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I wonder why NTU doesn't provide POP3 or IMAP for its email server, but only webmail or exchange are provided. So it is very troublesome and I don't want to install exchange on my computer. Therefore I need to check my email using webmail every few days. But if I am waiting for an important email, it's very tiring. I think it's better to use Opera's RSS facility that checks automatically every few hours. That's why I made this, an NTU webmail to RSS converter.

Entah kenapa NTU ga sediain akses POP3 atau IMAP untuk imelnya, tapi cuma ada webmail atau exchange, jadi sangat ngerepotin dan ku ga pengen instal exchange di komputerku. Akibatnya ku perlu ngecek imel pake webmail tiap beberapa hari. Tapi kalo lagi nunggu imel penting, cape deh. Lebih baik pake fasilitas RSS di Opera yang otomatis ngecek setiap beberapa jam. Karena itulah kubuat ini, pengubah webmail NTU jadi RSS.

How to use it: fill in your NTU network username below (sorry for non-NTU students) and your password. Then click the Get Feed URL button. There will be an URL generated for you with encrypted password. Be calm, since the password is not stored at all. After that, for Firefox and Opera users, you can click the buttons below it. For other RSS-reader users, please copy the generated URL manually.

Cara pakenya: isi username imel NTU di bawah (maaf bagi yang bukan murid NTU) dan paswodnya. Lalu klik tombol Get Feed URL. Nanti akan dibuatkan URL dengan paswod yang dienkrip. Tenanglah, paswodnya ga disimpan sama sekali. Setelah itu, bagi pemakai Firefox dan Opera, bisa klik tombol di bawahnya. Untuk pemakai pembaca RSS lain silakan kopi sendiri URL yang jadi itu.

NTU Network Username (without "STUDENT\")
Click to get feed URL

This is an example how it will look like. The screenshot below is made using Opera.

Ini contoh penampilannya. Tembak layar di bawah dibuat dengan Opera.

Only for those interested in web programming - How I did it:

  • Using curl extension in php, get the first page of the webmail application.
  • However there is several data that must be POSTed including the username and password.
  • The server will redirect you from the login processing page to the inbox page, so make sure you enable the CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION option.
  • Parse the page using regex; take out the sender name, subject, date and size.
  • Format it according to RSS 2.0 specification.

Hanya yang tertarik pemrograman web - Cara bikinnya:

  • Dengan ekstensi curl di php, ambil halaman pertama dari program webmail.
  • Tapi ada beberapa data harus di-POST termasuk username dan paswod.
  • Server akan meredirect Anda dari halaman proses login ke halaman inbox, jadi pastikan nyalakan opsi CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION.
  • Tafsirkan halaman dengan regex; ambil pengirim, subjek, tanggal, dan ukuran.
  • Format berdasarkan spesifikasi RSS 2.0.

Written by: yuku

very helpful!! :) I don't need to login anymore.... Thanks yuku....

kiko [sg], 8 Feb 2006, 13:07 reply
Nice try, but is it save? I'm afraid many people can read my email.

Lesmanahadi [id], 12 Mar 2006, 4:27 reply
You can just ask NTU Webmail to forward all mails to your Gmail account! Serves as a great way for escaping the clutches of NTU Webmail and also as a way to backup your files! See:
http://redghost.kquee.com/2005/08/23/ntu-email-accou nt-automatic-forwarding/

Kelvin Quee [sg], 19 Mar 2006, 4:29 reply
i hope i can do that also with my SMU email..

sylv [sg], 29 Aug 2006, 13:24 reply