can take several minutes to close Opera Portable for me back to my USB drive. I've also re-formatted the drive, this hasn't helped any. If I copy the default.ophome file to my hard drive and run Opera from there, it works just fine, (opening and closing it is almost instant, as it should be) but that adds extra steps, and it bothers me to not know why this is happening.
Any ideas?

brian [us], 8 Jul 2007, 22:58 reply
Have you tried clearing your cache, Putting a tick in the empty cache on exit box in the history preferences or maybe disabling disk cache altogether ?.
Hi yuku, Nice to see you are still doing GREAT work with opera portable, Very much appreciated, All the best.

Trooper [gb], 9 Jul 2007, 0:56 reply
If you have Opera Portable running and you close the session (I mean the Windows session) then nothing gets overwritten neither deleted on the host machine. I just tried once with the personal version so maybe I wasn't lucky and the NSIS script got killed before Opera but it seems it can happen.
I know it's not a typical situation but I wanted to let you know about this.
Which method/software do you use to overwrite the files ?

Sam [fr], 16 Jul 2007, 11:02 reply
I have started using Opera Portable and I'm very happy about it. 2 comments however :
1- I have the same problem as Brian : Opera Portable takes a really long time to close after using it, whereas it is very quick to open.
2- I can't get to login to Google Calendar, or actually any Google service from Opera Portable, whereas I have no pb from a normal desktop Opera. What could that be? I am using a lot Google Calendar and if I can't login from Opera Portable I might have to stop using it, which really would be a shame... Any solutions?
Thanx for your help,

Nadege [fr], 18 Jul 2007, 16:06 reply
Please update to version 9.22

France [fr], 19 Jul 2007, 16:14 reply
new final version updated (opera 9.22 with security fixes). yuku, can u update ur super good portable version to latest?
thx in advance!:)

baru [id], 20 Jul 2007, 7:00 reply
:wait: for 9.22 portable :)

philry4n [id], 20 Jul 2007, 13:30 reply
>>France, baru, philry4n
Sorry for the late release. Now it has been released. ENJOY!

yuku [sg], 23 Jul 2007, 12:39 reply
..again, i don't get one thing. Could someone please help me??
After starting from USB, I copied my settings from my \profile and my plugins from Opera\program\plugins to the correlating folders in %temp%\hebat921\.
Also, I thought I should update the paths in my copied opera.ini.
I changed paths to .\profile and .\program\plugins, but i am afriad that did not do the job, as only some settings have been included with the next start of the portable Opera. (e.g., my toolbar_ini and autosav have not been recognized, also plugins are absent again)
So, what can I do to transfer my own opera.ini (well, I want my whole desktop Opera), and how do I have to change the ini file then?
Great work!
thx ReviewPilot

ReviewPilot [nl], 23 Jul 2007, 8:34 reply
You don't have permission to access /take/20686413621621779123/opera-portable-personal-en-9.22.e xe on this server.
Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request

369 [de], 23 Jul 2007, 12:49 reply
Oh, thanks for notifying me! I uploaded all the files but the english one. It has been fixed now.

yuku [sg], 23 Jul 2007, 12:58 reply
Many thanks for opera-portable!
I use it and is very happy.
Can look my_profile_for_you:
http://www.ftp2share.com/file/ba8325cf-7821-4580-bbd1-1c266d fd9057/My_Profile_4u__01.rar.html
Also look, please,
I think, it will be interesting to you!
With the best regards, 369.

369 [il], 23 Jul 2007, 13:13 reply
Can I download the zip version (not the exe) because exe file forbidden in our LAN ?

Ichwan [id], 24 Jul 2007, 3:13 reply
http://www.ftp2share.com/file/2c3321fd-5aff-4466-aeb2-8e62d5 619db0/opera-portable-personal-en-9.22.zip.html

369 [de], 24 Jul 2007, 5:46 reply
Thank you for a great portable version of opera.
I have found that the personal edition does not work on windows 2003, the prepearing your dinner never loads up.
Any idea ?

menols [ca], 28 Jul 2007, 1:40 reply
Very nice work !!!

nobody [cs], 30 Jul 2007, 14:03 reply
I just upgraded to 9.22 from 9.10. For some reason, exiting while running from a usb flash drive takes a VERY long time, even if I just open and close Opera without doing anything in the browser. Using the same .exe and default.ophome on my desktop doesn't have any problems

takedownca [us], 2 Aug 2007, 16:42 reply
How big is your ophome file?

yuku [sg], 5 Aug 2007, 3:22 reply
My default file is around 8 MB. I've tried deleting all mail messages (I use it to check mail and several RSS feeds) and all skins except the one I'm using. I've managed to get the file down to 5 or 6 MB but then it creeps back up. This may be a 'feature' of Opera, I don't recall it happening before the speed dial feature was introduced, about that time.
Right now I copy my ophome file and the executable to a directory on my hard drive and run it from there, and just copy it back to the USB when I need to switch computers.
No other errors, that I can find.

Brian [us], 13 Aug 2007, 18:18 reply
Great program, but it looks like I have the same issue as @brian with the slow shutdown. Any help anyone... yuku?

takedownca [us], 2 Aug 2007, 22:14 reply
I'm using Opera Personal for quite a while now and it's working fine. I can find only one 'problem' that can be worth an update. I'll explain: When installed with CTRL+F12 - History - and all options for leaving history on 0, none, never the history is still saved in the personal file. Can you do something about this? The same problem exists on all computers and Windows platforms I've tested them all. Thanks in advance.

Henk [nl], 8 Aug 2007, 10:46 reply
Pse. enclse the Dutch translation in your editions.
Keep up the good work!

Henk [nl], 8 Aug 2007, 10:50 reply
v9.23.8807 Final released

Aspirant [cn], 8 Aug 2007, 14:29 reply
My default.ophome file is 2MB.

takedownca [us], 10 Aug 2007, 23:21 reply
Love it. Is there a way to store the bookmark icons. When I open Opera all the custom icons dissappear back to the defalult skin bookmark icons. During the session they show up fine as I visit each page, but then poof gone.

E2-B2 [us], 12 Aug 2007, 16:14 reply
I think no. Maybe because the settings file would grow up bigger and bigger with the time, if o.portable would store every icon it encounter.

fotjon [al], 17 Aug 2007, 7:45 reply
I have one minor thing about the version of Opera I have and it upset me so bad this weekend that I went to Firefox to do what I needed. When I try to print a page, it freezes up.

Mr Morrison [us], 13 Aug 2007, 18:32 reply
I've noticed that too, Opera seems to have issues printing web pages correctly. However, it's opera not Opera Portable.

E2-B2 [us], 14 Aug 2007, 21:23 reply
Opera 9.23 released

Sam [fr], 15 Aug 2007, 11:50 reply
THANKS THANKS THANKS for this unique app.
It's GREAT to have only 1 file at a time to browse the web safely if sy is not at home.
Opera Portable One-Use is a MUST-TO-HAVE!!!!
Keep on doing this good job!!!4
Greetings from Hungary

a Hungarian man [ro], 17 Aug 2007, 19:42 reply
Really nice version of Opera app! I've made sure to click your goodle ads :-) and will continue to do so every time I pick up new version. This portable opera gets better and better and right now it's in the stratosphere :-D

Proteus [se], 18 Aug 2007, 16:07 reply
new final version updated (opera 9.23 with security fixes, Build 8808 Final). yuku, can u update ur super good portable version to latest?
thx in advance!:)

baru [id], 21 Aug 2007, 2:11 reply
I love using your version of Portable Opera. I know you have no desire to make a version of Portable Firefox like yours but I think you can show off your skills by making one. I love the 1-click executable. I do like using both firefox and opera and basically I use opera more because of your 1 smalll file executable. Keep up the excellent work!!

narutosimpleton [us], 21 Aug 2007, 13:59 reply
If Portable Opera have add-ons, plug-in, extention as Portable Firefox is super good

elisa banet [vn], 22 Aug 2007, 5:06 reply
And why does it need them? Some of best Firefox ext are based on features introduced by opera. There is a widgets options (but not the same as add-ons in firefox of course)

fotjon [al], 23 Aug 2007, 10:21 reply
Hi ! I like opera portable oneuse very much :-)
But I am terribly waiting for 9.23 !

Peter [at], 23 Aug 2007, 14:03 reply
Is there a way to specify (via relative path) the default download directory to point to the "Documents" folder. I can't use absolute paths because the machines I use XP and Vista. Thanks

Danny [ph], 25 Aug 2007, 2:02 reply
Perfect Browser (but i am waiting for 9.23)

GreterBoy [br], 28 Aug 2007, 3:42 reply
Is there a way to enable Opera Protable to play windows media files? That's the only problem I have with it but other than that it's a nice program.

Specialk [us], 28 Aug 2007, 9:26 reply
Tanks for new verssion

GreterBoy [br], 29 Aug 2007, 12:08 reply
It somthing wrong with version 9.23 poland edition. It is very slow . Slower then 9.22 (open,close itp.)

Max Monroe [pl], 31 Aug 2007, 10:42 reply

369 [il], 4 Sep 2007, 9:57 reply
Just wondering. Is it possiable to create a RAM disc and have Opera Protable use that as its temp store?

philip [nz], 4 Sep 2007, 10:32 reply
Mmmmm... if I just create a RAM disc thus: http://www.speedguide.net/read_articles.php?id=131
Is it possiable to change Opera Protable to use a certain drive letter? Rather than point towards the temp directory?
Anyone have any ideas?

philip baker [nz], 4 Sep 2007, 10:51 reply
I really like your portable version of Opera but I'm missing the spellcheck option. Could you integrate aspell and the English and German spellbook in a future version?

SnakeSH [de], 5 Sep 2007, 19:17 reply
[UserJS] Orangoo Spell Check 2 = http://my.opera.com/community/forums/topic.dml?id=180563

369 [il], 6 Sep 2007, 12:16 reply
Great Program
- How about making a 9.5 alpha version?

nemo [gb], 7 Sep 2007, 18:15 reply
I really like your version of portable opera and use it daily. However, since the last version the saving your memories bit takes forever - I don't know if it is some change in the program or whether my USB drive is about to die - anyway it is rather frustrating waiting for more than a minute for the % to climb to 100. I only use a 2Mb cache and have 1 widget. I preferred it when it was faily quick.

Zarkon [th], 12 Sep 2007, 5:21 reply
Walah, Yuku jadi komersial. Minta minimal $10 lagi. Itu homestead ditulis iklannya juga. Buat 'menjaring' mangsa. Nulisnya pake Inggris semua lagi. Bnar2 ditujukan utk kalangan luar yah? heheh..

!peH [sg], 12 Sep 2007, 15:13 reply
I've been having the same problems with Opera Portable taking a long time to zip/unzip when you open/close the program. I noticed that my "ophome" file which was usually around 1.7M was growing well over 4M in size and the bulk was in the "mail" folders. Since I use only IMAP email accounts & set Opera to NOT keep local copies of the emails, it shouldn't have taken much space. --- It seemed that the mail client wasn't erasing deleted messages from the disk. Removing the IMAP accounts from Opera, deleting the old account folders from the "mail" directory, and then adding the accounts back seemed to help. -- I wouldn't recommend this to anyone NOT using IMAP or anyone who stores the messages locally as it's very easy to lose data in the process.

vengarato [us], 27 Sep 2007, 17:38 reply
WMA 9 music samples, such as those on Amazon, cannot be played (WMP 6.4 is loaded which does not support wma 9)

Layman [us], 28 Sep 2007, 23:07 reply
Thank for this amazing piece of work guys!
I love the sessions though. I have got 20 pages open all the time on my previous local opera. Is there any way your portable version can do the same? It seems to forget the session if restarted. The saved sessions remain in the sessionsmanagement menu.
Thanks already!

Yagu [be], 6 Oct 2007, 0:38 reply
New version is out :)

Scrapie [de], 18 Oct 2007, 9:44 reply
How can I update to version 9.24?
Thanks for your work

Operauser [de], 19 Oct 2007, 9:07 reply
How can I update to version 9.24?
Thanks for your work

my home [es], 19 Oct 2007, 20:46 reply
i'm using opera 9.24 in my u3 USB the problem is plugins
if install a plugin like divx or media player or any other pluging it doesn't work he still askes for the same plugin
so how can i install a plugin in my portable u3 opera and keeps them there so it won't disapear if use any other computer?

ellesRoi [il], 20 Oct 2007, 13:11 reply
I finally got around to trying it today, and the Builder kit let me do my own v9.24 update; complete with rssfeed widjets and all my personal tweaks...Thanks! I'm going to try it with the v9.5 beta too. Nice job!

Wm [us], 23 Oct 2007, 6:55 reply
If you want the NSIS script for making your own version, google cache has a copy @ om/take/46120059825427932678/opera-portable.nsi+tumpuksemuaf ile&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd=4&gl=us&client=opera
Hehe now I have Opera 9.5b Portable, with my fav themes!

A30N [us], 28 Oct 2007, 22:46 reply
OMG thanx uber google haxor !!!

n00b [us], 28 Oct 2007, 22:50 reply
How can I update to version 9.24?
Thanks for your work

TerBoy [br], 29 Oct 2007, 12:07 reply
1. Create a folder c:\opera
2. While running Opera Portable 9.23, search for tumpuksemuafile.exe and copy it to c:\opera
3. Find an icon you want to use and copy it to c:\opera
4. Install Opera 9.24 to c:\opera
5. Download NSIS script from my post above to c:\opera
6. Edit the NSIS script so all paths point to c:\opera
7. If you want the personal edition, add the line "!define PERSONAL
8. Download NSIS and compile the script!

A30N [us], 30 Oct 2007, 0:16 reply

TerBoy [br], 31 Oct 2007, 17:50 reply
Good afternoon you could help me edit the script? ? ?

TerBoy [br], 30 Oct 2007, 16:30 reply
Will future versions have built in ad-blocking other that the block content? I find it tedious to add entries manually. I hope it could work like Adblock for Firefox.

lime [ph], 31 Oct 2007, 16:51 reply
Filter.ini to the rescue! Read about: http://www.schrode.net/opera/url_filtering/index.html
Get an updated list from:
http://pgl.yoyo.org/adservers/serverlist.php?hostformat=oper afilter&showintro=0&startdate%5Bday%5D=&startdate%5Bmonth%5D =&startdate%5Byear%5D=&mimetype=plaintext
Save the file into your profile.

Flavio [br], 7 Nov 2007, 18:07 reply
Please i need help to edit a script for new version 9.24..

TerBoy [br], 31 Oct 2007, 17:41 reply
I really like how this application is only one executable file and keeps all settings in one file. I'm looking forward to future versions. Thanks for this! I also hope you'd develop portable versions for other apps in which you only have to copy one executable file. Thanks again!

Emil [ph], 4 Nov 2007, 5:43 reply
Тут русские ести, а то одни иносранцы

vetal [ua], 5 Nov 2007, 11:50 reply
How can I update to version 9.24?

TerBoy [br], 6 Nov 2007, 10:42 reply
You are a retard TerBoy, can't you understand the instructions?

Satan [ph], 9 Nov 2007, 7:14 reply
I just needed some help to edit a script but if you can't help, don't say anything.....

TerBoy [br], 9 Nov 2007, 16:12 reply
I have successfully updated mine to 9.24 using the instructions and script link provided by A3ON.
I just wonder why the author of Opera Portable didn't update his version

Satan [de], 12 Nov 2007, 7:25 reply
Lack of time ?, Real life getting in the way ?, Who knows ?.
Hi Yuku, Great to see you are sticking with opera portable and doing a great job too. :-)

Trooper [gb], 12 Nov 2007, 21:54 reply
Maybe, but updating it takes less than 5 mins.

Satan [de], 18 Nov 2007, 9:03 reply
Haha if it takes only 5 minutes i would not delay this much :D
this is the steps I need to do to update to new version:
- donwload classic english installer
- install to j:\operasi\hebat
- copy to hebat directory
- include directories "download" and "profile"
- include flash plugin
- remove "uninst"
- edit operadef6.ini and profile/opera6.ini
- edit addon/start.html
- download languages, insert to directory lang
- rename language files
- edit operagolok.nsi
- compile
- wait 10-20 minutes for compilation + compression
- wait ~1 hour for uploading compiled files
- add files to download to kejut database
- update links in this page
:D sorry for the delay, but today I will upload 9.24 :D

yuku [sg], 20 Nov 2007, 4:17 reply
Lol, you must be using an ancient pentium 133 and a dial-up connection for the compression + compile to take 10-20 mins and 1 hour to upload!
But, thanks anyway for the update.

Satan [ph], 21 Nov 2007, 6:45 reply
Can you send the opera portable personal 9.24 please?

TerBoy [br], 13 Nov 2007, 13:47 reply
I've donated, so where the link to the builder?

takedownca [us], 9 Nov 2007, 22:54 reply
It has now been sent to your email :D

yuku [sg], 11 Nov 2007, 3:30 reply
Wow, thanks for the shiny new version! :)

Dagenham [hu], 20 Nov 2007, 16:50 reply
too much comment in this page make the loading time longer, and somtimes can crashed the browser. I suggest to make the comment in several pages, so loading time can be faster. Thanks.

someone [sg], 20 Nov 2007, 19:21 reply
Opera Portable doesn't work if it is on a LAN-Drive ?!

Birgit [se], 20 Nov 2007, 19:39 reply
Bukannya udah ada Opera mini buat di Hp? tapi ya itu, koneksinya GPRS dan baru browsing berapa menit gitu... udah aja dipotong 2000 perak, kejammm.
apa bedanya ama Opera portable?.... sedang berpikir positif...@[^_<]@

Kuyasaiko [id], 21 Nov 2007, 11:18 reply
I cannot the one-use version to run as a regular under Windows Vista. When I try and run it it requests elevated credentials, which most users do not have. Any ideas?

Chris Hills [gb], 22 Nov 2007, 12:28 reply
Same here :'(

Flavio [br], 28 Nov 2007, 10:06 reply
Not really the same.
My problem on Vista (home) is when trying to use a profile made on XP (work).
The problem it's the folder hierarchy changed on Vista. While on XP you have "C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\...", on Vista you have "C:\<user name>\..." :(
So the paths can't be hard coded. They must be relative paths.
Just my 0.02

Flavio [br], 29 Nov 2007, 13:52 reply
My problem occurs *after* the related by Chris

Flavio [br], 30 Nov 2007, 13:37 reply
Thanks for all who reported the problem that it won't run under Vista without administrator previledge. I found the problem and update is coming in few hours (now uploading). Update for the Builder users are prepared too :D thanks, again!

yuku [sg], 16 Dec 2007, 7:25 reply
Thank you!
But Widgets still don't work on Vista.
Also, the UserJS folder path still need to be corrected for Vista (see it on opera:about).
Thanks for your work!

Flavio [br], 19 Dec 2007, 10:34 reply
Superb job, works perfectly, I love it.
Thisone is so much better than the one from opera-usb.com.

rob grijseels [gb], 27 Nov 2007, 15:16 reply
thanks, nice app.
i always prefer to use opera than firefox because in my country, internet speed is unreliable, so i prefer to turn off the image, and only show image I want to see.
you still can't fo that on firefox. IE can do it, but sometimes IE just slow...
with this App, i can go from internet rental to another internet rental with ease because i knew that i always have opera to browse with.
Thx a lot.

arief [id], 15 Dec 2007, 13:33 reply
You can disable loading images in Firefox by going to Options->Content and un-ticking "Load images automatically".

Chaz6 [gb], 15 Dec 2007, 13:44 reply
Is there a way to let it start in kiosk mode with your own homepage?

Rob Grijseels [gb], 15 Dec 2007, 15:11 reply
I like it.
i try to open www.matrix-centro.com but i got some error. please help...

Roser [hk], 17 Dec 2007, 15:08 reply
thanks for such great work. At present Opera@usb is more well-known, but more me, this portable opera is better than that.

Zhong [cn], 18 Dec 2007, 4:48 reply
Please i need help to edit a script for version 9.25 personal But only able to edit the version one-use...
Please help me

TerBoy [br], 26 Dec 2007, 13:00 reply
It's very cool soft, but it's not comfortable to wait for 5 minutes after exit until compression has finished. So, can you make version when files will be added to archive without compression (store mode)?

demos [de], 10 Jan 2008, 4:07 reply
It has been stored without compression. If you have too many mails or widgets, a lot will need to be stored and it is slow.

yuku [sg], 11 Jan 2008, 2:54 reply
I just donated my $10, but I didn't see a place to add comments along with the donation. Can I please have a copy of the builder?

