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Digg upgraded the system to version 3. When the transition took place, every visitor will be amazed with a temporary page that says "Get Ready for Awesomeness" and includes links to 16 external sites, and a MIDI song! Celebrating the new version, for those who missed out the transition page,


About Digg

Digg is an interesting site. Why is it interesting? Because interesting items is shown there. How can it be interesting?

People from all over the world find interesting web pages. But the page may only be interesting to him/her and not to other people. But he/she will not know that before he/she share the page to others. So he/she opens up digg's site, and he/she submits the address of the page together with a short description of the page.

It will be included on digg's list of pages, and people can digg it if they found it interesting. A submitted page with enough number of diggs (around 30 or 40) will be moved to the front page of digg, where lots of people will see it.

Tentang Digg

Digg adalah situs yang menarik. Kenapa menarik? Karena hal-hal menarik ditampilkan di sana. Ko bisa menarik?

Orang di seluruh dunia menemukan halaman web yang menarik. Tapi mungkin halaman itu hanya menarik baginya, tak bagi orang lain. Tapi dia takkan tau sebelum membagikannya ke orang lain. Jadi dia buka situs digg, dan dia kirim alamat halaman itu serta keterangan singkat tentang halaman itu.

Halaman itu akan dimasukkan ke daftar halaman di digg, dan orang-orang bisa men-digg-nya kalau menurut mereka itu menarik. Halaman yang mendapat digg cukup (sekitar 30 atau 40) akan dipindah ke halaman utama digg, yang dilihat banyak orang.

Written by: yuku

I just want to thank you for writing this blog. I am a bule, just moved to Jakarta, working for an NGO, and trying to learn the language as fast as I can. I love bilingual sources, and the blog is perfect - short articles about real issues, not just "what some textbook writer think I will find interesting", allows me to increase my vocabulary rapidly, while learning something about how someone else thinks. I don't know why you chose to write all your postings bilingually, but for me, it's a godsend.
Terima kasih,

Stian Haklev [se], 27 Jun 2006, 2:06 reply
digg.com - an interesting site. I added it to my (brain) bookmark. Thanks for the information.

Tania [id], 27 Jun 2006, 5:49 reply
This is a very good information...

Lesmanahadi [id], 3 Jul 2006, 14:07 reply
Sebenarnya saya belum cukup jelas tentang digg, delicious atau furl atau juga reddit. Kayaknya heboh banget, juga page rank mereka tinggi banget. Boleh ngga saya minta tolong dijelasin lebih lanjut. Terima kasih ya. Saya pingin ikut nge-digg buat situs saya. Terima kasih juga ya.

Lina [id], 29 Jul 2007, 12:09 reply