Nathan Chavez [us], 11 Jan 2008, 0:30 reply
I sent that to your email. Thanks for the donation!

yuku [sg], 11 Jan 2008, 2:46 reply
It is very good

tony [vn], 13 Jan 2008, 12:16 reply
What about version 9.25 yuku, are you still working on it?

fotjon [al], 14 Jan 2008, 12:11 reply
Excellent job! This is the best portable browser I have tried, and Opera is certainly the best browser. I like how you have a separate subdirectory for all the temp files and that you wipe them at the end. I hope your wipe system is truly secure, but certainly seems to work flawlessly.

Tony Questar [us], 14 Jan 2008, 22:47 reply
Thank you for your software, it is good. I have encountered one problem using it after a windows crash... I have found all the cache and the data stored in the host PC. I think it is a great failure not to charge the program completely in the RAM with all opera cache disabled: this mean completely privacy and security. Again, thank you for your software.

john [es], 18 Jan 2008, 7:46 reply
Sorry, I forgot to comment that non portable versions of Opera always write data cache to the hard disk, including when hard disk cache is disabled. You can see seeking opera>profile>cache4 and you will see data stored unless you have disabled the disk cache. Great failure again, not for you, for Opera itself. Have a nice day!

john (again) [es], 18 Jan 2008, 7:55 reply
You said that opera portable doesn't write to the registry of windows, but I have found two entries:
1) (...) software\microsoft\windows\shellNoRoam\MUIcache, referring to c:\(...)temp\hebat\opera.exe, and
2) (...) software\microsoft\windows\shellNoRoam\MUIcache, referring to c:\(...)temp\hebat\tumpuksemuafile.exe
What is the file tumpuksemuafile.exe for?

iridox [es], 19 Jan 2008, 21:21 reply
MUICache is not made by Opera Portable. It is made by windows for listing programs that are run. It has been widely known security issues and unfortunately it is made by windows so we can't do anything...

yuku [sg], 23 Jan 2008, 11:21 reply
You're right. Thank you very much.

iridox [es], 23 Jan 2008, 12:59 reply
Please someone who can help me understand this script to edit it for personal version.... :( Please help me please :'(

TerBoy [br], 23 Jan 2008, 18:26 reply
I love my new-found portable opera, thank you! ;D
I was just wondering, if the Opera Portable Builder is updated in the future would the people that donated to it earlier get the update sent to their email also?

Steven [gb], 25 Jan 2008, 16:26 reply
Yes, of course if they want to :D

yuku [sg], 25 Jan 2008, 19:19 reply
There is only one portable browser in the world that writes no information at all in HDD/USB:
Pocket Kmeleon, http://pagesperso-orange.fr/jujuland/

proteus [es], 25 Jan 2008, 16:52 reply
What about version 9.25, are you still working on it?

TerBoy [br], 30 Jan 2008, 15:25 reply
Uploading now, hope will be up here in less than 2 hours :)

yuku [sg], 1 Feb 2008, 3:57 reply
Thank you yuku.... I love opera portable...

TerBoy [br], 1 Feb 2008, 11:04 reply
This can probably compressed even further like they said earlier by using upx. Using the --lzma compression, you might be able to further decrease the file size before compressing it into the executable.
Great~app I prefer way better than firefox... plus it doesn't use so much memory. depending on laptop or desktop.
Have you considered doing other applications. The method that you are doing is quite different than protable-apps are doing.

shinmanotenchuu [us], 3 Feb 2008, 20:16 reply
-Forgot O_O I was refering to the dlls not the exe.

shinmanotenchuu [us], 3 Feb 2008, 20:19 reply
Yes, usually I compress programs using upx --lzma too. However, the Opera.dll is encrypted (using ASPACK if i'm correct). It cannot be compressed anymore. It was encrypted maybe to protect from cracks when Opera was not free. But now.. maybe Opera forget to remove it.

yuku [sg], 4 Feb 2008, 4:14 reply
I use this version on my flash disk and read many rss-feeds. I think that's because of that the archiving after closing is slowly. So may be it will be better to archive files not on the current drive, but in the temp too, and only after that move it to current directory (flash disk in my case).

demos [de], 4 Feb 2008, 11:09 reply
Is there a known reason why on any version newer than 9.21 it takes 5-10 minutes for OperaPortable to save my settings? Deleting the hebat directory doesn't take any longer (<30sec), but sometimes I can go eat lunch and the little grey box is still there saving my settings.

takedownca [us], 7 Feb 2008, 17:33 reply
It is possible to restore the last session or to save the sessions?

zooley [ro], 8 Feb 2008, 9:10 reply
I like this very much. But stupid me I lost my email with the URL on t. Any chance you could resend it? Also, won't using this app on a portable drive where it out; so many read writes. One last thing, I have never been able to successfully build a custonized version. I've dragged the profile amd mail folders over but because of the opera6.ini they are not being used. How should I edit that?

Nathan Chavez [us], 11 Feb 2008, 17:01 reply
Donated 10 USD to the cause. :D

steven0451 [gb], 19 Feb 2008, 17:48 reply
Thanks, of course I have sent that :D

yuku [sg], 20 Feb 2008, 7:06 reply
Much appreciated. :)

steven0451 [gb], 20 Feb 2008, 7:43 reply
I donated 10 USD as well :)
I am excited ! I'm gonna have my own Portable Opera ! WOW !

tsabus [hu], 20 Feb 2008, 19:33 reply
Thanks again, enjoy the Opera Portable Builder, sent via email :D

yuku [sg], 20 Feb 2008, 21:30 reply
We hope to see version 9.26 soon. Every time Opera portable starts a popup ask you to update to the new v9.26. Just a little annoying

fotjon [al], 21 Feb 2008, 12:38 reply
Hi, where can I download the Opera Portable Builder application?

cstibi [hu], 26 Feb 2008, 9:09 reply
I donated 10 USD. Please send me the Portable Builder. Thanks for this great application.

cstibi [hu], 26 Feb 2008, 18:34 reply
Please update to v9.26 for the sake of those who don't have on opera portable builder:)
thank you.

Szilva [ro], 1 Mar 2008, 13:48 reply
Please post the builder of opera portable

TerBoy [br], 3 Mar 2008, 18:06 reply
make a donation

Buck Neket [cl], 1 Apr 2008, 1:09 reply
for personal edition

TerBoy [br], 3 Mar 2008, 18:08 reply
is there a way to preserve favicons between sessions?

facehugger [pl], 4 Mar 2008, 14:58 reply
how do we configure opera portable to work with user javascript?

ray [ca], 6 Mar 2008, 3:07 reply
can you include this: http://tech-buzz.net/2007/06/06/how-to-use-stumbleupon-in-op era/ in the next installment?

facehugger [pl], 8 Mar 2008, 18:01 reply
Quería agradecerte por esta aportación a programas portables.

JACK G.S. [ni], 18 Mar 2008, 22:37 reply
I'm confused a bit. I want to use Opera Portable on my hard disk. I want to back up all data and programs every day to my USB stick. Yeah, overly cautious. I also want to be able to copy the entire Operaportable folder to a USB stick and take it with me when I travel.
Here's my problem. The page here says that, when I exit Opera, all settings, including wand passwords, are erased from the host computer. Will this happen if I just use the program on my hard drive? I don't want to lose wand passwords, cookies, etc., every time I close Opera!
Please advise. Thanks!

Jeffrey Needle [us], 25 Mar 2008, 18:00 reply
when this Opera "opens" it makes temp files in C:
THOSE are the files that get deleted when you close Opera.
If you wish to copy files from Opera (on HD to Flash drive, for example), you do that when it's inuse and the files exist in C:
got it?

cecilia [us], 26 Mar 2008, 16:32 reply
Thanks! Got it!

Jeffrey Needle [us], 26 Mar 2008, 21:50 reply
Where would I find the builder package? I slipped you the ten dollars, by the way, because this effort of yours is well worth it. PayPal confirm #02A85428XK2622124)

Duncan Scott [us], 25 Mar 2008, 18:26 reply
Sorry, my oversight. I'll watch my email.

Duncan Scott [us], 26 Mar 2008, 2:21 reply
I'm trying to run Opera Portable OneUse via autorun (burned it to a CD with some galleries in html), but it fails to load desired file and fails to obay the switch I wrote.
I was thinking to run it like this:
open=opera1.exe index.html /k
Where Opera should load index.html in fullscreen mode (kiosk mode to be precise).
The bloblem is that Opera does load, but neither does it load index file nor it strats in fullscreen.
I guess it's hard coded that it loads with that About page. Pitty, as OneUse version is ideal for what I need right now as it doen't require write access (it's on a CD).

Mario [cs], 28 Mar 2008, 16:45 reply
Yes, the command-line parameters are not passed down to opera.exe.
However, you can use the Opera Portable Builder if you want to customize that :D

yuku [sg], 28 Mar 2008, 18:49 reply
I need exactly the same thing. Can you please send me the result of your work to xplay(at)yandex.ru ?
Thank you so much!!!

Umnik [ru], 30 Jul 2008, 13:38 reply
And that renders this otherwise very nice portable Opera useless. I don't want to rebuild, I don't want to brand, I don't need a builder, I need an Opera that understands command line parameters. I am not going to use this on a CD if it opens YOUR predefined homepage.
Leaving that out is just a way of turning this stuff from freeware into shareware. Or crippleware, whatever you prefer.

Aad [nl], 3 Jun 2010, 11:39 reply
I was wondering as reading through the older comments... could there possibly be a way to install plugins such as "flashblocker" so that the (exe) would have the settings saved and such...
* "Flashblocker" would be real great with [K.O.P].
** [CCleaner - portable] is a good app to use with [K.O.P]. ~Erasing the download history fom the computer.

Shinmanotenchuu [us], 1 Apr 2008, 6:28 reply
How can I transfer my settings from 9.24 to 9.26?

drworm [au], 2 Apr 2008, 2:11 reply
Nevermind. I didn't realise settings and preferences are stored in a seperate file. Provided the exe is in the same folder as the preferences files the new version will use them.

drworm [au], 2 Apr 2008, 3:35 reply
Question about Opera Portable Builder:
Is it possible to generate a package with a standalone PDF viewer, like sumatra PDF http://blog.kowalczyk.info/software/sumatrapdf/
So the user of a CD using Opera Portable is able to view PDFs directly?

Manuel [de], 2 Apr 2008, 16:13 reply
It is possible. You can include any files in the package. The start page can also be modified to provide the link to the installer file.

yuku [sg], 4 Apr 2008, 15:43 reply
I do want to associate the PDF mime/type in Opera with sumatra PDF portable.
I do not want to run the installer.

Manuel [de], 4 Apr 2008, 15:56 reply
1. if i use feeds for RSS and keep deleting all the messages after read, better I delete the \Temp\hebat\mail\lexicon\ folder manually eh?
2. Opera 9.27 -> http://www.opera.com/download/
3. Why, even I deletED all the feeds, still is stored in \Temp\hebat\mail\store\account1\2008\04\...?
Great job, keep going on^^^

the-red [jp], 6 Apr 2008, 16:38 reply
two quick questions. one how can i update opera if this exe has not been updated yet? and two is there a way to put the button that allows you to click it and it changes the identity of opera by icons not a drop down text menu?
thanks, great work awsome creation!

Jacob Taylor [us], 7 Apr 2008, 1:21 reply
1. You have to pay for the builder
2. You can customise Opera Portable the same way as for the desktop version. Check opera:about for file paths.

drworm [au], 10 Apr 2008, 1:49 reply
Thanks i will see if ai am allowed to donate.

Jacob Taylor [us], 10 Apr 2008, 19:10 reply
Hi, i've done my donation but have not received any Opera Portable Builder download instructions.

Monica Ramponi [it], 8 Apr 2008, 12:50 reply
Any news about the 9.27 version?

Dagenham [hu], 10 Apr 2008, 8:45 reply
I'm still waiting for my Opera Portable Builder, is anyone here who can help me? i've done my donation on tuesday but i have not received anything yet!

Monica Ramponi [it], 10 Apr 2008, 13:57 reply
Just to let the other users know, that I always send the builder download link to the people who donated $10 or more. Don't worry about that :)

yuku [us], 18 Jul 2008, 4:54 reply
when Opera 7 was current, I had an elaborate structure to allow 8 different versions of it, back to version 3, run at the same time (yes, with multiple windows open - I really can keep track of that much information, even today). this is so much easier now. I just place different copies in different folders, make shortcuts, andname each shortcut what i do in each browser. simple, no mess.

maxwell snort [us], 13 Apr 2008, 12:37 reply
Great portable browser! I've been using it off of my iPod Video on college campus alot, and for a while. I don't have to worry about others going through my login cookies and it keeps all of my bookmarks with me. Thanks for keeping the ports up to date, Yuku!

Thomas C. [us], 16 Apr 2008, 5:28 reply
Opera Portable is better what has been described here.

Nibras [lk], 16 Apr 2008, 11:18 reply
I'm a bit retarded and don't have much free time. I've tried to use the Builder unsuccessfully. Can someone who has the builder post directions for how to use it to customize OperaPortable? Thanks.

takedownca [us], 5 May 2008, 23:47 reply
Is there any way to install certificates in Opera Portable?!?

Mirkuma [si], 11 May 2008, 9:47 reply
I just made a contribution because yours is the best portable Opera version I have found, hands down!
Please send a link to the Builder program, please.
Anthony Williams

Anthony williams [us], 12 May 2008, 5:11 reply
Hi! Thanks for your donations! Of course I have sent the link to download the Builder :)

yuku [sg], 17 May 2008, 12:57 reply
great product! one question how can i change the icon and the title bar because my employe uses Track4Win :)

macedonia [mk], 12 May 2008, 23:46 reply
I'm not sure about the icon, but for title bar you can change it if you use the Opera Portable Builder.

yuku [sg], 17 May 2008, 13:01 reply
Unable to start portable Opera
Got little problem with portable Opera (v. 9.27) When I try to run Operausb.exe nothing happens or almost nothing happens should I say . There is only black pop up windows for a fraction of second (not sure what it says as I am not that fast reader). When I check with Task Manager there is no op.com process running in the background. Litle advice how to get rid of the problem would be much appreciated.

kingdom [pl], 17 May 2008, 8:50 reply
That OperaUSB is not the same as Opera Portable. They are different products.

yuku [sg], 17 May 2008, 12:56 reply
Howdy, I couldnt help but notice you saying that you used a nsis script. Is it possible if you can tell me how to make a script in nsis that would make the app standalone. I already have some experience with nsis and have been searching for a solution to make a standalone exe with nsis.P.S I make some portable apps and they are being tested at Portableapps.com

Nate dawg [us], 20 May 2008, 2:48 reply
Create an automatic running installer and then execute the main program and wait until it finishes, then delete all the files installed.

yuku [sg], 20 May 2008, 18:10 reply
How do you get opera to save settings? I know you are using some other app, will this work for any program? If so where can I get the program that opera uses.

Nate dawg [us], 20 May 2008, 22:16 reply
Ok i have succeeded, but one thing though, I can get the whole files it leaves in the Temp folder removed, but not the folder. eveything else, registry, any other settings are removed. Here is a link if you want to try the Standalone version of Opera-Usb http://www.mediafire.com/?miz0yiuxyzw tell me what you think, also this is just a one time standalone.

Nate Dawg [us], 22 May 2008, 1:46 reply
Edit: There was a makor bug in the last installer, so use this link <strong>http://www.mediafire.com/?nyjpybsimbn</strong> sorry about that.

Nate Dawg [us], 22 May 2008, 5:27 reply
when i copy my wand.dat into the temp dir created on the host computer,
the next time i run opera portable it seems to have adapted it (the passwordfields are yellow).
when i now press the wand button only the login name is transferred to the password fields. all the actual passwords are empty?!
where is the fault here?

kris [de], 23 May 2008, 14:56 reply
thank you, portable Opera is great but you really should look into that not-favicon-saving stuff.. I dont care so much for a bookmarks icons but icon in pagebar is a necessity!

jey [sk], 31 May 2008, 17:21 reply
Hey guys,
Just maked a icon for Portable Opera! Its based on an existing Opera icon (http://tinyurl.com/5neh72), but i added the text "Portable" pixel for pixel. You can download it at http://tinyurl.com/67bz9h

jamy015 [nl], 2 Jun 2008, 17:05 reply
Just a suggestion:
Because sometimes the system crashes and opera-portable-personal-en-9.27.exe has no time to backup hebat folder.
Would you add a function that:
detect if ophome.inuse file exists AND hebat folder exists, open hebat folder instead of extracting from *.ophome.

the-red [jp], 8 Jun 2008, 4:32 reply
I cannot find the system requirements. Will this run on a Windows 95 machine?

Passer-by [us], 9 Jun 2008, 7:26 reply
Opera v9.50.10063 Final
Classic: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/950/en/Opera_950_classic_ Setup.exe
English: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/950/en/Opera_950_en_Setup .exe
International: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/950/int/Opera_950_in_Setu p.exe

the-red [jp], 12 Jun 2008, 4:49 reply
Yepp, 9.50 would be nice. OperaUSB way too rude.

Dagenham [hu], 13 Jun 2008, 6:53 reply
Is it possible to restore data from default.ophome?
I ask because there are all my data in this file, but opera starts with "About Opera" site and everything is empty (no bookmarks, passwds...) Opera portable ingnores all settings.

Tomasz [pl], 13 Jun 2008, 7:54 reply
can ophome file be encrypted?

Aspirant [cn], 13 Jun 2008, 13:23 reply
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Neraseda [ru], 13 Jun 2008, 17:13 reply
Would it be possible to make a FireFox Portable with the same building engine as Opera Portable.
I like firefox too for some things that Opera just won't do, but the portable firefox just sucks. If it were packaged the same as Opera, that would rock. Of course I have no idea how to do it myself.

iTEB [us], 17 Jun 2008, 13:39 reply
So, all that you have to do is a bit of NSIS scripting. This sample using 7za to compress/decompress the settings. The whole executable directory also compressed, so it's a bit slower, but you can do it.
Create a directory somewhere on your drive, "ff" for example.
Create a subdirectory called "7za" and copy 7za.exe into it.
Create another subdirectory called "firefox" and copy the uncompressed firefox portable into it.
Copy this script into the "ff" directory, name it ff.nsi for example.
SetCompressor /SOLID lzma
SetCompressorDictSize 32
OutFile "ff.exe"
SilentInstall silent
File "7za\7za.exe"
File /r "firefox\*"
IfFileExists "$EXEDIR\ff.dat" +1 +3
CreateDirectory "$PLUGINSDIR\Data"
nsExec::Exec "$PLUGINSDIR\7za.exe x -y $EXEDIR\ff.dat -o$PLUGINSDIR\Data"
ExecWait '"$PLUGINSDIR\firefoxportable.exe"'
nsExec::Exec "$PLUGINSDIR\7za.exe a -mx=9 -r $EXEDIR\ff.dat $PLUGINSDIR\Data\*"
Compile the script using NSIS and run the ff.exe file. That's all. Your entire set of data will be stored in the ff.dat (7z compressed) file.
Note that is not the same method used by Opera Portable, just a different one with almost the same results.

Dagenham [hu], 24 Jun 2008, 14:36 reply
You can do it with NSIS. I'll post a proof of concept soon.

Dagenham [hu], 18 Jun 2008, 12:53 reply
Is it possible to make IE portabl? I love IE lots!

Nyo [us], 19 Jun 2008, 2:35 reply
Stealth Note: I’ve noticed that XP creates some Opera files in the WINDOWS\Prefetch folder. I don’t think this is a concern as far as browsing history and such goes, but they do show that Opera was run, and if you look at them with a text editor they show paths to the temp files that were created (including the user name). I don’t know what exactly would be involved, but you might consider automatically deleted those files as well.
Wonderful app btw!

jackson [us], 19 Jun 2008, 17:05 reply
please add 9.50 to :)

Zoli [ro], 20 Jun 2008, 9:59 reply
thank you and i'm waiting for 9.50 portable ;)

iamwhatiam [id], 20 Jun 2008, 15:28 reply
I really like and use opera portable (I prefer it over Opera@USB). Please! pack it up!

Tony Cool [es], 20 Jun 2008, 22:57 reply
Opera Portable does not seem to recognise the copy of Shockwave that I downloaded...

J.L.W.S. The Special One [sg], 21 Jun 2008, 12:33 reply
It does not recognise the copy of QuickTime that I installed either!

J.L.W.S. The Special One [sg], 24 Jun 2008, 9:11 reply
it great but i wish u to improve its mail client. because the speed of downloading the mails are slow and it doesn't write rich text it doesn't have the ablity to insert pic and

jafar [ir], 21 Jun 2008, 15:55 reply
Jafar, thats Opera's limitation. The author Opera Portable can't do anything about it.

Satan [ph], 23 Jun 2008, 10:59 reply
porfa..... agrega la version 9.5

cyberalejo17 [co], 21 Jun 2008, 20:01 reply
please make saving favicons available in next Opera 9.5 portable. Thanks!

d0n [sk], 22 Jun 2008, 7:39 reply
For your consideration for v9.50:
http://my.opera.com/Tamil/blog/useful-opera-config-opera-pre ferences-editor-entries

Manish [hk], 24 Jun 2008, 5:36 reply
I hope you get 9.5 out soon. This is great for using on public computers and handling emails, downloads, etc. while browsing the net anonymously. I just tested 9.5 and I can't wait for the portable version! Keep up the great work.

T-Wood [us], 24 Jun 2008, 19:01 reply
A user called iTEB asked an Opera Portable, which is really a Firefox Portable :). I promised that I'll post a proof of concept soon. It's in the comments already, if you interested, take a look at the complete post (or tutorial) here:
http://bluejaunte.wordpress.com/2008/06/24/using-nsis-to-cre ate-opera-portable-style-applications/
Anyways, a 9.50 Opera Portable would be nice :).

Dagenham [hu], 24 Jun 2008, 20:09 reply
OMG Thank YOU, I've been watching this page hoping a FFP would be posted. Now just need someone to do it :)

iTEB [us], 7 Jul 2008, 1:19 reply
I am using OPERA-Portable-Personal 9.27
downloaded from your website,
Recently. I have been experiencing a problem.
9.27 works well immediately after being booted; like its previous version, it is fast and well-behaved.
Unlike its previous version, however, within about 30 minutes of webbrowsing, 9.27 slows down.
I can only rectify the situation by exiting 9.27, then rebooting it.
I feel confident that 9.27 (or at least as it is configured on my machine) is the culprit, because I can switch between I.E.7, which works well, and 9.27, which is exceedingly slow.
Can you help solve this problem?
Or, should I switch back to the previous version of OPERA-Portable-Personal?
Thank you for your attention to this request.
Verne Kurisu

Verne Kurisu [us], 24 Jun 2008, 20:17 reply
Great! This is exactly what I was looking for, and it works at my university... but could you please update it because Opera 9.5 (with great new features) is already out... :(

Darthcast [de], 25 Jun 2008, 11:32 reply
I asked this a few months ago with no response. Maybe someone has found something since then.
Is there a known reason why on any version newer than 9.21 it would take 5-10 minutes for OperaPortable to save my settings during cleanup? Deleting the hebat directory doesn't take any longer (<30sec), but sometimes I can go eat lunch, come back, and the little gray box is still there saving my settings. I love OperaPortable, but I basically need to remember to shut it down 10 minutes before I leave work for the day.

takedownca [us], 25 Jun 2008, 15:31 reply
right now i'm using microsft outlook express for sending mails to my friend if only u could improve it to write colorfull emails by opera mail client than it was very very good. but now i can't use it

jafar [ir], 27 Jun 2008, 11:31 reply
Estoy esperando Opera 9.50 portable, esta muy bueno esto me anda de 10, gracias

Maurixio [ar], 27 Jun 2008, 18:51 reply
Opera 9.50 out for sometime, can you let us know if you'll do a portable version if so, when will you that?
best regards

daniel [tr], 28 Jun 2008, 14:19 reply
Yes, let us known. We are still waiting :). I don't want to use opera@usb!!

cellleexx [by], 2 Jul 2008, 13:47 reply
Even version 9.51 just came out :).

Dagenham [hu], 4 Jul 2008, 13:56 reply
I wonder why the delay. Is the project dead? Or is v9.5x a different kettle of fish?

Manish [hk], 4 Jul 2008, 14:11 reply
As far as I know, it's not. I'm afraid project just dead :(.

Dagenham [hu], 5 Jul 2008, 14:36 reply
I just made my donation so I can get the builder and make my own Opera 9.51 portable. How long to wait before I get the download link?

Vinnie [fr], 9 Jul 2008, 18:12 reply
Every donation will be appreciated and the builder link will be sent as soon as possible ($10 or more only :))

yuku [us], 18 Jul 2008, 4:55 reply
If I donate can I easily build a MAC version of Opera Portable?

Jim Hood [gb], 10 Jul 2008, 10:07 reply
Unfortunately not. Since I use NSIS for the packager and it only runs on Windows ^^;

yuku [us], 18 Jul 2008, 4:56 reply
Could someone with the builder make and post a copy of Opera 9.51?

lester [us], 10 Jul 2008, 17:22 reply
Could you please post Opera 9.51 portable?

Maurice [eu], 14 Jul 2008, 7:46 reply
I've just used the builder to make the english versions and uploaded then to rapid share.Here are the links:
http://rapidshare.com/files/129572388/opera-portable-oneuse- en-9.51.exe
http://rapidshare.com/files/129572781/opera-portable-persona l-en-9.51.exe

Ed [us], 14 Jul 2008, 14:21 reply
Thanks a million Ed! I've been waiting so long for this to come out!

Jeff [ca], 14 Jul 2008, 15:21 reply
No Problem..Post if you have any problems with them

Ed [us], 14 Jul 2008, 16:22 reply
download link doesn't work

ohiozzz [us], 14 Jul 2008, 21:51 reply
Yeah, rapidshare link doesn't work.. Now I'm sure this project is dead..

wowoman [id], 15 Jul 2008, 1:11 reply
It does work .For some reason the links have a space.
here they are corrected.
http://rapidshare.com/files/129572388/opera-portable-oneuse- en-9.51.exe
http://rapidshare.com/files/129572781/opera-portable-persona l-en-9.51.exe

Ed [us], 15 Jul 2008, 1:27 reply
It did it again. Copy the links into a notedpad windows and remove the space between oneuse- en in the first link and the space between persona l-en in the second link and paste in to the browser address bar

Ed [us], 15 Jul 2008, 1:30 reply
Nice job Ed. Thank you.

Jon [us], 15 Jul 2008, 3:40 reply
Ed, would you be so kind to post a how-to somewhere? (e.g. how-to-build by yourself guide)

Dagenham [hu], 15 Jul 2008, 12:44 reply
Hey Ed, I would like that HowTo too...
and congrutulations for the good job!

Xis [br], 15 Jul 2008, 15:43 reply
Hi. Loadsa thanks for the 9.51, Ed.
Any chance of Rapidsharing the builder program? I'd like to do a thinned-down compile without the locale info etc..
Thanks again for the updated version. You da man!

Breeeeezzzzze [ie], 16 Jul 2008, 13:41 reply
Wow Breeeeezzzzze, That`s a bit of a kick in the teeth for yuku, Asking for someone to share a piece of software a guy has spent time coding that only asks for a tiny donation for anyone to receive said program (The builder), But to ask for it on the guys website, Wow, That is low, Very low.
I hope Ed has some common decency and does not heed your request.
As for the lack of posts or updates from yuku regarding support for later versions of opera, Has anybody taken the time to think that yuku could actually be on holiday ?, He is only human after all.

Trooper [gb], 16 Jul 2008, 14:30 reply
Hahaha yes I'm only human :D Thanks for your support.
I apologize for the lack of updates in the last few months. I am on overseas internship now so a lot of things had changed and somehow I could not keep with the pace. But today I just released 9.51 beta (because I am not very sure it works well), please enjoy it!

yuku [us], 18 Jul 2008, 4:59 reply
Thanks ed, but for reduce the size, i recomend you to delete the folder locale that is in the opera directory before create the portable

DarK_007 [co], 16 Jul 2008, 14:18 reply
Trooper, you're absolutely right. Apologies to Yuku.
I gathered from the posts that the project was dead. A while back, I did make a donation and downloaded the builder. I didn't use it and just downloaded the portables as they were released. Since then I lost the link to the builder. Maybe Yuku is on holiday, who knows.
Ed, forget that request and don't post a link.

Breeeeezzzzze [ie], 16 Jul 2008, 15:08 reply
Hi all.
I found the link for the builder in my email, visited Yuko's folder, downloaded the latest (12th April) builder and recompiled without the locale folder. Because the translation files are highly compressible, the size only reduced to c. 7.5MB. Any hints on what else can be removed to give a smaller build?

Breeeeezzzzze [ie], 16 Jul 2008, 16:48 reply
Breeeeezzzzze, the locale directory can be deleted (~8MB extracted and secure deleted(!) on exit without any reasonable point).
Another fat directory is the plugins. OK, flash player is nice, but the rest is mostly useless - my opinion.

Dagenham [hu], 17 Jul 2008, 12:53 reply
the directory uninst can be deleted too

Sack [co], 17 Jul 2008, 15:18 reply
Could someone upload 9.51 one use exe to mediafire?

M1530 [sg], 17 Jul 2008, 3:09 reply
Opera Oneuse 9.51 for M1530:-

Breeeeezzzzze [ie], 17 Jul 2008, 9:28 reply
Breeeeezzzzze, can you upload the 9.5 personal thinned?

Cako [co], 17 Jul 2008, 15:15 reply
Good on you Ed.
Can we safely assume that you could take over the task to update opera from now on, or somebody else having the knowledge and the program to do so?
you know these browsers new updates come out so often:
I am not suggesting you should do with every minor update.
it could be one after a new security fix or after every several updates?
And for others:
what do you think about it?

daniel [tr], 17 Jul 2008, 15:48 reply
Sadly I cannot get the executable at http://rapidshare.com/files/129572781/opera-portable-persona l-en-9.51.exe to work, it throws an error at startup then does not display the menus correctly.

greenbridge [nz], 18 Jul 2008, 0:09 reply
Yah 9.51 beta :D

M1530 [sg], 18 Jul 2008, 7:50 reply
Wow, very thanks for the new "official" version :).

Dagenham [hu], 18 Jul 2008, 7:51 reply
Links for thinned down 9.51b portables:
http://rapidshare.com/files/130662341/_slim__opera-portable- oneuse-en-9.51.exe.html
http://rapidshare.com/files/130662230/_slim__opera-portable- personal-en-9.51.exe.html
I've taken out the locales info and the plugins to get down to 6MB. I personally won't be using these as I think 8MB is a reasonable size with plugins included.

Breeeeezzzzze [ie], 18 Jul 2008, 16:20 reply
But links from pages
opera-portable-personal-ru-9.51-beta.exe &
for opera-portable-oneuse-ru-9.51-beta.exe
do not work. Fix it, please.

369 [il], 18 Jul 2008, 17:49 reply
Yes! i love this app im using public pcs now, IE and firefox are unsuitable to my taste for portable use.
But my data was lost from last version, i cant update from the 9.2 to this...and for the worse, when i used it from that machine to another my bookmarks where lost, and my other preferences! man this is bad...i wish u could fix it soon please...

pokeblink [mx], 19 Jul 2008, 1:20 reply
Suggestion for later version:
Have portable opera copy any dll files from the portable device directory containing portable opera to the hebat subdirectory under the system TEMP where opera.exe is run from.
Why? This allows users the option to try to correct for problems in Opera itself that haven't yet been taken care of. For example, Windows 95 & 98 users are hit with the opening message from Opera
"The system library Msimg32.dll is missing or too old, so certain transparency effects will be slow and possibly not drawn correctly.
Obtaining the library from a Windows ME installation and placing it in your Windows system directory will fix this."
Actually, putting a copy (such as is available from http://www.helpy.com.ar/dll-download/m.htm) in the directory with opera.exe (hence the hebat usbdirectory of the system TEMP) does the same purpose, without changing the system.
My experiments showed that if I first create the hebat subdirectory and place the file there, then run portable Opera, no such warning.
It didn't seem to hurt on Xp, but I couldn't guarantee Vista. By not putting such dll's into portable opera, the option of the user putting it in the portable opera directory or not is clearly the users responsibility and easily changed.

anon [us], 19 Jul 2008, 1:35 reply
Hey, Ed. Thanks kindly.
Flash, though, is still a problem. The YouTube videos habitually play for a couple of seconds and then freeze. Updating Flash via C:\Program Files\Opera\program\plugins\NPSWF32_FlashUtil.exe solves the problem.
You may want check if Flash, Java, WMV plugins are all the latest and working well before compiling.
Flash: http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn _15507
Java: http://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
WMV: http://port25.technet.com/pages/windows-media-player-firefox -plugin-download.aspx (Opera will use the Firefox plugin)
Again, thanks for taking the lead.

Manish [hk], 19 Jul 2008, 10:40 reply
Thank you!I have been waiting for the new release,and it works great so far!

shaskul [ir], 20 Jul 2008, 4:33 reply
Love the opera portable, but the one use version (burned to a CD) seems to freeze up when I right click and block content (ads).

theEMP [us], 21 Jul 2008, 14:27 reply
The new version works fine, no bug found ('till now :)).
One small thing, it seems the images ("images" folder in the profile directory, contains favicons) not saved to the profile file.
It is possible to include them? I'm asking this because it seems, the page content files ("vps" directory in the profile directory) saved.

Dagenham [hu], 22 Jul 2008, 11:53 reply
I love this portable version of Opera since I know it (9.10 I think). It's the most intelligent way to portablize an app. However I have a problem with this version (9.51-fr) I downloaded. It asks me for a disk two times before starting. Any solution ?

Laurent [fr], 24 Jul 2008, 12:38 reply
This Ed's 9.51 version have some wrong paths!!
If you open it on WinXP, and go to opera:about, you can see that some paths point to "C:\Documents and Settings\user\..." while others point to "C:\Users\ADMIN\...".
This "C:\Users\ADMIN\..." paths work only on Vista!

Flavio Suárez [br], 24 Jul 2008, 13:36 reply
Thankyou for pointing that out.I am sorry for the mistake.It appears to have been the result of building 9.51 portable on a Windows Vista machine.I advise everyone to stop usiing it and download the latetest beta version from this web site. In the future I will build it on A XP machine instead.

Ed [us], 24 Jul 2008, 17:51 reply
The problem it's that Vista inverted the folders structure.
A really cross-platform version would must use the Windows environment variables to get the correct folders.
Not tried (yet) the Yuku's 9.51 version.

Flavio Suárez [br], 24 Jul 2008, 18:02 reply
I donated $10. Can you send me a link to the builder, please? THX

da6t9r@yahoo.com [ve], 25 Jul 2008, 20:07 reply
of course! It is now sent to your email.

yuku [us], 25 Jul 2008, 23:16 reply
If you could add an option where Opera Portable Personal asks you for a password before it will uncompress the .ophome file, I would be more than willing to $!$donate$!$ to see this feature added. I don't think it would be too hard to do either, would it?

vengarato [us], 28 Jul 2008, 18:22 reply
Thanks yuku!

da6t9r@yahoo.com [ve], 26 Jul 2008, 0:49 reply
so good
I like it
It is easy to use and clean after close

t7yang [tw], 27 Jul 2008, 10:24 reply
Hello. I live in Russia, so I don't have paypal account. But I'm ready to donate via Webmoney.
BTW is it possible to choose (with builder maybe) a different start page?
Thank you!

Umnik [ru], 28 Jul 2008, 21:04 reply
Hi there, hi yuku,
yes, I think you should support webmoney additionally to paypal for donation.
Webmoney in US can be get here:
A good alternative to paypal is moneybookers.
Yuku, you should join both, moneybookers and webmoney, then you get more donations (from moneybookers, webmoney AND paypal..!) and everyone can donate, because these a the major 3 online payment providers..!
best regards,
PS: yuku, please respond to me and write what you think about this suggestion..thx.

iNsuRRecTiON [de], 4 Aug 2008, 12:06 reply
iNsuRRecTiON, thank you for your idea. Starting from 9.64, donation can be sent using moneybookers too.
Umnik, I have registered with webmoney, but I cannot get the donation form to work. It always said merchant purse not activated. Any suggestions?

yuku [sg], 17 Mar 2009, 16:44 reply
Umnik, you can set a different start page from Opera directly, in the Tools/Preferences menu.

Dagenham [hu], 30 Jul 2008, 11:40 reply
I donated $10. Can you send me a link to the builder, please? THX

marklen [ru], 31 Jul 2008, 16:48 reply
Great app! Have been using Opera@USB for some time, but this is "cleaner".
One question though: I run the app from a portable drive (LaCie SmallDisk) and thus do not have to worry about number of writes to the drive as with USB sticks - but how may I change the drive for the hebat folder from C:/Documents... etc to a local hebat folder on my portable drive?
Keep up the good work!!

plop [no], 1 Aug 2008, 9:12 reply
@plop, opera portable was designed to always use a fixed folder on the hard drive for two reasons, and I think it still works that way. Reason 1: speed. Reason 2: software firewall - if your firewall sees always the same path to opera it won't prompt you after the first time. If instead it sees a changing path - like a portable drive - it will keep prompting you.
But I have an idea, see if it works. Create a batch file to run opera portable:
set TEMP=X:\temp
where X: is the drive letter of your portable drive
If this doesn't work, maybe you need to get the source script from yuku - but I don't know for sure.

Stefano [it], 28 Aug 2008, 9:58 reply
Yeah, you are correct. The temporary folder is always %tmp%\hebat. If you want to create a batch file to set the tmp directory beforehand, you may create a bat file in the same directory as operaportable, then execute
set TMP=%CD%
According to win32api documentation, TMP will be checked first before TEMP.

yuku [sg], 29 Aug 2008, 16:59 reply
Addendum to previous:
Yes, creating a .bat file works great, thanks very much to both of you, but I still have to know which drive letter my USB drive has (I use a small hard drive - easier, more room and no worries about the number of writes). So, is there a way of assigning the drive letter of the USB drive automatically, e.g. like a variable like TMP=%CD% in the above tip!

plop [no], 10 Sep 2008, 14:37 reply
Thanks for the tip of setting the temp/tmp dir beforehand but this involves that you know the drive letter where the USB drive is inserted, which you don't do very often on "foreign" computers. which sometimes isen't easy to find out. So how may I set it to the same drive as the OperaPortable sits on automatically?

plop [no], 8 Sep 2008, 6:52 reply
It seems that is a beta version update to opera 9.52,
i will be waiting for your version to came out.
Keep going with this great work
By the way, can you introduce backgrounds in the speed dial page, the withe is to expensive...
Best regards

operauser [pt], 2 Aug 2008, 15:48 reply
hello yuku,
is it possible to save favicons (image folder) too?Because so one can show much more icons on the personel toolbar (icons without text)!

greymonk [de], 5 Aug 2008, 11:17 reply
Thank you for saving my favicons :))

greymonk [de], 2 Sep 2008, 6:57 reply
I like what you have done. I would like to use this on a cd but it has the same problem as the normal browsers when trying to use flash with local files I get the security warning. I have read that this is something new since flash version 8. Do you have any versions of Opera Portable that has an earlier version of flash so that this warning won't come up?

patrick [ro], 7 Aug 2008, 19:01 reply
Hi patrick,
If you want to use older flash version, please get the Builder and build it by yourself. It is quite troublesome to maintain versions with flashplayer 8 and 9 at the same time.

yuku [sg], 29 Aug 2008, 17:00 reply
v9.52 is now ready for serving. :o)

Manish [hk], 20 Aug 2008, 10:48 reply
Excellent!! (but where?)

Samsam [nz], 20 Aug 2008, 21:42 reply
Sorry, Samsam. I meant by yuku and Co. :oP

Manish [hk], 21 Aug 2008, 12:20 reply
Comment deleted.

Opera-usb user [se], 24 Aug 2008, 12:40 reply
Everyone is open to their own opinions, But why come here spamming this page, When everyone who has managed to find their way here (Even though Opera@usb is much easier to find) knows which is the better version.

Trooper [gb], 24 Aug 2008, 12:59 reply
Hi Kejut Team,
Thank you for your great portable ports of Opera !
Donation made this morning BUT sorry for a mistake in my email address. :-/
Please, replace "pierre" by "p" in provided address to send me the link for downloading portable Opera builder.
Pierre - opera-fr.com

Pierre [fr], 24 Aug 2008, 13:07 reply
No problem! ^^

yuku [sg], 25 Aug 2008, 1:30 reply
Re: msimg32.dll problems for Windows 9x users
A temporary solution to the problem is to start Opera with a batch file. Place Msimg32.dll from wherever and a batch file which you might call StartOpera.bat in the same folder with the opera*.exe file. The one I use reads
echo off
if not %OS%=="" goto startit
xcopy /d msimg32.dll %temp%\hebat\*.*
start opera951-beta.exe
then all I need do is run the batch file to stick the msimg32.dll file in the hebat subdirectory before starting portable opera.

Steen [us], 24 Aug 2008, 23:18 reply
Please update to Opera 9.52 :)

loveleeyoungae [vn], 25 Aug 2008, 3:48 reply
Hello all. Here are links to download Opera portable 9.52.
http://tinyurl.com/6fpohn Opera Portable One-Use 9.52
http://tinyurl.com/5heog2 Opera Portable Personal 9.52
Just paste the link in your browser and it will take you to the Rapidshare download. Tested. 8^)>

Ed [us], 27 Aug 2008, 6:27 reply
I hope you get the bugs out soon, I have to delete the operaportable.exe and other temp files from computers I use when using Opera Portable using CCleaner Portable, I hope other users using the Beta do the same. Thank you for the wonderful browser though!

T-Dub [us], 28 Aug 2008, 21:54 reply
I do not really understand your explanation. WHat happened with CCleaner portable? Does it run at the same time so the problem occurs?

yuku [sg], 29 Aug 2008, 17:02 reply
Russian ?????????????

Russian ????????????? [ru], 29 Aug 2008, 12:39 reply
in O.P. Builder, is it possible to translate items:
-Welcome to Opera Portable (Esc to Exit)
-Please select an Opera Portable profile...
-New profile...
-Don't ask me again
somewhere, please ?

Pierre [fr], 29 Aug 2008, 18:33 reply
Thanks for the 9.52 version as well as the storing of page icons :).

Dagenham [hu], 30 Aug 2008, 10:05 reply
Thank you for v9.52. Nice!
However, http://portal.opera.com/startup/ opens up every time that I launch Opera Portable Personal v9.52. Can that be amended, please?

Manish [hk], 30 Aug 2008, 14:45 reply
hehehe.... good...good...good... ^_^

tukulesto [us], 31 Aug 2008, 12:50 reply
Has anyone noticed that the ophome files are getting really big. in 9.2 the ophome file was about 500kb. I've been using 9.52 for 2 days and all I've added was the breeze skin, and now the ophome is 7mb. Is there a way to fix this?

mjaksen [ph], 6 Sep 2008, 4:01 reply
mjaksen, in the tools/preferences/advanced/history menu, feel free to switch off the "Remember content on visited pages" checkbox. After switched off, go to %TEMP%\hebat\profile and delete the vps subdirectory.

Dagenham [hu], 6 Sep 2008, 16:42 reply
Dagenham - Thanks. That was driving me up the wall. I tried your Firefox compressed idea. Did you ever get it to save profiles after quitting Firefox?

mjaksen [ph], 7 Sep 2008, 2:50 reply
This software will be more secure if everything were loaded in the RAM, not in the HD.

troc [es], 7 Sep 2008, 18:25 reply
hi, i have some questions about Opera portable builder - I need make some changes in Opera One-use. Didn't find any contact info where i can mail you. I would be glad if you mail me at email i fill in. It's for school project by the way.

chroust [cz], 8 Sep 2008, 7:03 reply
Hi, you can reach me on the address of the email that gave you the link to Opera Portable Builder :)

yuku [sg], 8 Sep 2008, 9:54 reply
Hi again, I don't have Builder yet. But If you're responding so quickly I write it here ...
I need Opera 9.52 to autorun from CD/DVD, where it should be unpacked (no unpacking to local drive if that's possible). Then open file from folder on that DVD e.g. index.html as homepage. Can I do this with Your Builder? What about drive letter,would it be a problem?
Thanks for info and sorry for my eng, it's not my native language ;-)

chroust [cz], 8 Sep 2008, 18:45 reply
Hi yuku, I noticed that the latest build 9.52 leaves a bunch of keys in the registry, I found
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\StartMenuInternet\Opera. exe
Can you make the launcher remove those keys when Operap exits? Actually, it shouldn't simply remove them; it should replace them with the original values in case a local Opera was also installed on the hard disk.

Stefano [it], 9 Sep 2008, 10:19 reply
It would be very usefull if the One-Use version could use the same profiles the Personal version uses (read-only, of course). Some times I want access to my Wand or some bookmarks, but don't want this session saved back to my USB stick.
Keep this great work!!

Flavio [br], 9 Sep 2008, 12:19 reply
I'm getting problems when closing Portable. Last year it was perfectly fast; however, this year, it's much slower; once it gets to vps/000X/*.ax in Preserving your Memories it starts to take much more time, and does so for the rest of the closing process. The only change on the computers I use that I know of is the installation of Smart Board software. The computer I'm using now doesn't have it, so I'll see if Smart Board is the problem presently, and post again when I have a definitive answer as to whether or not it is the issue.

banjo2E [us], 9 Sep 2008, 12:58 reply
Opera 9.5 and above stores the content of almost every web page you have visited, that's why the history files become much larger. Try disabling that on the Preferences -> Advanced -> History -> Uncheck Record contents of viewed pages.

yuku [sg], 9 Sep 2008, 14:28 reply
Thanks, that did it. It was that setting and not Smart Board, as I suspected.

banjo2E [us], 9 Sep 2008, 15:41 reply
Very useful,very neat,thank you for developing such a software beautifully

China [cn], 13 Sep 2008, 5:49 reply
I'm writing this in a web cafe, on the locally installed firefox while I wait for the portable version to save my memories. This feature is ridiculously slow. Otherwise it's a nice piece of software. Would it be possible to disable the save my memories on a session by session basis?

James [th], 17 Sep 2008, 9:20 reply
if ophome files could be edited,it would be better!
I currently use rar package to store opera's profile,it could be encrypted and edited!

opera_usr [cn], 29 Sep 2008, 10:58 reply
What is there to say - Opera is my browser of choice and i began to migrate my whole desktop to portable solutions. Your version of Opera is a must-have.

4m [de], 2 Oct 2008, 0:22 reply
Waiting, patiently...
Opera v9.60.10447
Classic: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/960/en/Opera_960_classic_ Setup.exe
English: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/960/en/Opera_960_en_Setup .exe
International: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/960/int/Opera_960_int_Set up.exe

Manish [hk], 8 Oct 2008, 9:54 reply
Very useful,very good software,Now Opera 9.60 is released, time to update version now~

Jimmy [cn], 10 Oct 2008, 0:18 reply
I'd like to use a custom keyboard profile (Blazeix's Vimperopera[1] with edvakf's improvements[2]), but I can't figure out how I would get it into this portable version. How might I be able to accomplish this?
[1] http://my.opera.com/Blazeix/blog/2008/07/04/vimperator-for-o pera
[2] http://my.opera.com/edvakf/blog/2008/07/27/improvement-to-hi t-a-hint-bookmarklet-for-opera

404notfound [us], 13 Oct 2008, 8:47 reply
Ah, I just noticed the "builder" thing lower on the page. I'll go try this now.

404notfound [us], 13 Oct 2008, 22:22 reply
thanks again...

operauser [pt], 13 Oct 2008, 18:12 reply
Very good, thank you ! 9.60 works much better than 9.52

Peter [at], 13 Oct 2008, 19:34 reply

ARTAN [ca], 14 Oct 2008, 23:51 reply
v9.60 is SUPER GOOD indeed! Thanks!!

Manish [hk], 15 Oct 2008, 5:18 reply
"Doesn't make your USB drive tired - all code and data are stored in a temporary place on host computer"
All code and data should be stored in the RAM.

polllazomayor [es], 15 Oct 2008, 12:49 reply
I wished I could do that. However, it would need some filesystem emulator in the RAM, such as the ramdisk (need admin privileges) or like a product called Thinstall. However no one is free :(

yuku [sg], 16 Oct 2008, 2:30 reply
I love this program! My only grief is that it has to delete my bookmarks and settings every time. I always end up having to copy them from my Firefox portable every time I open it. I thought the Personal version was not supposed to do that. Maby I am doing something wrong? Any Ideas?

macgeek112 [us], 15 Oct 2008, 18:11 reply
Hi Yuku, would you please upgrade to 9.61 ? It fixes a nasty bug in sync with link.opera.com which made opera loose bookmarks forever. Thanks in advance.

Stefano [it], 23 Oct 2008, 10:00 reply
Yuku, you are the BEST! Less than 24 hours to fulfill my request to build with the new version of Opera. Thank you very much!

Stefano [it], 24 Oct 2008, 5:22 reply
I would like to say thank you for making this app. No more troubles with reduced privileges, Macromedia Player 7 and the ever-anoying DeepFreeze. Thanks.

Benchfeline [ro], 24 Oct 2008, 15:58 reply
this is the best thing ever! i don't have to use internet explorer at school, because i cant fit firefox portable on the network(we're limited to 50 meg) this app rulez!

willi [us], 28 Oct 2008, 1:13 reply
I have an issue with the latest build where mid session it will stop loading pages. I must hit re-load and then it will load them fine but I must do this for every new page. When I close and re-load the problem is gone for a while and then returns. Any idea what's going on?

Jeremy C. [us], 28 Oct 2008, 19:47 reply
I don't think it is related with Opera Portable, maybe more related with Opera itself. Although I'm not sure about that. At first I thought it was because of the cache, but I disabled the cache by default. But it is still possible because of the full-text history.

yuku [sg], 29 Oct 2008, 2:32 reply
Hey, I have a question. Is it possible to delete the .idx and .ico files (the files that remember the icons for web pages) from the cache? These files are currently the greatest speed crunch for me on startup and shutdown, and I can't figure out how to get rid of them. I have the cache set to clear on shutdown, but this doesn't do anything.

banjo2E [us], 29 Oct 2008, 19:48 reply
Opera 9.62 is published, which is a security fix. Could you please update the portable edition. THX

dromaius [de], 30 Oct 2008, 10:31 reply
Wah, for a while it won't be updated to 9.62 because I'm overseas. For now you can get the opera portable builder and replace the files by yourself. Sorry for the late release!

yuku [sg], 30 Oct 2008, 10:54 reply
Hi, is it possible to turn off that compressing thing on startup and shutdown? i use Opera portable only on one computer just to override administration rules.

ToH [ru], 31 Oct 2008, 6:27 reply
wah opera emang kreatif
opera mini, opera portable...

aldohas [id], 1 Nov 2008, 2:53 reply
I would like you to recomend http://filespump.com to look for files you are interested in.
Now it's the best file hosting search engine in the web.
More than 4 000 000 files indexed.
Try it and i think you will be satisfied with search results.
Use search string.

Vlad [ru], 1 Nov 2008, 11:45 reply
Hey, I love this program, and I donated $10 to get a copy of the builder, but I did not receive it. I got an error page, but a receipt was sent to my email. How do I obtain it?

Link [us], 4 Nov 2008, 21:12 reply
Ok, I got the builder. Thanks a ton, and keep up the good work!

Link [us], 5 Nov 2008, 21:01 reply
Very Nice idea and work
tnx from Javad - Iran _rasht

Javad [ir], 7 Nov 2008, 16:59 reply
9.61 - ! 9.27 - !!!!

Ukraine [--], 7 Nov 2008, 21:05 reply
Please could you update to v 9.62. I can´t open my messages in hotmail

fil [pt], 8 Nov 2008, 18:19 reply
please can someone upload de v9.62
Thanks a lot for the good job

fil [pt], 8 Nov 2008, 18:21 reply
Use the following versions on your own risk only!
I have compiled two versions O-personal-EN-9.62 (http://tinyurl.com/5suf3z) and O-personal-DE-9.62 (http://tinyurl.com/54rbkw). Both hosted on rapidshare until there is an actual version on this site.
- Dromaius

dromaius [de], 8 Nov 2008, 21:02 reply
Die deutsche Version heist nur falsch, es ist aber 9.62 enthalten, sorry

dromaius [de], 8 Nov 2008, 21:12 reply
Hey guys.. I just modified Opera 9.62 Personal Portable that can automatically compress your *.ophome with high compression+solid method. Suitable for your flash drive. Same fuction with the original one but can compress your *.ophome in a single file. Download link http://xtreme325x.blogspot.com/2008/11/opera-962-portable-wi th-high.html

xtreme325x [my], 15 Nov 2008, 16:13 reply
Opera 9.62 Personal Portable with High Compression+Solid Method [11/16/2008-updated]. Download link (http://xtreme325x.blogspot.com/2008/11/opera-962-portable-w ith-high.html#links)

xtreme325x [my], 16 Nov 2008, 9:34 reply
I just tested it. Good work!
All the *.ophome files are compressed using winrar with solid compression. However, the *.ophome files are not overwritten after the rar file is created. Maybe you could extend it such that the *.ophome files are overwritten, so there is no trace on the host computer.

yuku [sg], 17 Nov 2008, 3:29 reply
Please check for updates.. i just rewrite the script.. I think the problem is solved..

xtreme325x [my], 17 Nov 2008, 7:01 reply
For some reason, in 9.62, on Win98SE, Flash doesn't seem to be functioning. I still have a copy of 9.52 and Flash is functioning just fine from it. =/
Regardless, I love this portable version of Opera. I'll just be stuck with 9.52 for now.

Q [us], 16 Nov 2008, 9:28 reply
New download link:

xtreme325x [my], 17 Nov 2008, 9:08 reply
Very nice! I know you don't have a lot of downloads yet, just want to say thanks!

Joshua Fan [us], 18 Nov 2008, 16:03 reply
rar 3.80 has a new command parameter(rar.exe m -dw),that it provides a new option to overwrite data with 0byte size file after compressing data,may Yuku change tumpuksemuafile.exe to rar,so that we could edit data without running opera,then locate temp directory for changing opera's settings manually?if so,we could replace .ophome file as .rar file,so that we can manually edit it by winrar or other free compressing tool,and encrypt it.

op_usr [cn], 18 Nov 2008, 15:18 reply
that would be cool!

dromaius [de], 18 Nov 2008, 15:48 reply
is there a version that doesn't save the favicons, opr093424 thingys and the *.idx's? it's because they just give more space...

DNXMAN [ph], 19 Nov 2008, 7:54 reply
I'll try to create a special version for you, if i had a free time...

xtreme325x [my], 25 Nov 2008, 10:15 reply
Dream comes true! Prefect! Thanks

Chrisanthos [cy], 23 Nov 2008, 11:52 reply
Opera Portable is excellent and xtreme325x's High Compression version is super excellent!

Jon [us], 23 Nov 2008, 14:53 reply
thanks... Please check for new update... :p

xtreme325x [my], 25 Nov 2008, 10:12 reply
new download link:
or direct link:
xtreme325x.blogspot.com/2008/11/opera-962-portable-with-high .html

xtreme325x [my], 25 Nov 2008, 10:22 reply
I really like the new website design, its quite a dramatic improvement(old one was o.k.). I enjoy using your version of portable opera, especially since it has FLASH player already installed. Thanks for providing it.

chris [us], 2 Dec 2008, 14:57 reply
Opera Portable 9.61 Build 10463 Final MultiLang + Plugins
Firefox-Opera Portable Plugins Flash 9.0.124.exe
The version: 9.61 Final
Language: multilingual
The author: Opera Software
OS: Win 98; Win NT 4.0; Win 2000; Win Me; Win 95; Win XP; Win 2003 Server; Windows Vista
The size: 7.1 MByte
Category: Web-Browser
[url=http://letitbit.net/download/a03507325859/Opera.rar.htm l]Download[/url]

volodya [ua], 2 Dec 2008, 23:42 reply
I love the portable opera version since I can use it from my pen anywhere and on any computer.
I am trying to find a way to export all the normal opera settings in to this portable browser.
I have a small app that is able to export settings in to a tgz zipped file and the same app is able to restore the min to another opera.
But how do you restore those settings back in to the portable opera? It will be nice to have a way to export these settings somehow.
Portable opera doesn't use the same files that normal opera uses, so how do you export these settings ? (including sessions and bookmarks, these are the main reasons for me to export settings).

Mumbai, India [in], 6 Dec 2008, 8:13 reply
Hey, this is the problem i had before.. That's why i created the simple version of opera portable. The name is Opera Portable X2..All you have to do is replace the same file in the OperaPortableX2.userdata (open with winrar or other soft) and compress it as rar with same name, put in same folder and run the application. So simple and easy. It will be released tomorrow, so check it out at my site, http://tinyurl.com/opera-portable-x..

xtreme325x [my], 6 Dec 2008, 13:10 reply
Re: Opera Portable Settings:
"Download Opera Portable Personal #.## ...
You can manage multiple profiles at once! For example,
in office, school, home, internet cafe, etc
you can have different profiles for each of them.
The profile file will contain all the settings
you made while running. So, your settings, history,
wand passwords, etc are packed into a single file,
then they are overwritten and deleted on the host machine (so you leave no trace).
When you run Opera Portable on another machine,
your settings will be applied again.
This is suitable for usage in USB/flash disks
and other writable media, or even on your harddisk!

CATiffany [us], 6 Dec 2008, 15:43 reply
Hi All
can someone post opera10 portable
sorry for my english
many thanks

Filnirv [pt], 7 Dec 2008, 11:17 reply
Opera 10 is still Alpha, I personally don`t think it`s worth doing a portable version of Alpha software. Best to wait for a full release version or Opera 10 to come out before making it portable.
Hi yuku, How are things ?, As busy as ever from what i can see, Still making the greatest browser, The greatest portable browser. :-)
Regards Trooper.

Trooper [gb], 7 Dec 2008, 15:18 reply
Hi Filnirv and Trooper :0
Some people may want to try the next-gen opera :D
so even though it is still too early, enjoy it!

yuku [sg], 7 Dec 2008, 16:56 reply
Filnirv, i just tested opera 10 alpha and i'll make it portable.. No need install just run the portable version. so, check out my site later...

xtreme325x [my], 8 Dec 2008, 3:15 reply
Opera Portable X (High compression method) update based on Opera Portable (Yuku)...

xtreme325x [my], 8 Dec 2008, 10:41 reply
Almost forgot, use this link tinyurl.com/operaportablex
to download. You may request my special compression script at the site (100% free).. :P

xtreme325x [my], 8 Dec 2008, 10:45 reply
Would it be possible to make a one use version with Google as home page?

oziozzz [us], 8 Dec 2008, 18:55 reply
Sure! But please make it yourself by using the Opera Portable Builder :)

yuku [sg], 9 Dec 2008, 6:33 reply
xtreme325x, i have a problem with Opera Portable X2 (v10) when i plug in usb in diferent computers, the skin is always the opera standard but i defined a diferent skin and also my buttons desepear, any solution?

Filnirv [pt], 9 Dec 2008, 22:16 reply
Did you try the 9.62 version..? If same problem occur, replay again.

xtreme325x [my], 10 Dec 2008, 5:47 reply
:P .. sorry for wrong spelling, i mean "reply"..

xtreme325x [my], 10 Dec 2008, 5:50 reply
I tried Opera 10 using my 9.62 default.ophome file. Now when I use 9.62, I get an error "There was a problem initializing Opera Mail. Not possible to run old Opera version with new Opera mail files.AccountManager Init failed." HELP!
Engine Init() failed

Jon [us], 11 Dec 2008, 4:24 reply
Big thumbs up for the Opera 10 Alpha version :).

Dagenham [hu], 11 Dec 2008, 11:52 reply
Something strange happened to my setup with the 10 Alpha, my .ophome file is now 1 gig. This is after I cleared my cache, history, etc. When I get time I'll poke around and see what happened.
I'm at a different computer now, using 9.62, and the ophome file here is about 15 mb. Still too big, but much more manageable.

Brian [us], 11 Dec 2008, 14:31 reply
hey Brian, you can use the same version of this opera portable created by me. This version can automatically compress again you *.ophome into a smaller and single files. Try it.. Use this link tinyurl.com/operaportablex

xtreme325x [--], 13 Dec 2008, 5:55 reply
Brian, you may want to switch off the "Remember content on visited pages" checkbox.

Dagenham [hu], 11 Dec 2008, 14:40 reply
hi xtreme325x, a lot of problems with opera x2 9.6 and 10:
- gmail doesn´t work very well
- can´t keep the skin if you change the computer
have you a solution to reduce the file .ophone
Continue your greta job

Filnirv [pt], 13 Dec 2008, 23:41 reply
sorry, this is my first time create a portable software.. Filnirv, you can now download the new version of opera portable x2 (9.62) with new compression and working!!! You may also request a nsis script (with some improvement)..

xtreme325x [--], 18 Dec 2008, 3:51 reply
Updated Opera Portable X2 (9.63).. Download at tinyurl.com/operaportablex

xtreme325x [my], 18 Dec 2008, 4:30 reply
Opera 9.63 Security Update Released
Opera 9.63 is a recommended security upgrade. Please see the Security section.
Opera 9.63 incorporates the Opera Presto 2.1.1 user agent engine.
Changes since Opera 9.62
Manipulating text input contents can allow execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Red XIII. See our advisory.
HTML parsing flaw can cause Opera to execute arbitrary code, as reported by Alexios Fakos. See our advisory.
Long hostnames in file: URLs can cause execution of arbitrary code, as reported by Vitaly McLain. see our advisory.
Script injection in feed preview can reveal contents of unrelated news feeds, as reported by David Bloom. See our advisory.
Built-in XSLT templates can allow cross-site scripting, as reported by Robert Swiecki of the Google Security Team. See our advisory.
Fixed an issue that could reveal random data, as reported by Matthew of Hispasec Sistemas. Details will be disclosed at a later date.
SVG images embedded using <img> tags can no longer execute Java or plugin content, suggested by Chris Evans.

Manish [hk], 16 Dec 2008, 11:44 reply
Opera Portable X2 v9.63 (1/2/2009) -- updated.
NSIS script also available.... File hosted at Rapidshare.com: Easy File Hosting.
Link: http://tinyurl.com/operaportablex

xtreme325x [my], 4 Jan 2009, 7:27 reply
Portable+slim+fast+multi-profiles+works with HDD-speed+saves data back to USB-stick ... great piece of art ... I was searching for such browser for years - to finally find it here. Thanks + keep on.

LeoCa [de], 5 Jan 2009, 17:54 reply
When i try to execute from my pendrive, (or even from the hd), appears the message:
"Error initializing opera: module 9".

vannostrom [ar], 14 Jan 2009, 19:22 reply
Try new Firefox Portable X2. No need installation and many files, just single file to run the application.
Link: http://tinyurl.com/FirefoxPX2

xykix93 [my], 16 Jan 2009, 9:50 reply
What are the technical requirements? i have windows ME

Mexico [mx], 20 Jan 2009, 15:53 reply
I want opera portable for mac! Can you create it?

Won [sg], 21 Jan 2009, 6:40 reply
thanks, Opera Portable is excellent

argentina [--], 21 Jan 2009, 19:26 reply
Does Opera Portable update anymore ? or it switch to version naming to X/X2?

dolby [hk], 22 Jan 2009, 4:39 reply
The X/X2 is a custom version of Opera Portable. You should try it. Also available in Firefox version.

xykix93 [--], 23 Jan 2009, 2:33 reply
I tried it today : quite a good job... But only in english
:o( so i'll keep going with Opera Portable i think.

Laurent [fr], 23 Jan 2009, 9:42 reply
I just busy doing Firefox Portable X2 now.. I 'll release the multilingual version just a few days.. Please wait for next update..

xykix93 [--], 24 Jan 2009, 8:42 reply

xykix93 ! please add language opera and mozilla

alex [--], 24 Jan 2009, 12:24 reply
xykix93! Excuse above has not read, very much I wait the multilingual version opera and mozilla. Thanks

alex [--], 24 Jan 2009, 12:32 reply
Has this project been abandoned?
I came across this script today, and was wondering if it could be incorporated?

Manish [hk], 28 Jan 2009, 17:24 reply
I also think this project is abandon.. No latest update.. I'll do my best to create Opera Portable X3 (X3 version will support multiple profiles) for everyone if this project is abandon.

xykix93 [my], 29 Jan 2009, 2:40 reply
Don't rush to assume the project is dead. Yuku might just be busy. Remember it's a free project.

breeeeezzzzze [ie], 2 Feb 2009, 9:02 reply
To dolby, Manish, xykix93, bre*z*e, and others.
I just put the latest version 9.63. At first I didn't get the update announcement so I didn't know that there is a version update. When here are so many comments here I was busy at that time. Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, enjoy the 9.63!

yuku [sg], 10 Feb 2009, 9:15 reply
Opera Portable X3 release - Multilingual version, support multiple cores processor(=fast comrepssion), fixed widgets bug and more!
Download: http://xtreme325x.blogspot.com

Xykix93 [--], 13 Feb 2009, 7:15 reply
I have problem browsing all websites in opera portable 9.6x (even the latest 9.63), the problem is I must click on RELOAD button every time I go to another valid link. I don't have such a problem in pre-9.5 portable versions.

dolby [hk], 14 Feb 2009, 0:31 reply
yuku, I apologise for expecting prompt satisfaction. You are doing us a favour! Thank you indeed for the update; I appreciate it very much.

Manish [hk], 17 Feb 2009, 2:17 reply
Opera one-use claims to securely delete all files after usage - perfect for... ;-) - BUT it doesn't erase flash configuration files (by default in C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data*\Macromedia\Flash Player\), and practically all websites that have flash (which are a lot) leave configuration files.
I know it may be difficult to do so, since they are shared by the whole system. (Maybe generate a list of files before starting and compare after closing) but if you can't, at least warn.
*Depending on language. In Spanish "Datos de Programa"

QuI [es], 17 Feb 2009, 18:12 reply
Thank you so much for this!
I didn't realize this before. Yes, it is possible for plugins (not just Flash, but all other plugins on the system that are auto-recognized by Opera) to store config or user data on the host machine.
I prefer not to mess with this, since it may corrupt original user data, but suggestions are welcomed :)

yuku [sg], 18 Feb 2009, 11:47 reply
Guys, (and Ladies), all you need to secure your bawx, in relation to aberrant plugins is to run yuku's prog from within Sandboxie; which will give you a double sandbox deal; with the opportunity to wipe the residue from a protected area. This can be done from either portable media, like thumbdrives (easiest), or by running a Sandboxied yuku-opera inside a DriveCrypt container file. Additionally, wraithdu's Portable Sandboxie works out best. Check the Sandboxie forum for dl.
Thank you again, yuku, for your O-So-Slick project!

wmz [us], 18 Feb 2009, 19:56 reply
Opera v9.64.10487
Classic: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/964/en/Opera_964_classic_ Setup.exe
English: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/964/en/Opera_964_en_Setup .exe
International: http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/964/int/Opera_964_in_Setu p.exe

Manish [hk], 3 Mar 2009, 0:59 reply
Thank you! I am going to update it tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

yuku [sg], 17 Mar 2009, 16:40 reply
Great program.
i have just started to use and had the following problem. When i want to enter my opera community site i can not log in at all. Is the problem by me?

Wysydude [hu], 5 Mar 2009, 9:38 reply
I've just started using this software and it works great! But is it possible to install userscripts like flashblock and google reader preview?
Thanks a lot!

cryrainbow [hk], 6 Mar 2009, 7:12 reply
I been using opera personal and one-use version for quite a while now. I recently had to use Restoration software and noticed that I was able to recovered the site's information and pictures. I though opera was to erase my private info. I think future version should include erasing pattern like Eraser program for safer deletion of private information.

tmk [us], 7 Mar 2009, 17:55 reply
I've update my Opera Portable X3, now with Profile Protection (enrypt profile with password) and Profile Recovery. Just give it a try!
Link: http://xtreme325x.blogspot.com/2009/02/opera-portable-x3.htm l

Xykix93 [--], 9 Mar 2009, 2:52 reply
dude, love your work!
ONE question though,
how do I add the Adblocker filter list?? Where can I find the right .ini file? I can do it in a normal Opera, but I don't seem to find the .ini file in this Portable version.
btw, bangga gua ada orang indo bisa bikin software keren gini! keep posting juragan!

elzafir [eu], 16 Mar 2009, 16:03 reply
I have make a donation.
Where I can download Portable Builder
Best regards

J-CLAUDE RENEVIER [fr], 17 Mar 2009, 11:48 reply
i have 2 problems:
1. on youtube the window where all the videos are played is missing.
2. in gmail, when wanting to attach a file, the link "attach file" is just text. i can´t click on it.
any solution?

Melty [de], 19 Mar 2009, 18:14 reply
I'm having the same issue with Gmail - can't click the "attach a file" link unless I switch Gmail to the "Older version." Anyone have any idea why or how to fix this?

Aaron [us], 23 Apr 2009, 20:11 reply
I think it's a flash link. Are you using a flash blocker?

YinYanger [br], 24 Apr 2009, 17:08 reply
no, i don´t use a flash blocker

Melty [us], 15 Jun 2009, 21:50 reply
I try to get away from Opera, and use Firefox X3 (its 2 files, program & profile, & supports up to 9 profiles), but still come back to Opera Portable. I can't handle the firefox memory leaks, eats up all my ram. Yay Opera.

iTEB [us], 25 Mar 2009, 2:28 reply
Does it really delete everything?
And also thank you very much for making it!!!!

Jon [gb], 6 Apr 2009, 21:06 reply
Someone does sync opera portable with link.opera.com with sucess? Last time I tried (9.5x I think), it duplicated all my bookmarks!

YinYanger [br], 24 Apr 2009, 17:17 reply
Hello. Please, can you put Flash Blocker and Grafik Blocker? this is opera-usb www.opera-usb.com/index.htm. If possible also language Spanish(Spain) es-ES.
Thank you!

Costa [es], 29 Apr 2009, 18:34 reply
New Opera user. Downloaded some skins & widgets, and apparently Opera Portable's cleanup routine upon closing incinerated my downloads. How do I keep my downloaded skins, please?

me [us], 26 May 2009, 5:22 reply
You must use opera portable PERSONAL , not the ONE-USE version . With the personal version a file in*.ophome is create in your drive with your personal settings.

manu [fr], 2 Jul 2009, 14:36 reply
Hungaryan PayPal?! THX! :@

Konosz [hu], 2 Jun 2009, 6:50 reply
Do you have plan to upgrade Opera Portable Builder to conform with new files/directories for Opera 10 beta 1's profile ?

Pierre [fr], 3 Jun 2009, 20:20 reply
Beta realese of opera 10 is available, will you make it portable? I'm using your releases for long time and only one thing to say: Great job, thank you so much

Bane [us], 5 Jun 2009, 14:57 reply
And also to Pierre,
I took a look on the 10 beta, it has different directory structure, so I haven't had a time to try to rebuild it. Sorry to keep you waiting!

yuku [sg], 6 Jun 2009, 6:51 reply
very great work!!
we will wait look 10 beta from you
thank again and again

Thai [th], 9 Jun 2009, 13:10 reply
Men, menurut gue lo harus bikin option untuk men-deaktivasi proses "incerenating private data". Karena di komputer gue dia makan waktu LAMA banget...
Good work man! Keep it up!

Don Zafir [eu], 10 Jun 2009, 7:48 reply
Superb! Just found Opera one-use portable 9.64 and it is just what I need for a CD based demo. But, is it possible to use builder to create a 'kiosk' mode version with local url to run a flash panorama? And, is it simple to use builder? I am a photographer not a software person and have no idea what it is. Thanks for a brilliant product.

rapuk [gb], 10 Jun 2009, 11:22 reply
Great - how about the new Opera Unite snapshot?

slik [gb], 18 Jun 2009, 12:11 reply
Please improve the icon included in your executables. The one you're using is very jagged and low res. Thank you.

Franck [--], 22 Jun 2009, 0:54 reply
OperaPortable need urlfilter.ini support. Should be able to load the file from its current dir...

Joe [it], 17 Jul 2009, 8:18 reply
Hurry up and get a new version out. Beta 2 is out today. You are too slow! Either shit or get off the pot.

Mr. Magoo [us], 17 Jul 2009, 17:05 reply
Who the fuck are you, A paying customer ?. Have you even got off of your lazy fat fucking arse and made a donation ?. It`s tight, lazy ass fuck wits like you that have probably put yuku off making future versions of Opera Portable. Make a donation, Make it yourself, Or shut the fuck up.

Trooper [gb], 17 Jul 2009, 19:24 reply
Testy, testy... I will have to take away more of your British rights...

Mr. Magoo [us], 21 Jul 2009, 15:04 reply
So i`ll guess there will be no donation from you then ?. Maybe you`ll care to take your place on the pot, Mmmmmmm ?.

Trooper [gb], 21 Jul 2009, 18:17 reply
No money from me...
I'll use:
Besides, I have automated my own script to purge things Opera leaves behind.

Mr. Magoo [us], 21 Jul 2009, 19:05 reply
Hi there, your one-file-only Opera portable browser is superb. Whenever you have the time, please continue launching new versions!!! :) and thanks for your effort.

Cokie69 [--], 31 Jul 2009, 16:45 reply
I got the builder after trying this for a year and integrated my customizations into the one-use version. It loads very fast and doesn't have to save when closing. This is the ultimate thumbdrive companion!

Joshua Fan [--], 3 Aug 2009, 23:44 reply
Oh shi, this site is featured on Smashing Magazine! Congrats, Indons. :P

Xaliber [id], 8 Aug 2009, 15:31 reply
Please reduce the number of comments on this page. Rendering times are quite long due to so much old chatter still left around. Either purge the years-old stuff, or put it in archives on another page, please.

Kejut [us], 10 Aug 2009, 14:14 reply
Hello!! Thx for new release!! Correct link to One-use version from http://www.kejut.com/download/531 to http://www.kejut.com/download/521 :) Current link is for chinese version (Simplified) :)

Rob [cz], 2 Sep 2009, 11:14 reply
Hey, thanks for noticing it! Now it's fixed :)

yuku [sg], 2 Sep 2009, 15:19 reply

Rob [cz], 2 Sep 2009, 17:39 reply
This was FAST!!!!

YinYanger [br], 2 Sep 2009, 12:56 reply
Realy fast :D Thx

Bane [cs], 2 Sep 2009, 18:10 reply
Great job and fast update !
Thanks for new v.10 compliant builder :)

Pierre [fr], 2 Sep 2009, 18:53 reply
i'm even test use but
I'm sure This update can call ''Superb''

Thai [th], 4 Sep 2009, 2:05 reply
Thank you, but RSS feeds not saved....

moonbird [fr], 5 Sep 2009, 9:59 reply
Fantastic job!
Is there a way that I can resize the tabs on this version?
Ordinarily, I could extract skin.ini from zipped skin folder, make the changes and place file back into zipped skin.
In this version, cannot open zip file while in use. Thanks.

jon [us], 7 Sep 2009, 15:13 reply
Some french users reports mail & rss to be not saved in session.ophome file with personal version of Opera Portable.
Any idea to resolve this bug ?

Pierre [eu], 9 Sep 2009, 11:37 reply
Regarding the RSS feed, when I checked opera:config there was a different 'mail root directory,' changed it to match what I had previously, restarted, and everything is as it was (mail and feeds)
Still getting used to Opera 10, but seems nice so far.

brian [us], 9 Sep 2009, 14:13 reply
OperaTor was my favorite, is it possible at all to integrate Tor into this in a secure open source way? I would love it if you did.

anonymous [us], 10 Sep 2009, 19:32 reply
Regarding the RSS not saved, I still have not investigated it. Meanwhile you can try the one that brian [us], 9 Sep 2009 suggested. Thanks!

yuku [sg], 12 Sep 2009, 2:09 reply
Hey, the biggest complaint about OperaTor is that you can't build it yourself to be sure there's no back doors. Since the builder is available, if you make it so a person can build a version with Tor, that'd make Opera Portable the top choice in yet another category.

Opera and Tor lover [us], 13 Sep 2009, 21:38 reply
Love the program, but could the next build of the one-use not have any bookmarks saved? When I sync with the cloud all the standard bookmarks included are put into my list on my home pc.

Sid [--], 14 Sep 2009, 1:20 reply
I've noticed that in the portable v10.0, when I disable the Speed Dial, everytime I switch to a blank tab, the CPU usage goes to 100% for a couple of seconds while the computer stops responding.
If I enable Speed Dial or go back to portable v9.64 or upgrade to the original v10.0, the problem doesn't occur.
(I keep the tab thumbnails disabled at all times.)

Erebos [gr], 14 Sep 2009, 13:10 reply
How do I change the skin to breeze simplified micro so I can maximize screen space?

anonymous [us], 21 Sep 2009, 5:16 reply
If you use the Opera Portable Builder, you will be able to change the default skin.

yuku [sg], 22 Sep 2009, 16:03 reply
Will I be able to integrate Tor if I use the builder?

anonymous [us], 23 Sep 2009, 19:30 reply
Are future upgrades free for the builder, or do I need to donate each time to get new versions?

anonymous [us], 23 Sep 2009, 19:35 reply
When you get the builder, you can modify the application directory files and also the configurations. But about Tor, I haven't tried that. Future upgrades are of course free for the builder.

yuku [sg], 25 Sep 2009, 8:50 reply
Your opera portable is awesome and totally worth the $10 for the builder so I can customize it the way I want it, especially if upgrades are free. One last question: Can you make it cross platform so it can work on Mac, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, etc? That would be pretty neat.

anonymous [us], 26 Sep 2009, 22:19 reply
Unfortunately not cross-platform, since it uses NSIS which is only for Windows. But you can run it on Linux using wine. I tried it and it works flawlessly.

yuku [--], 27 Sep 2009, 1:36 reply
I've come up with a few more questions. With the builder, is it possible to NOT erase cache and things, as well as change their location to a truecrypt volume?

anonymous [us], 28 Sep 2009, 17:22 reply
I'm still waiting for an answer: With the builder, is it possible to NOT erase cache and things, as well as change their location to a truecrypt volume?

anonymous [us], 7 Oct 2009, 17:01 reply

hello? [us], 13 Oct 2009, 17:35 reply
I lose all my current tabs and my current session every time my computer crashes, or automatically reboots. If it's possible to change that behavior with the builder, so that files are not erased, please tell me. I have to switch back to Opera@USB today to stop this problem. I lost a lot of work AGAIN last night while waiting for a response here. It's been a few weeks.

anonymous [us], 14 Oct 2009, 17:35 reply
Anyone else update to version 10 & lose a lot of your settings? Email, layout, etc??

DG [us], 23 Sep 2009, 1:02 reply
Is it me or the new version 10 doesn't have flashplayer preinstalled?

THEAST [ir], 26 Sep 2009, 9:31 reply
It should be preinstalled as what version 9 does. Can you try going to opera:plugins and see whether flash is listed there?

yuku [--], 27 Sep 2009, 1:30 reply
Yes, it seems it is installed (I do see shockwave flash) but flash videos never appear in this version, e.g. videos in fileshack (they did in v9). Youtube has been filtered here so I can't check there...

THEAST [ir], 27 Sep 2009, 7:10 reply
I found a bug. Sometimes when I close some of my tabs when I have a lot, and then save a session (one of many, by date), then shut down, and restart with the startup dialog, where I choose "continue from last time", the tabs that I closed will be opened again.

Anonymous [us], 29 Sep 2009, 1:54 reply
I figured out where this bug comes from. If the computer crashes, "continue from last time" will not work with Opera Portable. This is one of the best features of opera, and it doesn't work! I like this program a lot, but I may need to switch back to Opera@USB until it becomes possible to store data permanently in the same location as the program (I use a truecrypt volume).

anonymous [us], 9 Oct 2009, 17:57 reply
(edited) So you delete everything do you wjen the user exits the program! Why can't you send a warning message to the user that everything including the download directory is erased upon opera exit.

Anonymous angry [gb], 2 Oct 2009, 23:47 reply
Hi Mr Angry, There`s not need to swear and be rude. You fail to say which version of Opera portable you are using, One use or personal ?. With the "One use" version NOTHING is saved when you close the application because it is intended to be used on non-writable media, Such as cd's etc. With the "personal" version, Pretty much everything is saved that is changed in the profile folder (skin`s, Toolbar arrangement, Appearance setting, Preferences etc) when you close that version of the application. If you failed to work that one out, Or even ask BEFORE complaining, Then piss off back to FireFox, Safari or IE.
Good Bye.

Trooper [gb], 3 Oct 2009, 2:33 reply
Despite the rudeness, it's a legitimate complaint. Nobody wants to spend two days downloading something, and then have it all get wiped away when they close the browser. It hasn't happened to me because I don't save into the opera directory, but people should be warned not to save things there, because they will get erased. Maybe set the default download directory to be anywhere BUT the opera directory.
I love this program, it's awesome. I'm still waiting to find out if the builder can be set to NOT delete things, because I don't use flash drives. I use encrypted truecrypt volumes on a hard drive, so it's OK to have cache and things.

anonymous [us], 3 Oct 2009, 2:44 reply
Nice little application.. However, I have a request, or rather an explaination if possible on how to import
1) notes
2) wand
I wished to transfer both from my installed Opera to this portable version. I tend to forget my password as Opera saved all of them. If this are possible (especially the wand.. the notes are easy to recreate) then I will cetainly migrate to this. I moved around a lot so its nice to have a moving browser of choice. Currently using Iron portable for my moving browser.

KiNA [my], 9 Oct 2009, 6:19 reply
Use Opera Link and synchronize all your Opera settings.

Noob Opera User [--], 13 Oct 2009, 5:13 reply
But you still have to manually copy the Wand, URLfilter.ini, etc.
Short answer (from a previous post by vengarato):
"A: Start O-Portable, note the address in the start page, this is where it stores the files when it's running. Copy your O-8.54 files there (*.adr, *.dat, *.ini) into the profile directory."
Long answer:
I'm preparing a (very) long how-to, documenting the whole process. Be patient...

YinYanger [--], 23 Oct 2009, 10:54 reply
Sorry for the late reply...
After several trial and errors, here's the (very) long how-to:
http://files.myopera.com/YinYanger/files/Opera-2-OPortable.t xt
Any comments are wellcome.

YinYanger [--], 10 Dec 2009, 19:09 reply
Would it be possible to remove the speed dial websites from one-use version?

Anon [--], 11 Oct 2009, 22:15 reply
Noticed sth new, the spell checker that is built-in opera 10 doesn't work/exist in this portable version, or maybe it's cause I'm still using my history form opera 9.64 portable.

THEAST [ir], 18 Oct 2009, 8:48 reply
I just donated another $10. I won't lose the email this time.

Nathan Chavez [us], 26 Oct 2009, 1:26 reply
Hey, I just discovered this one, before been using another portable version of opera.
Was wondering how is data being recovered in case there was some unexpected system shutdown? like electricity suddenly goes off, or so.
how _this_ opera acts in this case?

kwp [ru], 29 Oct 2009, 11:22 reply
Data isn't recovered. You lose it on the next start of Opera Portable. I like this program more, but I had to switch back to OperaUSB because of it. I kept losing my work over and over again. My questions about how to possibly solve the problem with the builder haven't been answered (see above).
If you want to recover your data after a crash DON'T RESTART Opera Portable. It will immediately erase your data. Instead, you'll find the data in a directory called "hebat" somewhere under C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Temp
I'm not sure that location is correct since I've stopped using Opera Portable, but it's close. Hopefully you will be able to recover your lost work!

anonymous [us], 29 Oct 2009, 17:16 reply
oh, thank you for the info.
I haven't lost anything yet, just looked into the future ;D and assumed those things can happen,so wanted to make sure.Im opera@usb user myself, not very happy about it and this portable version looked neat, all except this thing with data loss if any unexpected shutdown happenes.
its a pitty this issue is there I would really LOVE to use this app

kwp [ru], 30 Oct 2009, 11:24 reply
I've been enjoying Opera@USB lately. Maybe I'll come back to Opera Portable when it catches up. I've never lost data with Opera@USB, so maybe I'll play it safe and just stay with Opera@USB.

anonymous [us], 14 Nov 2009, 7:18 reply
I recently downloaded the newest version of Personal, but unlike the previous versions this one keeps deleting my feeds every time I close it. I tried copying the .opml file into the "hebat" directory but it didn't help. Any ideas? I like this software a lot (I found Opera@usb too slow and too hard on my pendrive) but this problem is getting pretty annoying.

kero [hu], 6 Nov 2009, 8:49 reply
The only thing I could come up with to solve the data loss problem is to switch back to opera@usb. I use a tiny 1.8" portable hard drive instead of a flash drive, so I have no problems at all with wearing out the drive. Flash is only good for a few thousand writes, but the hard drive can do millions, plus it's much larger than any flash drive. I have bought several different brands of 1.8" drive, but the Apricorn has been the most trouble free brand that's still in business. It's a little more expensive, but totally worth the extra cost. The cord is integrated into the enclosure, so you never have to fumble with USB cords. I hate that. I have spoken with them recently about their upcoming lineup of drives, and they may have a dual drive RAID unit in the works for extra speed and reliability. It ought to be about the size of a single 2.5" drive. I'd pay the extra money for a dual drive RAID 1.8" USB system from Apricorn just because backups are automatic with the two drives. I have always lost data when using flash drives because they're so fragile.

anonymous [us], 7 Nov 2009, 18:00 reply
Thanks, I think I'll look into portable hard drives.
I still wish opera portable fixed this issue... it's a neat little app and a lot faster than opera@usb.

kero [hu], 10 Nov 2009, 17:45 reply
Where is Opera 10.01 Portable?

metude [--], 13 Nov 2009, 23:00 reply
It's at www.opera-usb.com

anonymous [us], 14 Nov 2009, 7:15 reply
There isn't One-Use portable version.

metude [--], 14 Nov 2009, 12:19 reply
Waiting for Opera Portable 10.10

Jedi [tw], 28 Nov 2009, 10:08 reply
Seconded. I hope the next version will fix the feed loss problem.

unek [hu], 28 Nov 2009, 12:42 reply
I donated but didnt not get the link to opera portable builder. help?

abeckley [us], 14 Dec 2009, 17:58 reply
Sent by email. It is done manually so it takes about 1-2 days until you get the link. Sorry about that.

yuku [sg], 15 Dec 2009, 2:12 reply
From opera 8.54 I'm very fan of your version of opera usb.
-Please update to 10.10 !!!!!-

Argentina [il], 16 Dec 2009, 13:38 reply
After several trial and errors, here's the (very) long how-to From LocalOpera to OperaPortable:
http://files.myopera.com/YinYanger/files/Opera-2-OPortable.t xt
Any comments are wellcome.

YinYanger [--], 16 Dec 2009, 15:42 reply
Test version of Opera Portable 10.10 has been released! Sorry for the lateness. I've been busy lately :|
Please try it and give some feedbacks :)

yuku [sg], 18 Dec 2009, 10:21 reply
Thank you! :) I haven't had the chance to try it out yet, but I think there's no need to include Unite in it. If you want to run Unite just get the desktop version of Opera, it's easier and more efficient.

unek [hu], 19 Dec 2009, 0:15 reply
I'm with you on that, there's no real point to having Unite on a portable version. And as long as I'm here, thanks for fixing the RSS Feeds! I'd stopped using OperaPortable entirely because of that particular glitch.

pbr [us], 26 Dec 2009, 14:36 reply
Yeah, drop unite, at least from the one use version. NO one is really going to set it up everytime they run it.

sid32 [--], 19 Dec 2009, 14:32 reply
Drop Unite from OneUse is fine, but should keep it in the Personal version.

Jedi [tw], 19 Dec 2009, 16:06 reply
On personal I would like to have Unite AND Widgets...

YinYanger [uy], 5 Jan 2010, 13:02 reply
Also, consider removing all books marks from one use, so when we sync with Opera Link we don't get the junk basic bookmarks.

Sid32 [--], 21 Dec 2009, 3:26 reply
Excellent program. Thankx.
Just a question. The mail account set up always disappears after closing. I have searched the comments, but i did not come to a conclusion: is my set up wrong or it is not perfectly working yet. What shall i do?

sabi [hu], 1 Jan 2010, 12:50 reply
Is it possible to save skins in OperaPortable? I never tried doing it with the earlier versions but I gave it a shot with 10.10. The new skin works fine during the session I install it but if I close out and re-open, the skin has disappeared. Bug?

pbr [us], 1 Jan 2010, 19:52 reply
Is it just me or does this new version take longer to shut down than the previous ones?

unek [hu], 6 Jan 2010, 20:10 reply
It sometimes does take longer to shutdown, because the mail and rss are saved. There are many files contained in the mail and rss directory.

yuku [sg], 7 Jan 2010, 1:40 reply
Is there a way to make it so it saves only the mail settings & not all of the mail itself? I use IMAP email accounts (ie: AOL, AIM) with Opera Portable Personal so the mail files don't need to be stored locally. I find the smaller the settings file, the quicker it loads & shuts down. *** Also I think (at least for the test version of 10.10) you should try two OperaPortablePersonal versions. Have one with Unite and one without and see which is more popular.

DG [us], 13 Jan 2010, 22:37 reply
Hi, I donated... how do I obtain the builder?

Keith [us], 12 Jan 2010, 22:29 reply
if it possible when we open personal vertion and access to profile ophome before opera come should ask some password for open .ophome
i think it will cool ?

Thara [th], 22 Jan 2010, 17:03 reply
10.10 with "unite" loads half-again as slowly as 10.00 on my memory-challenged circa 1990 laptop with Win95. If you don't want to make a separate version without Unite, I'll just stick with 10.00 forever.

Jerry [us], 22 Jan 2010, 22:18 reply
Is there any way to choose fonts that has been downloaded in the usb flash?
I want to use MAC lihei fonts in my opera, I downloaded it to the usb flash, how can I use it?

nJoker [hk], 26 Jan 2010, 8:38 reply
I use this opera portable from about two years , It's awesome ,, But there is two problems:
1) Hotmail doesn't work well , I always have to use any other browser to check my email.
2) Google in the tool bar has ".co.eg" domain bacause I'm in Egypt ,, Is it possible to make it just ".com" domain???
Thanx for making this application.

Fawzy X [eg], 30 Jan 2010, 18:16 reply
1. Hotmail is bad, use gmail or even yahoo mail :)
2. I think that's Google's action automatically redirects you to a country-specific Google. I think there is "Go to Google.com" on the country-specific Google home page.

yuku [sg], 1 Feb 2010, 4:33 reply
This may be an Opera-specific question more than a "Portable Opera" question -- but does anybody know why Opera Portable v10.00 doesn't allow the "check box" on this page to work properly?
It seems to work OK in Firefox Portable v3.6.
Jerry (WinXP, SP2)

Jerry [us], 3 Feb 2010, 19:31 reply
So no V10.10 huhh?....

Doldol [be], 5 Feb 2010, 17:15 reply
I Tried one use but all menu items i got square symbol instead of letters
Machine windows xp professional
Language English

Lyzander Mohan [in], 9 Feb 2010, 7:19 reply

...nervous about OperaUnite safety; wait & see...

Chris Tiffany [us], 9 Feb 2010, 18:11 reply
I am using Opera Portable 9.64 PERSONAL edition (NOT the One-Use version) and want to refer to your notice above that states "When you run Opera Portable on other machines, your settings will be applied again." - this is untrue in my opinion, as that Opera has already crashed on me three times and then upon opening it again all my previous session info is lost and just now I also lost all the History info for the past two days, so there is no way for me to get back all the tabs I had open with research work :( Just wanted to WARN other users to not assume that if they use this version they would retain their personalized info! I think I will rather use Portable Firefox or something else... can't afford to lose all my work like this every time :(

Neels [za], 16 Feb 2010, 7:16 reply
i had this problem as well the soultion is to disable caching and most anything else that stores data in the defult ophome file. i did and no more crashes ever the problem is that it over loads the file and then it crashes and wipes itself clean especialy if you flash drive is already pretty full

red death68 [--], 4 Mar 2010, 8:00 reply
Don't overlook the notice near the top of this page that recommends storing a backup copy of the .ophome file (zipped). In case of a crash where the .ophome file becomes corrupted (that's where all your stored data lives) you can restore it from your zipped backup.
It is recommended that you backup the .ophome file in case of data corruption. You should use 7z or zip or rar or any compressor to backup it since it is highly compressible :D

Jerry [us], 16 Feb 2010, 21:38 reply
Just started playing with Opera 10.5 and it is soo much faster than earlier versions. I know you'll get around to a portable version, but, I'm drooling here!

nord [us], 3 Mar 2010, 15:13 reply
can you update this to run opera 10.50 thats what ikm currently using on my system but i was to take it with me to school and this is the only form i know of to do so and i would love to be able to use 10.50 in school
ps:love the program if u do update it is there a way to transfer my bookmarks and that other then to export them and then import them to new copy?

red death68 [--], 4 Mar 2010, 7:55 reply
For this, use Opera Link (enable Sync). More info at http://files.myopera.com/YinYanger/files/Opera-2-OPortable.t xt

YinYanger [--], 4 Mar 2010, 11:49 reply
Don't know why, but the Opera Link don't works in the test version of Opera 10.10 Portable. :(
If I open the same profile in OPortable 10, OperaLink does work! (????)

YinYanger [--], 4 Mar 2010, 11:44 reply
anyone run through Privoxy? If you do, then you know the checkerboard pattern inserted when it removes graphics.
10.5 does something neat with the pattern.

maxnort [us], 4 Mar 2010, 12:15 reply
is there anywqay you can make a firefox version of this since the solution for portable firfox is slow because of its write format style(it always writes to flash drive thwen reads so on and so forth) id love to see a firefox version of this just to make it so some sites i need during school that arnt compatible with opera i can use with firefox

red death68 [us], 4 Mar 2010, 13:01 reply
can you or someone who has bought the builder make a copy of this for 1.50 i would but i aint got 10 bucks to spare lol im dirt poor

red death68 [--], 7 Mar 2010, 21:40 reply
i meant 10.50

red death68 [--], 7 Mar 2010, 22:02 reply
Here is the link for opera one use 10.50 http://rapidshare.com/files/360699833/opera-portable-oneuse- 10.50.exe.html

E [us], 8 Mar 2010, 17:45 reply
is there soon to be a fully functional personal version that waill save your files and setting in the defult.ophome file?

red death68 [--], 9 Mar 2010, 4:42 reply
The above only allows up to 10 downloads. So if you download it please upload to create another link for others.

E [us], 8 Mar 2010, 17:47 reply
Don't forget to remove the space between oneuse-space10.50.exe.html before pasting the link in your browser

E [us], 8 Mar 2010, 17:50 reply
Perhaps some can throw up 10.50 on http://www.legaltorrents.com?

Sid32 [--], 10 Mar 2010, 22:30 reply
Opera Portable 10.50 has been officially released! Thanks for E and other for doing it, that helps people who wanted to download it more early! RSS/mail problem has been fixed, and Unity apps works, but not included by default. Enjoy "The fastest browser on earth"!

yuku [sg], 11 Mar 2010, 6:17 reply
English link point to Danish vershion. Where I can download English version?

Rik [bg], 11 Mar 2010, 8:10 reply
It has been fixed now! You can download the English version. Thanks for notifying!

yuku [sg], 11 Mar 2010, 9:33 reply
When closing 10.50 personal appears to freeze on the syncronisation window, is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Samsam [nz], 15 Mar 2010, 3:20 reply
Exelent !!!
Thanks for your effort
(I thought the project was abandoned)

Carlitos [il], 15 Mar 2010, 12:16 reply
Updates to Opera 10.51:
it fixes all the bugs and it's most faster
Pease !!!!

Carlitos [il], 22 Mar 2010, 13:52 reply
Just downloaded 10.50 to USB stick. Love it!
Three things I wanted to mention:
- widgets are being installed to hard drive and don't get deleted on close.
- when typing a URL, similar bookmarked URLs pop up on screen, but not in the drop-down box as they always have before
- there is one website I had to 'mask as Internet Explorer' to access. This worked in 10.10, but I can't access it in 10.50, even when masked. Should I notify Opera?

kevtardis [us], 16 Mar 2010, 13:19 reply
Why 10.50 (one-use & personal) is heavy slower than 10.10 on my pc ? Can anyone help me ?

it-it [it], 17 Mar 2010, 15:33 reply
How does one change (or cancel) the e-mail address subscription connected with this "forum"?

Jerry [us], 18 Mar 2010, 20:59 reply
to cancel it go to the bottom of notification email and it will say unsibscribe just click link

red death68 [--], 18 Mar 2010, 23:19 reply
Minor whinge, but would it be possible to make the nicknames of your favourites to work in either lower case or upper case? In normal Opera you can enter your nicknames in either case and they work, but my nicknames are in upper case and when entering them into the URL bar in lower case they are not recognised...

RK [--], 19 Mar 2010, 22:10 reply
Disregard this. They do already work in both cases. The reason I couldn't get mine to work was because I had a duplicate copy of the same URL which I'd deleted to my trash and of course it couldn't differentiate between the two. I emptied the trash and now there is only one nickname so it now works fine :-)

RK [--], 19 Mar 2010, 22:22 reply
How do you get to your profile when you are running from a USB HDD? The only files I show are opera-portable-personal-en-10.50.exe and RK.ophome (and ophome.inuse when it's running). I want to add the ad-block list of URLs to my profile but can't see how to do it. Any ideas? Sick of seeing all the ads.

RK [--], 19 Mar 2010, 22:42 reply
http://my.opera.com/ODIN/blog/opera-desktop-10-51-is-out-and -fast

Opera Fans [tw], 22 Mar 2010, 13:08 reply
Update to 10.51 it's better,most faser & fix bugs.
Please !!!

Carlitos [il], 22 Mar 2010, 17:58 reply
Updated. Enjoy!

yuku [sg], 26 Mar 2010, 8:35 reply
Can You create Firefox Portable One-Use or Firefox Portable Personal?

romka377 [--], 25 Mar 2010, 21:55 reply
I've done a donation to download to Opera builder but i havent' receive any link to download it.
How can i do ?
Best regards

G [fr], 26 Mar 2010, 11:03 reply
Patients, Yuku is a pretty busy guy and does not frequent this site much, But i am pretty sure he will send you the link to download the builder in good time.

Trooper [gb], 26 Mar 2010, 19:17 reply
@Trooper: yeah, somewhat true :P thanks so much for replying in place of me ^^
@G: I've sent the link to your email. Thanks for the donation ^^. To all: I always send a link to download the builder by email after I receive the donation, but it's done manually. So please allow 1-2 days for me to check my email :p thanks!

yuku [sg], 27 Mar 2010, 5:03 reply
Anyone who needs 1-2 days to check his e-mail, has no business being on the internet at all.

Aad [nl], 3 Jun 2010, 11:43 reply
Can you get widgets made portable in v10.51?

Ray [--], 27 Mar 2010, 7:41 reply
Tnx yuku you are thr best !!!
Tnx for the update to 10.51 !!! I'm happy
I think putting in a number of pen drives everyone I know
Firefox Portable One-Use or Firefox Portable Personal it's good idea! Another excellent browser and you will have many more visitors who like firefox.

Carlitos [il], 28 Mar 2010, 11:31 reply
Upgrade to 10.52 !!
We all waiting!! please
It's the changelog:
-"Opera 10.52 is a recommended stability upgrade. Opera highly recommends all users to upgrade to this version to take advantage of these improvements."-

Carlitos [il], 29 Apr 2010, 10:10 reply
It seems that with 10.5x versions you must enable HTTP 1.1 when using a proxy...
Can you do that on O-Portable, Yuku?

YinYanger [--], 29 Mar 2010, 19:27 reply
I just started using opera 10.0 personal version and it really suck up lots of memory (100k). I loke opera but every new version is larger in size and memory hungry.
I going back to 9.23.

jz mee [us], 1 Apr 2010, 14:01 reply
Thanks for your excellent job. Sorry for my poor english. I`m from Brazil. Thanks more one time.

Depeo da Masol [br], 9 Apr 2010, 22:35 reply
Man, I want to say thank you so much for this version of portable Opera. I love it!

Wil [us], 22 Apr 2010, 7:21 reply
http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/04/27/opera-10-52- final

Opera Fans [tw], 27 Apr 2010, 9:58 reply
DSK-294669 (OSX) & DSK-295433 (PC) - 10.5x freezes on links panel
1. type "hello" in url field; using default google search engine
2. cmd-shift-l (OSX) or ctrl-shift-L (win & linux) - open links window
3. search for "cached" - filter cached links
4. press <tab> - move to first cached link in main window
5. up arrow, left arrow, right arrow
100% CPU
a) beach ball OSX
b) freeze - PC
c) shaded window in Linux
OK in 10.01, .10 & .20

geo [au], 29 Apr 2010, 0:15 reply
other 10.5x bugs / features

geo [au], 29 Apr 2010, 0:16 reply
please release final of 10.10

geo [au], 29 Apr 2010, 0:20 reply
http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2010/04/30/10-53-releas ed

Opera Fans [tw], 30 Apr 2010, 12:05 reply
Is there a way to import wand and speed dial to the latest build?

John [us], 4 Jun 2010, 13:58 reply
Opera v10.54 Final (Build 3423) is out! :)
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1054/int/Opera_1054_int_S etup.ex

rudy [it], 21 Jun 2010, 13:59 reply
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1054/int/Opera_1054_int_S etup.exe

rudy [it], 21 Jun 2010, 14:00 reply
Hi , New version of opera is available - 10.54. I^m waiting for portable version at this website :)
Best regrads

luk [de], 21 Jun 2010, 15:37 reply
please add java support to the new relase, thx.

gery [de], 22 Jun 2010, 4:02 reply
imho it's better to wait the 10.60 final (I'm using 10.60 beta build 3428), It's really faster.

rudy [it], 22 Jun 2010, 12:22 reply

rudy [it], 29 Jun 2010, 19:34 reply
hear opera 10.60 it fast browser on this earth but we waitng your mix portable vertion it will best more XD.

tana [th], 30 Jun 2010, 14:48 reply
Opera 10.60.3445 Final:

rudy [it], 1 Jul 2010, 11:40 reply
Any info - when portable ver. of 10.60 will be available?

e [de], 2 Jul 2010, 14:23 reply

Portable USB User [se], 4 Jul 2010, 7:18 reply
Spam much ? Anyway Meh!, I prefer Opera Portable done right, And will be sticking with what i know and like, Thanks.

Trooper [gb], 4 Jul 2010, 7:50 reply
Now :)
Thanks for the info too, rudy.

yuku [sg], 5 Jul 2010, 17:47 reply
http://www.opera-usb.com/ is not really portable, try yourself with system's snapshots (e.g. regshot).

rudy [it], 4 Jul 2010, 9:36 reply
From what I've seen Opera@USB may only put in a couple of minor reg keys. None the less if you run it from a flash drive or network it becomes very sluggish. I build my own packages now using the same builder used for these sites (got it from donating). I just got done building my own 10.60 release using my modified build scripts.

Robert [us], 6 Jul 2010, 0:16 reply
Just a note. When I said "these sites" I meant "this site". I also had to fix my ini files as I took the wrong items out... :p

Robert [us], 6 Jul 2010, 2:20 reply
Thank you so much for 10.60 version, yuku!!!

YinYanger [--], 6 Jul 2010, 12:37 reply
Thanks a lot for a new version but it still not include Java Support :/

luk [de], 6 Jul 2010, 14:45 reply
Java support does work but I think it relies on the local machine having it installed. The jar files specific to Opera are included in Opera Portable.
Java is far too big in itself to have in a package meant to be portable and it is far too reliant on fixed paths to be feasible on any reasonable scale.
On that note I believe Sun Microsystems license rules won't allow the redistribution on other websites anyways.

Robert [us], 8 Jul 2010, 8:02 reply
many thanks for 10.60 version :)

rudy [it], 7 Jul 2010, 21:56 reply
Just a note here. You may want to consider updating your makensis version. The bundle you sent me included 2.24 but the newer versions fix an issue where Vista/7 will give a message asking if the program installed correctly. The newest version is 2.46. All files built correctly with it.

Robert [us], 8 Jul 2010, 7:56 reply
I have loved this program for a few versions. I have been having a problem with how it identifies itself though. No matter how I mask it it won't work with some websites. These same websites the regular Opera works fine. I have also noticed that the spell checking is missing and you can't seem to scroll the bookmarks when doing a ctrl-D. Small things, but sometimes irritating. Anyone have any ideas on a remedy? Thanks! Keep up the great work!

mrclean0325 [us], 14 Jul 2010, 22:19 reply
where is password setup menu for use as private full complete XD

thara [th], 7 Aug 2010, 21:45 reply
Opera 10.61 FINAL (Build 3484):
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1061/en/Opera_1061_en_Set up.exe
NEW PlugIns Portable Opera Flash Updated to
Thanks :)

rudy [it], 11 Aug 2010, 19:19 reply
I put Opera for CD and none-writeable media and tried to run it, but it says that it needs to write a temp file somewhere... So, no luck. In any case it runs fine under Windows

Vit [--], 15 Aug 2010, 1:32 reply
I have noticed when downloading in Opera Portable, that it leaves a "footprint" in IE History. Is their way to stop this? Please e-mail me back on this and solution maybe I missed something, thanks.

Jerry [us], 16 Aug 2010, 15:56 reply
It is best

sinyimpui [hk], 18 Aug 2010, 6:33 reply
Can you make an Turkish version?...

Turkey [tr], 18 Aug 2010, 6:35 reply
Opera update is very later for this reason I use OperaUSB from offical web: http://www.opera-usb.com/operausben.htm

TAM-TAK [ca], 30 Aug 2010, 18:49 reply
portable version Opera 9.6 is now released in version 9.61

Tika [ca], 31 Aug 2010, 18:26 reply
@TAM-TAK: http://www.opera-usb.com/ is not really portable, try yourself with system's snapshots (e.g. regshot).

rudy [it], 1 Sep 2010, 8:01 reply
I make a donation, Transaction ID: 83W42577TR426311F, opera builder will be sent to e-mail?

RicardoV [br], 2 Sep 2010, 18:01 reply
Opera v10.62.3500 FINAL:

rudy [it], 8 Sep 2010, 21:46 reply
Opera Portable 10.62 has been released!

yuku [sg], 17 Sep 2010, 5:31 reply
I didn't find Turkish version...

metude [tr], 17 Sep 2010, 8:20 reply
Who know why IE 8 and 9 beta cannot open http://www.kejut.com/operaportable

Tika [ca], 17 Sep 2010, 12:12 reply
any chance you'll make a version of google chrome portable like this bro?

teguhp [id], 18 Sep 2010, 2:52 reply
i'm wondering, is it works with torrent's continued download like Opera native version.

bearcat [id], 20 Sep 2010, 6:29 reply
I download Opera Portable one-use and is working find... but when I close Opera a message appear:
This program might not have installed correctly
in Windows 7.
Do you have a idea ?

pboisclair [ca], 22 Sep 2010, 15:40 reply
The Temp-directory always is in c:\....
Why is c:?
It should be on the system-partition and this is not always c:
It´s changeable?

kmrd [eu], 5 Oct 2010, 6:58 reply
Actually it always uses the system temporary directory, whether is in c:, d: or otherwise. No, it's not changable unless you use the Opera Portable Builder.

yuku [sg], 7 Oct 2010, 3:27 reply
Why doesn't Opera Portable repack everything from its Temp folder. I made changes to the webmailproviders.ini to include gmail. Save and exit, restart opera portable, and my changes are not there! So it only repacks the profile folder?

iTEPB [us], 6 Oct 2010, 13:21 reply
Yes, it repacks only the files in profile and mail folders. Packing up everything else will make the package very big.

yuku [sg], 7 Oct 2010, 3:28 reply
Great idea.It works perfectly except for mail and feeds.But that's OK with me because I'm low on space on my Flash Drive. Anyway you should try compressing all the executable files with UPX Tool before you pack them.
Hope you continue when Opera 9 is released.

aaseam [eu], 7 Oct 2010, 13:31 reply
Opera v10.63.3516 FINAL:
http://ftp.opera.com/pub/opera/win/1063/int/Opera_1063_int_S etup.exe

rudy [it], 11 Oct 2010, 16:37 reply
Opera Portable: http://portableapps.com/apps/internet/opera_portable

Tam [ca], 15 Oct 2010, 17:33 reply
What about cache? It's written on the stick as Opera@USB?

YinYanger [--], 15 Oct 2010, 20:39 reply
If I donate more than USD10 via PayPal, can I have my own homepage, that includes the mobile version?
And, can I put the AdSense Mobile on my mobile sites?

Taiwan [tw], 18 Oct 2010, 6:06 reply
Yes, you can have your own homepage. I'm not sure about the mobile version though.

yuku [sg], 18 Oct 2010, 7:27 reply
Where's the portable version of 10.63?

AimLXJ [us], 25 Oct 2010, 5:31 reply
Love your app, have been using it for 3 years already. Thank you (:

kh [sg], 26 Nov 2010, 15:48 reply
Opera 11 is out!!! \o/

YinYanger [br], 16 Dec 2010, 10:57 reply
Awsome! Thanks for version 11 :)

Wil [us], 16 Dec 2010, 19:47 reply
WOW!!! This is what I call "really fast"!!! :)

YinYanger [br], 16 Dec 2010, 19:56 reply
Did you see that the new Opera 11 installer has an option to install directly to an USB drive?
Now, I think Opera@USB is pointless. But I still think OperaPortable is a better option!

YinYanger [br], 17 Dec 2010, 11:44 reply
WOW MAN, you are a GOD !!!
I am working on PC with admin profile (not allowed instalation of exe files).
I was looking for opera 11 everywhere. I found portable version on opera forum but without flash support.
Your version is great !!! Good work !!!!

sd [de], 17 Dec 2010, 14:00 reply
You are the best !!!!
Congratulations !!!!
Opera 11 is one of the most greatest versions ! And you now this of course!

Argentina [il], 17 Dec 2010, 21:26 reply
Hi. I would like to make kiosk mode for cd variant of opera to make a local version of one online resource without possible problems with local browsers. As if i understood it is possible to do this with Builder. Right? That was the first question. The second is: i don't have pay pal account. I don't need it much here, in small Siberian city in Russia :) Is there ability to transfer you 10USD some other way? And, of course: you've done a great good job! I usually develop offline resources in flash and actionscript, but your solution makes possible to make offline resources with html/js that is much easier to develop. Be so kind to reply asap, course i need to find a solution about performing offline resources in next several days.

Andrey [ru], 15 Jan 2011, 15:01 reply
The builder is supposed to make opera portable similar to the free downloads here. I'm not sure if it can make a kioskmode like you wished.

Yuku [sg], 17 Jan 2011, 1:37 reply
will you ever make a version of this for fire fox since the only firefox portable alternative is one that exhusts your ysb drive by constantly writting and rewritting the data which also is extemly slow since it can only read or write at once not do both?
also what type of script did you use to create the profiles and make everything save to them?

red death68 [--], 26 Jan 2011, 4:03 reply
You are the best !!!!
Congratulations !!!!
Opera 11 is one of the most greatest versions ! And you now this of course!

burn disk [ua], 26 Jan 2011, 14:35 reply
Donated 10 USD, however I did not get the Builder. The link gave a 4003 error. The 1-Use is my favorite tool.

Mike Cross [--], 15 Mar 2011, 13:35 reply
Thanks for notifying me. I'm sorry, I forgot to send an email for the download link. I have sent it and you can check it on your inbox.

yuku [sg], 15 Mar 2011, 18:06 reply
Yes, I don't have any spam filter and I still haven't received the link for the builder. Anyway you could double-check this? Thanks.

James 'Mike' Cross [--], 25 Mar 2011, 4:22 reply
After I posted, I checked with ATT 'online.' Looks like they stuck a spam filter on my account without telling me. I appreciate your link and I'm sorry I didn't realize you had sent it. Again, this is a great site for the portable Operas.

Mike Cross [--], 25 Mar 2011, 5:04 reply
Donated 10 USD, however I did not get the Builder. The link gave a 4003 error.

remigius [pl], 29 Mar 2011, 6:49 reply
11.10 is out.. Know it will just as good as 11.00

sid32 [--], 13 Apr 2011, 1:16 reply
Hi donated 10dollars, paypal re-directed to ikitek.com and the uni blocked the site as a hack. portable version is excellent and it's all I use when out and about however how do I get my portable opera builder after donating

phil [eu], 22 Apr 2011, 17:30 reply
Got the link and program today. Thanks very much.:D

Phil [eu], 26 Apr 2011, 14:35 reply
Anyway you could turn this feed upside down? I think the newest entries would be more beneficial at the top. For anyone out there who is just visiting, and particularly if you have a very low understanding of puters and related whatnot, the Opera 1-Use is extremely good for online financial stuff. After you break connection, it gets rid of almost everything. And if you use Sandboxie and Avira, you're doubly insured. I donated and got the builder which I couldn't figure out how to use. It didn't matter. The 2 programs available are worth far more than that. I encourage anyone to grab these while they're available.

Mike Cross [--], 22 Apr 2011, 21:06 reply
Is it possible to update to the new version in one-use or personal ? and How ?

Febyjj [in], 3 May 2011, 2:09 reply
Yes, of course. Donate and get the Portable Opera Builder, or wait until the owner of this site publishes the updated versions.

x [de], 4 May 2011, 7:29 reply
opera 11.11 portable please
also 11.50 alpha if possible

geo [--], 22 May 2011, 2:13 reply
Opera 11.50 Beta1 now. it very powerful option
speed dial can open more like a no limit.
but i still waiting with your portable custom vertion.when complete vertion 11.50 come ^_^

jinjin [th], 20 Jun 2011, 14:19 reply
Opera 11.50 is out.

me [eu], 28 Jun 2011, 12:17 reply
How do I get my website:
to be the homepage please?

Paul [de], 28 Jun 2011, 14:07 reply
what they call it now ? speed dial alive only one ? XD
11.50 please

tana [th], 29 Jun 2011, 15:43 reply
No updates for a long time, now? Has it become Abondonware?

juswannaknow [hk], 9 Jul 2011, 4:05 reply
I hope not. 1-Use is absolutely one of the best programs on my computers. So far the 11.00 is working fine; however, it's really going to hurt if it stops being usable. Maybe this is just a sabbatical.

Mike C [--], 9 Jul 2011, 6:29 reply
how about donated user ? can you guy update and make a new vertion 11.50 by yourself ?
i mean both one-use and personal

Tirah [th], 13 Jul 2011, 17:19 reply
I donated and never could figure out how to use the program. It didn't have instructions, and I'm kind of a dummy about such things. It would be nice if someone who had the wherewithal could do that.

Mike C [--], 13 Jul 2011, 17:53 reply
HaHa! Finally, another dummy! Same here. I searched everywhere...good thing I'm in no hurry.
@ Ed...Thank you kindly for the upload. Very thoughtful of you.

tinybeeber [us], 5 Aug 2011, 18:31 reply
Master of the site, are you missing?
Master of the site 'cause you're missing?

juswannaknow_2 [it], 14 Jul 2011, 12:25 reply
I donated and used the program successfully.I have uploaded the opera-portable-oneus
e-11.50.exe to hotfile.com. To shorton the url I used TinyURL. Here is the link to download it. http://tinyurl.com/6k9fwda

Ed [us], 15 Jul 2011, 7:07 reply
i'm not tested your one-use 11.50 i will try later,but very thank you for do that.
can you do again for personal vertion for us ?

Tirah [th], 15 Jul 2011, 7:52 reply
Here is the link for opera-portable-personal-11.50.exe http://tinyurl.com/6f2oajt

Ed [us], 15 Jul 2011, 8:15 reply
Ed,i love you.
can i ask you something about this vertion you compile it by yuku builder right ?
look this vertion [11.50] it major updated so the old builder can compile perfect in this vertion ?
also i never forget yuku same XD

Tirah [th], 15 Jul 2011, 8:24 reply
i hope the project aint dead i use the portable opera alot during school and going to college i can only imagine how useful it will be
if he does end the project i hope he releases the builder to everyone

reddeath68 [--], 15 Jul 2011, 8:46 reply
ah Ed your both vertion bug with facebook.

Tirah [th], 15 Jul 2011, 16:25 reply
use this url can slove facebook blank page ploblem it work

Tirah [th], 15 Jul 2011, 17:00 reply
should has this

Tirah [th], 15 Jul 2011, 20:26 reply
Ok. Here are the new links with
defaults/public_domains.dat added.
oneuse-11.50.exe http://tinyurl.com/6dsfvpj
personal-11.50.exe http://tinyurl.com/69bno8o
I tested facebook and it signs in fine.

Ed [us], 16 Jul 2011, 8:38 reply
thank you again for your lead us ^^.i tested it work great has some glass can't see some menu button.but we know it great nothing install so it still good one.thank again and again Ed

Tirah [th], 16 Jul 2011, 10:48 reply
If you want the menu options then click the Opera logo at the top left and select "show menu bar"

Ed [us], 16 Jul 2011, 15:25 reply
i don't know how to say maybe it only me.
SS [4 pic]

Tirah [th], 16 Jul 2011, 21:32 reply
Please continue this project, I really love your product alot! <3 I've been using your version of portable opera over Opera@USB since I've found yours; just thought to leave a message, your work is awesome~
Kudos (:

kh [sg], 27 Aug 2011, 15:33 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.51

Ed [us], 2 Sep 2011, 7:09 reply
thanks , but how can you translate it ?

rabia [fr], 2 Sep 2011, 15:18 reply
thx Ed i tested your 11.51 it work great
glass menu it can see now,thx for your fixed.
can you tell us what menu your delete from original ? just only Unite right ?
anyway I love you Ed and love this project also.

Tirah [--], 3 Sep 2011, 8:34 reply
Very nice work, Ed. You are da bomb!

tinybeeber [--], 3 Sep 2011, 16:01 reply
Ed -- Thank you very much! 11.51 is working great. It's very kind of you to post this. Wish I could have figured out how to work the builder. You da man!

Mike C [--], 14 Sep 2011, 1:44 reply
I've donated for obtain opera builder. My transaction is Unique Transaction ID #5U073424B0698054M. How do I obtain it ?, Thanks

Edgar [mx], 17 Sep 2011, 5:20 reply
Hey thanks for your job.
I donated $10 but could not download the Portable Builder after paying. Can you send me the link to download it? thanks

ba [fr], 19 Sep 2011, 10:23 reply
Excelent! The best Opera portable version ever!
Please, don't abandon this project. Official Opera comes with 12.x -- Need Update! :D

Cyco [it], 5 Nov 2011, 5:19 reply
I know this sounds like I'm demanding alot but could you make Google Chrome in this sort of way? because I love Google chrome however i hate the fact that the portable version has folders and shit, whereas I think it would be cool to have a standalone exe version.
As for the opera portable, brilliant!!! However I beleive that there is a new version of opera available, So update it if you want :P
keep up the good work! :)

MOwNzU [--], 27 Nov 2011, 15:52 reply
Hi MOwNzU, this you know this?

cyco [--], 7 Dec 2011, 22:14 reply
Yikes!! Not Google chrome! They just shot themselves in the foot.
http://www.ghacks.net/2011/11/24/google-showing-ads-in-chrom e-browser-is-this-the-beginning-of-the-end/
Not having any of THAT.

tinybeeber [us], 27 Nov 2011, 20:23 reply
Opera 11.60 is out

me [at], 6 Dec 2011, 18:02 reply
Hey MOwNzU, Surely youv'e seen this bloatware....
...and this one isn't much better....
Points out the beauty of this Opera and its very tiny footprint. But, hey, whatever floats your boat....

tinybeeber [us], 8 Dec 2011, 5:27 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.60

Ed [us], 8 Dec 2011, 8:26 reply
Thank you very, very much for keeping this alive. These updates are great!

MC [--], 8 Dec 2011, 18:47 reply
thank you you are the best

froggya [nz], 9 Dec 2011, 14:53 reply
I think the feed and mail is borked cannot read the content only the header maybe needs confirmation

froggya [nz], 9 Dec 2011, 23:56 reply
advanced menu in preferences-content java script options and style options doesn't work needs confirmation

froggya [nz], 10 Dec 2011, 1:32 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.60 with the java and style menus working

Ed [us], 10 Dec 2011, 18:37 reply
any chance you could include a newer version of flash?
http://my.opera.com/Tamil/blog/how-to-install-flash-player if i put it in the plugin dir it gets reset back to the old one when i restart Opera Portable.

StE [--], 17 Dec 2011, 7:39 reply
just to let you know everything is working properly thankyou

froggya [nz], 12 Dec 2011, 1:07 reply
Opera 11.60 multi-lunguage please , the alpha version of opera 12 is stable ..

kikou [ca], 15 Dec 2011, 6:21 reply
I do computer/system recovery using LiveXP and WinPE3, there are times when dialup is my only option to access internet. On dialup, many downloads fail and need to be restarted. With a download manager one can resume a failed download and eventually get it done when downloading from servers supporting resume. How can I integrate Free download manager potable with Opera portable? As all apps with my Windows live systems are portable to keep the live OS small to reduce the load on ram memory.

Dano [ca], 18 Jan 2012, 6:06 reply
FDM has a portable version. You no need to integrate it with Opera. Opera supports renewal.

rigel [bg], 18 Jan 2012, 6:24 reply
Integrate was the wrong word to use, associate is the right word. Starting FDM before opera and clicking on an attachment download link in Hotmail does not bring up FDM, unless I'm missing something, copying the URL from the download link and pasting it in FDM does not work either.

Dano [ca], 19 Jan 2012, 9:31 reply
Has this happened to anyone else? When I turned on my computer and started Opera Portable, it tried to install the official Opera 11.62. I'm using One-Use 11.60 that Ed uploaded.
Probably a self updater introduced on Opera's side? Anyone know how to fix this or even possibly update the portable version?

Kevo [--], 25 Jan 2012, 0:35 reply
Yes. Today Opera 11.60 automatically update to Opera 11.61. Opera 11.60 is setup to automatically update! Change this on Personal and will be ok. In One-Use I think must be made again because he don't remember options. Anyone know from where I can download Opera Portable Builder?

rigel [bg], 26 Jan 2012, 7:49 reply
The setting that needs to be changed is in CTRL+F12 Advanced > Security > Auto-update and needs to be changed to "Do not check for updates", Oh and the portable builder can be acquired by making a small ($10 minimum, As mentioned at the to of the page) donation to yuku the site owner and portable builder developer.

Trooper [gb], 26 Jan 2012, 8:26 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.61 with Auto-update set:Do not check for updates

Ed [us], 28 Jan 2012, 12:34 reply
Thank You everyone for your replies, now I know how to change those settings. And thank you Ed for saving us the trouble.

Kevo [--], 29 Jan 2012, 2:34 reply
In Opera 11.60 had a chance when uncheck button for closing tabs (Show close button on each tab) to have one button for closing tabs upper right. At this version of Opera 11.61 this button is missing. How can I restore this option?

Rigel [bg], 31 Jan 2012, 11:54 reply
is there a package with Opera Unite?

mythra [it], 31 Jan 2012, 11:54 reply
Can anyone supply a link to opera-portable-personal-11.60. The link given above is dead. And I do not want 11.61 because of the problem stated by Rigel. (No option on the menu bar to minimize|restore|close individual tabs (damn I wish Opera would stop screwing with this feature - they add it and then in a next release they take it away again)

rgann [us], 1 Mar 2012, 4:24 reply
Buttons are there but not visible. If you know where they are you can use it. This is a bug in opera 11.61.

Rigel [bg], 6 Mar 2012, 6:12 reply
@Rigel I don't know how you found out that the buttons are there but just invisible, but you are correct. I used it that way for a couple of days. Then I found this update (v11.62 build 1324) in the Opera forums that fixed that problem and several others. It seems to work well (i.e no crashes yet).
http://my.opera.com/desktopteam/blog/2012/03/01/a-bit-of-awe someness-to-11-62

rgann [us], 9 Mar 2012, 8:15 reply
WoW , its Good

Reactor_Seven [--], 15 Mar 2012, 3:29 reply
Opera 11.62 is out. Can anyone make a portable version?

Rigel [bg], 28 Mar 2012, 10:50 reply
Please, please -- 11.62

Mike C [--], 20 Apr 2012, 22:28 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.62 with the latest flash

Ed [us], 22 Apr 2012, 11:58 reply
Thanks again Ed. If you would like a little remuneration -- I'm certainly not opposed

Mike C [--], 22 Apr 2012, 20:55 reply
"Opera Portable is completely free and will always remain free, which means you can use it free of charge for any purposes" One of the best ways to support my favorite portable app is to keep it updated ... for free.

Ed [us], 23 Apr 2012, 5:09 reply
Thanks Ed.

Rigel [bg], 23 Apr 2012, 5:15 reply
Thanks Ed.
Been giving it a work-out for the last hour, and all seems to work very well. :)

rgann [us], 23 Apr 2012, 17:20 reply
Hey is it just me or has anyone else gotten dll errors when using Opera Portable (this one,I'm aware of the portableapps one but am referring to this one) at all?
I kept getting "dll not found" and had to keep adding to it however I would then find that since it was opera portable,the dlls would get deleted,so I added them to my system dir,reopen opera portable,got a different dll missing error
the following (in order) dlls were "not found" - xpcom.dll,xpcom_core.dll,nspr4.dll,plc4.dll,plds4.dll (each one different after I added the previous,started with xpcom.dll)
funny thing is these are all mozilla/netscape libraries...but why aren't they in Opera Portable?
anyway Ed (or whomever created this) might want to know...oddly the "dll not found" errors did stop after plds4.dll
Also is there any chance of reuploading the older versions? What I mean is,since other filehosts have either deleted them or no longer exists (in the case of Megaupload) perhaps upload them to the site here or to a cloud storage such as Microsoft's Skydrive?
just my 2 ¢ents,and thanks again for a great program/browser

Smith [us], 26 Apr 2012, 20:54 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 11.64

Ed [us], 12 May 2012, 10:35 reply
Thank you very much, again, Ed. Very much appreciated.

Mike C [--], 13 May 2012, 8:53 reply
Thanks Ed.

Rigel [bg], 14 May 2012, 5:04 reply
Yes, thanks Ed.

Gorchef [de], 14 May 2012, 9:52 reply
You still da man, Ed...

tinybeeber [us], 14 May 2012, 16:26 reply
thank you

pascal [--], 15 May 2012, 12:39 reply
this is great.

samuel [ng], 25 May 2012, 9:08 reply
Here are the links for the Opera Portable 12.00

Ed [us], 14 Jun 2012, 7:50 reply
Great, Ed, thanks a lot. You are almost faster than Opera SA itself ;-)

Gorchef [de], 14 Jun 2012, 8:25 reply
Thanks Ed! But for opera-portable-oneuse-12.00 says: "All free download slots are in use..." Can you upload on another file server?

Rigel [bg], 15 Jun 2012, 8:44 reply
Thanks again, Ed. And yeah, I'm having the same problem with the server. So far, no soap

Mike C [--], 15 Jun 2012, 9:06 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.00

Ed [us], 16 Jun 2012, 8:01 reply
Thank you!
It would be nice to update the exe icon, now that Opera has a cool new 3D icon... ;)

YinYanger [br], 29 Jun 2012, 14:53 reply
Thanks Ed!

Rigel [bg], 18 Jun 2012, 5:59 reply
Got it, Ed! Thanks so much!

Mike C [--], 18 Jun 2012, 6:38 reply
thank you once again

pascal [eu], 18 Jun 2012, 8:35 reply
Ed, we here in Brazil appreciate very much your willingness to provide us with the use of Portable Opera always updated.
Depeo of Masol

Depeo da Masol [br], 19 Jun 2012, 17:29 reply
Why website is not updated with newest language versions?

luk [de], 21 Jun 2012, 7:51 reply
Ed...thanks again...

tinybeeber [us], 30 Jul 2012, 1:56 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.01 with the latest flash

Ed [us], 4 Aug 2012, 13:27 reply
Download was smooth. Thanks again, Ed.

Mike C [--], 4 Aug 2012, 17:44 reply
Thanks Ed!

Rigel [bg], 7 Aug 2012, 6:52 reply
Thanks from Brasil

Depeo da Masol [br], 7 Aug 2012, 18:08 reply
thank you

pascal [eu], 11 Aug 2012, 17:37 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.02

Ed [us], 31 Aug 2012, 7:22 reply
Thanks from San Rafael, Mendoza

mdmoli [--], 31 Aug 2012, 10:49 reply
Thank you!! Just curious... Are you using the yuku's builder script or your own script?

Flavio [br], 12 Sep 2012, 12:20 reply
Thanks from Taiwan

ryan [tw], 31 Aug 2012, 14:45 reply
Ed, thanks from Brasil.

Depeo da Masol [br], 31 Aug 2012, 20:16 reply
Thanks from Independence, Missouri US

Mike C [--], 31 Aug 2012, 21:48 reply
thank you

pascal [eu], 4 Sep 2012, 18:29 reply
Many thanks for all the effort that has gone into this project.

Jeff [gb], 10 Sep 2012, 9:47 reply
Many thanks for your great tool!

Pierluigi [eu], 12 Sep 2012, 6:09 reply
thanks from Thailand,Ed

tara [--], 27 Sep 2012, 4:17 reply
Thanks for the app! Thanks Ed for the update

Skoo [--], 5 Oct 2012, 19:06 reply
Thanks from San Francisco...home of the World Series champs. Very helpful, as usual, Ed.

tinybeeber [us], 1 Nov 2012, 20:47 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.10

Ed [us], 9 Nov 2012, 8:11 reply
Thank for the quick update

mdmoli [--], 9 Nov 2012, 10:02 reply
Ed, thanks from Brazil for sharing your knowledge

Depeo da Masol [br], 9 Nov 2012, 21:07 reply
Thanks so much, I use portable opera all the time appreciate the updates. :)

potbic [gb], 9 Nov 2012, 22:18 reply
thank you so much

pascal [--], 10 Nov 2012, 0:59 reply
Thanks Ed!

rigel [bg], 12 Nov 2012, 6:27 reply
Unfortunately, in this edition of Opera again no buttons to close tabs when uncheck 'Show close button on each tab'. Please don't remove 12.02 edition. Thanks!

rigel [bg], 12 Nov 2012, 6:50 reply
@rigel - you should check v12.10 again. It does not have that problem for me. See screen shot here: http://www.deffe.com/4T6
@Ed - Thanks and please keep up the good work.

rgann [us], 19 Nov 2012, 7:25 reply
There is a problem with checking and language probably. Now I have buttons on each tab and main buttons (like option is uncheck) and I check option 'Show close button on each tab'.

rigel [bg], 20 Nov 2012, 7:01 reply
Still exist for me. See screen shot here:

rigel [bg], 20 Nov 2012, 7:21 reply
Thank you!!!

neko [jp], 17 Nov 2012, 23:38 reply
Still exist for me. See screen shot here:

rigel [bg], 20 Nov 2012, 7:20 reply
newer ver 12.11 is out

123 [de], 21 Nov 2012, 0:42 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.11

Ed [us], 22 Nov 2012, 8:53 reply
And once again: Thank you Ed!

Gorchef [de], 22 Nov 2012, 11:06 reply
Gracias por la actualización

mdmoli [ar], 22 Nov 2012, 11:54 reply
thank you so much

pascal [--], 27 Nov 2012, 11:26 reply
Ed, thanks once more from Brazil for sharing your knowledge

Depeo da Masol [br], 27 Nov 2012, 13:45 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.12

Ed [us], 19 Dec 2012, 14:16 reply
Thank you!! Merry Xmas!

Flavio [br], 20 Dec 2012, 10:20 reply
You're the best Ed. Thanks a lot. Merry Xmas!

Gorchef [de], 19 Dec 2012, 18:53 reply
Thanks for your great works. Happy new year

mdmoli [--], 19 Dec 2012, 20:20 reply
Thank you Ed!

rigel [bg], 20 Dec 2012, 6:28 reply
Ed, thanks once more from Brazil for sharing your knowledge again.

Depeo da Masol [br], 20 Dec 2012, 14:22 reply
thank you

pascal [--], 25 Dec 2012, 20:55 reply
New release 12.13 in out.
Thanks for this great portable version!!!

TeoYeah [eu], 1 Feb 2013, 9:49 reply
12.13 opera has a bad bug constantly crashes do not upgrade it has amajor fubar, shame

potbic [gb], 1 Feb 2013, 23:57 reply
Can't confirm. Works flawlessly on my computer.

Gorchef [de], 2 Feb 2013, 8:05 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.13

Ed [us], 2 Feb 2013, 19:20 reply
Thx Ed.

Gorchef [de], 3 Feb 2013, 22:19 reply
12.13 portable does work fine unlike the desktop version, however one of the faults is present, when you check for updates opera crashes, maybe it is just certain systems but al least I have one working 12.13 opera, Thanks very much :)

potbic [gb], 3 Feb 2013, 11:18 reply
You're right. It crashes when checking for updates. "Hoover dam!" as the penguins would say. Thanks for the heads-up.

Gorchef [de], 3 Feb 2013, 22:18 reply
Very thoughtful of you to do this for us.Thanks, again, Ed.

Mike C [--], 4 Feb 2013, 2:02 reply
I have just tried a "blank" (i.e. no frills, no additional languages, no speeddial, no local storage etc.) portable installation of Opera 12.13. The problem with the crash upon update check doesn't seem to occure. The problem may be one with the speeddial, or one of the speeddial apps. Try to disable them one by one.

Gorchef [de], 4 Feb 2013, 8:05 reply
Thanks, I unchecked auto update on the portable and opera desktop team say
"Crash happens when Opera 12.13 tries to do an update of multiple extensions. This happens on a manual "check for update", or in the background, when several extensions are due for update, some time after 12.13 has been downloaded"
So they have released an 12.14RC update to fix this.
This portable is fine as long as no updates are done which is fine because Ed kindly updates for us, :)
You are right I tried opera portable one use without any extension and updated no problems no crashes.

potbic [gb], 4 Feb 2013, 22:15 reply
12.14 is out. I made an inplace upgrade and it works fine. Anyhow no more crash when checking for update. Can you find any other bugs?

Gorchef [de], 5 Feb 2013, 18:42 reply
everything is working fine no more crashes.

potbic [eu], 6 Feb 2013, 11:35 reply
Gorchef, How do you arrive at a 'blank' version? Opera doesn't allow me to disable anything. It is a good browser, but like other browsers, it is getting bloated with stuff I neither need nor want. Can I download one? Anyone?

tinybeeber [us], 1 Jun 2013, 16:27 reply
thank youu

pascal [--], 5 Feb 2013, 2:34 reply
Thanks, from Brazil, to everyone, especially to Ed, for providing their expertise to us poor mortals.

Depeo da Masol [br], 5 Feb 2013, 12:36 reply
I use the portable version and even using several extensions have not had any problems, I suggest cleaning the registry before installing the pendrive. Thanks Ed

Brazil [--], 5 Feb 2013, 17:43 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.14

Ed [us], 8 Feb 2013, 9:09 reply
Opera Portable 12.14 with Updated Flash Player 11.5.502.149

Ed [us], 8 Feb 2013, 9:15 reply
Thank you Ed, wouldn't be the same with any other portable version. appreciated

potbic [eu], 8 Feb 2013, 10:37 reply
Thank you again, Ed.

Brian [us], 8 Feb 2013, 13:59 reply
Ed, thanks once more from Brazil for sharing your knowledge again and again.

Depeo da Masol [br], 8 Feb 2013, 16:30 reply
Thx Ed.

Gorchef [de], 9 Feb 2013, 1:42 reply
Thanks again Ed

mdmoli [--], 10 Feb 2013, 12:39 reply
Thank you very much. I think this may be the only site where one can download Opera Portable of pre-10.63 versions. I couldn't find portable opera 9.23 (and some more fresh versions) anywhere else.
However the links to download these versions are a bit incorrect. For example, links to Opera 9.64 Russian actually go to Opera 10 some beta, links to Opera 9.63 Russian actually go to Opera 9.64 Russian, and so on - one version higher than specified. In order to download Opera 9.23 Russian, one must click to the link to Opera 9.22 Russian.

SergeyB [gr], 6 Mar 2013, 5:50 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.15

Ed [us], 5 Apr 2013, 14:04 reply
Ed, thanks once more from Brazil for sharing your knowledge

Depeo da Masol [br], 5 Apr 2013, 14:44 reply
Thank you Ed.

Gorchef [de], 5 Apr 2013, 16:04 reply
Ed -- Thanks again, very much.

Mike C [--], 6 Apr 2013, 12:35 reply
thanks a lot Ed...just a heads up for anyone who uses the seesu music extension it will crash opera so it needs to be disabled until the guys at vk fix the issue otherwise opera is as goood as ever.

potbic [eu], 7 Apr 2013, 16:20 reply
Further to what potbic has just said, their is a bug in 12.15 that was suppose to cure a bug in 12.14 which allowed the default search engine in Opera to be hijacked without the users knowledge or consent by a rogue web base app. Well the cure actually went a little too far and actually resets it back to the regional default on every restart even if a user changes it. The Opera devs were actually notified about the bug during one of the 12.15 RC testing periods, But so far have failed to acknowledge and correct it. Just a heads up for everyone. :)

Trooper [gb], 7 Apr 2013, 18:51 reply
The downloads for v 12.14 and 12.15 from DepositFiles don't work for me. Clicking the download button after the delay for regular download, gets HTTP 500 Internal Server Error. I have tried several times over several hours. Any alternative links available?

unreal [jp], 7 Jun 2013, 7:10 reply
New version Opera Desktop 12.16 update

Marcio Lisboa - Brazil [--], 5 Jul 2013, 15:46 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.16

Ed [us], 11 Jul 2013, 6:23 reply
thank you very much.....appreciated as always

potbic [gb], 11 Jul 2013, 17:18 reply
Thank you, Ed! In this version of Opera opera team have finally corrected the problem with the buttons on the tabs!

Rigel [bg], 11 Jul 2013, 9:49 reply
Ed -- Thanks again, very much.

Mike C [--], 11 Jul 2013, 20:04 reply
Excellent Ed. I have no more words to thank you. Thanks from Brazil once more. Keep it up.

Depeo da Masol [br], 12 Jul 2013, 2:31 reply
thank you

pascal [gb], 14 Jul 2013, 17:05 reply
Thank you very much for providing this.

California Bob [us], 25 Jul 2013, 20:12 reply
Great stuff!

bgilboa [us], 7 Aug 2013, 2:09 reply
Exelente Ed, muchas gracias. Lo has hecho otra vez !!!

Argentina [--], 7 Aug 2013, 7:04 reply
Sry but
"Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.16
d't work, can u give 2 more links pls
Ty nice job...since opera 9

Comunicarr [pt], 7 Aug 2013, 20:19 reply
Please provide new links for opera-portable-personal-12.16. The current link goes to FileSnack site ok, but clicking on the download button opens a http://live.ec6.snacktools.net page that NEVER load.
Thx for your continued support here.

rgann [us], 13 Aug 2013, 3:33 reply
Aca esta :
opera-portable-personal-12.16 .
Lo baje de aqui, y lo volvi a subir a MEGA.
https://mega.co.nz/#!wYp1lDDS!GLeXxhJwWL_7bAIhTO9UBnYSC0xYqy 06t-PCy1OU0Jk

cat7 [--], 27 Aug 2013, 6:43 reply
Gracias MEGA ,eres lo más!
Tank you MEGA you are the best!

cat7 [--], 27 Aug 2013, 6:49 reply
Opera 12.17 it's out!!!
Can you "PLEASE" make a portable version? Thanks

Arnoldo [--], 4 May 2014, 3:36 reply
one problem mega ask me for an encryption key any idea

pascal [gb], 1 Sep 2013, 22:33 reply
Can You please make a russian version of Opera Portable 12.16

Romka [--], 30 Jan 2014, 10:28 reply
New update 12.17 is out, can you please make a portable version? Thanks in advance!!

Teo [--], 24 Apr 2014, 22:42 reply
For those who want to download the Opera Portable Personal12.16, here are the new link :
http://www.4shared.com/file/-YsoTU8Jce/opera-portable-person al-1216.html
You're welcome

cat7 [--], 4 May 2014, 4:08 reply
Woooow!!! Opera pesonal 12.16 new link ,I need this, great!
Tnx cat7, great!

Sebastian [--], 4 May 2014, 4:12 reply
Please a new link : 4shared don't work

Pat [fr], 6 May 2014, 15:42 reply
Can someone share version 12.17? Thanks!!

Planck [it], 21 May 2014, 14:32 reply
Thanks for this great work and benefit you have given so many. My favorite Opera!.
God is alive and well in you.

Batty Gilboa [us], 21 May 2014, 16:21 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.17

Ed [us], 23 May 2014, 7:36 reply
Thank you very much......:)

potbic [gb], 23 May 2014, 14:49 reply
Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo

mdmoli [--], 23 May 2014, 9:11 reply
Ed, thanks again for your willingness to help us poor mortals. Congratulations and keep it up.
From Brasil, Depeo da Masol

Depeo da Masol [br], 23 May 2014, 14:46 reply
Thanks very much!!

Teo [it], 23 May 2014, 18:39 reply
Thanks for this (and all the others you posted going back to 14 Jul 2008). :)

rgann [us], 24 May 2014, 2:58 reply
Ed...You STILL be da main man!

Tinybeeber [--], 24 May 2014, 21:10 reply
Exelent Ed.TnkU very much !!!!

Akahowa [--], 6 Jun 2014, 16:15 reply
Thanks for this great work,could you please release a new 12.17 with flashplayer plugins?Thanks advance.

ryan [tw], 7 Jun 2014, 0:05 reply
Download Links for v12.17 are broken. Could you reupload it. Thanks a lot.

luq [--], 19 Jun 2014, 10:29 reply
I confirm that links for version 12.17 are not working. Please upload it again. Thx in advance.

Jack [--], 26 Aug 2014, 17:28 reply
For more info...Files starting download but at the end it stops with error. Please reupload.

Jack [--], 26 Aug 2014, 17:30 reply
The new update 12.18 is available!! Thanks to anyone who shares portable version! And thanks Kejut for this great builder.

Teo [eu], 16 Feb 2016, 9:00 reply
Dear friend Teo, where is this new version to download?
I can not find it.

Depeo da Masol [br], 16 Feb 2016, 13:33 reply

Teo [eu], 17 Feb 2016, 10:58 reply
Dear Teo, thank you for the tip.
Hugs from Brazil.

Depeo da Masol [--], 17 Feb 2016, 12:25 reply
Here are the new links for the Opera Portable 12.18

Ed [us], 29 Feb 2016, 19:09 reply
Ed, again we appreciate your generosity of distributing knowledge to all of us. Congratulations.
Depeo da Masol from Brazil.

Depeo da Masol [--], 1 Mar 2016, 13:55 reply
Thanks so much, very appreciated!

Teo [it], 3 Mar 2016, 20:14 reply
Links are not valid. Can you upload versions 12.18 again?

Novak [--], 12 Mar 2016, 13:26 reply
Here are the new re-uploaded links for the Opera Portable 12.18 not sure how long it will last
opera-portable-oneuse-12.18 http://tinyurl.com/hz7mof6

Ed [us], 13 Mar 2016, 19:33 reply
Thanks. It is working fine but it is slow.

Awele [--], 22 Apr 2016, 11:13 reply
Can you re-upload one-use 12.18?

Cyro [--], 30 Apr 2016, 14:27 reply
Please upload again versions 12.18, because links are dead

zinho [--], 16 Jun 2016, 4:14 reply
link death, please upload again

polskakaszanka [--], 11 Aug 2016, 13:20 reply
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This is really nice article..
Hopeu will post more article for us

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