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Cell phone plays an important part in human's life. I believe that it is true for some people. Check out what NOKIA said about their product, N72:

"The Nokia Nseries promise of high performance technology is at the core of the Nokia N72 design DNA; with this device people will feel like they can express their extrovert nature," said Bill Sermon, vice president of Multimedia Design, Nokia. "The design concept was inspired by what the Nokia N72 means to someone, rather than what it can merely do for that person. We drew on the relationship people have with things that inspire great performances, like the world's finest grand piano or the perfect handcrafted writing pen. We wanted to play with contrast and detail to create drama within the product - and the end result is a beautiful device that creates its own signature at the same time that it draws you in."

Above, you can see that:

  1. Cell phone expresses someone's characteristics (...can express their extrovert nature...). Cell phone is a personal gadget, you may change their skin, wallpaper, ring tones, etc. to personalize them, to make them describe your personalities.
  2. Cell phone becomes an irreplaceable part in people's life (...what the Nokia N72 means to someone... ). Just imagine, if you forget to bring your cell phone when you are dating with your girlfriend, it will be more difficult for you to find an excuse when you are bored with her.

So, when someone buys a cell phone, he/she may have a difficulty to decide which phone he/she is willing to buy. There are many choices in the market and there are many criterias that may appear in his/her brain but probably no cell phones can meet the criterias. Here, I want to share you what I think about kinds of people who buy cell phones:

1. Technology Geek

This kind of people always needs to have the latest cell phone technology on earth. So, every time an new phone arrives, as long as it has a better spec than his/hers, no matter how expensive it is, he will buy it. As usual, several months or may be even weeks later, another model with a better technology arrives. He/she will replace his/hers with a new one. He/she will never satisfied with the current technology.

2. Collector

Everyone must have his/her own trusted brands. This kind of people likes to buy every new type of their trusted brand appears in market. They replace their old cell phone, but they will not sell/give/throw the old ones, they keep them in a safe place. Every period of time, they check their collections, clean them, watch over them, treat them like a baby. Some will love their cell phone more than their wife/girlfriend. (This kind of people may open a museum, just kidding, it's too dangerous for their collections).

3. Fashion Maniac

This kind of people always cares about how people look at them. They will use an up-to-date product which has a gorgeous look. They will check a certain shop periodically to make sure that they don't miss a new product so they can keep themselves far from the word "old fashioned".

4. Instant Buyer

This kind of people usually replaces their cell phone every time their cell phones break. They just get in a shop, look which one they like, then buy it. Just that simple.

5. Tight Pocket

This kind of people usually tries to find an out-to-date phone, so the price will be low and they think they will not be too disappointed because they do not spend too much money, but they regularly replace their cell phone. Actually, they like advance technology but they love their money more.

6. The Patient

This kind of people likes to browse on the internet, chat with some people about their cell phones, make comparisons. They keep their eye on cell phone's developments. They know about cell phones which are under development, which are ready to launch, which have shipped, etc. They know many things, but they won't buy it except they are in urgent. They wait for a type of cell phone which can meet their imagination, which will never have a limit.

7. Other

This kind of people buys cell phones for an unusual reason. For example, a teacher who buy a second and cheap cell phone to break it in front of his/her students, so they give more respect to his/her or a student who buy a cell phone for experiments.

Some people may have difficulties to choose which cell phone they should buy. It's not your fault, the market is growing fast, every company and its competitor try their best to survive, that's why there are so many type of cell phone out there. Just use your eye and heart. Choose it by yourself based on who you are and what do you expect your cell phone will be.

Enjoy Kejut.com and keep visiting us! Thank you.

"HARI GINI GA PUNYA HENPON?" Itu adalah salah satu kutipan dari sebuah iklan ponsel (sebenarnya ponsel + kartu SIM). Jika kamu pergi ke tempat ramai, coba perhatikan orang-orang di sekitar kamu, tidak sedikit juga orang yang punya ponsel walaupun ponselnya seringkali tidak diletakkan di tempat terbuka, bahkan tidak jarang juga tukang jualan makanan kaki lima, pedagang sayur di pasar, dan satpam pun punya ponsel. Bagi banyak orang, kemanapun dia pergi, dia akan berusaha agar ponselnya dapat dijangkau dengan mudah, salah satu caranya adalah dengan meletakkannya di dalam kantong, bukan hanya jika pergi ke luar kamar bahkan mungkin juga ketika dia "pergi ke pulau kapuk", dia akan menggenggam ponselnya sampai ke dalam mimpinya. Maka, mungkin dapat dibilang, ponsel sedang menjajaki statusnya menjadi barang kebutuhan primer.

Coba perhatikan juga, ponsel apa yang digunakan orang-orang di sekitar kamu. Beberapa orang pasti menggunakan ponsel dengan tipe yang sama, tapi warnanya berbeda, bahkan mungkin itu bukan warna standar ponsel jenis itu. Coba kamu bandingkan ponsel kamu dengan ponsel teman kamu yang sejenis, walaupun sejenis, warnanya sama, tapi belum tentu latar belakang, nada dering, atau atribut lainnya sama. Nah, sedikit banyak ponsel dapat mencerminkan karakteristik kamu.

Ketika seseorang membeli ponsel, aku yakin banyak kriteria yang dipertimbangkan untuk menentukan ponsel mana yang hendak dibeli. Seringkali, tidak semua kriteria dapat terpenuhi. Itu semakin menambah kesulitan untuk membuat keputusan. Berikut ini adalah pemikiranku tentang "orang kayak gimana aja sich yang beli henpon?":

  1. Penggemar Teknologi
  2. Kolektor
  3. Centil
  4. Pembeli Ringkas
  5. Pelit
  6. Penyabar
  7. Lain-lain

Catatan: untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, baca versi Inggris dari artikel ini! Terima kasih atas pengertiannya.

Saranku, ketika kamu membeli ponsel, pilihlah ponsel yang ditunjuk oleh lubuk hatimu yang paling dalam, tidak perlu banyak berpikir karena tak lama lagi pun akan muncul tipe-tipe yang lain yang pastinya lebih menarik.

Written by: adhi

too lazy to write eh? hehehehe

sylv [sg], 9 Sep 2006, 19:19 reply
kok daku merasa kalo artikel ini rada mirip artikel yang di nanyang chronicle ya? :P
cuma yang di sana artikelnya tentang lap top...

duck [sg], 1 Oct 2006, 16:29 reply
Well, I think poeple who loves with technology and fashion will be more confuse as the cellphone always develops. I also face that fact. To buy a new phone I usually read articles about the price, specification, etc. and talk with some friends who are capable to give reliable information. In the end, I will buy a new one that I consider fashionable and complete in technology (camera, 3G, sound, MP3&4, internet fac. etc.). In conclusion, it is not easy to me and others who like cellphone with new technology and fashion. Byeeeeeeee

Olive [us], 14 Jun 2007, 1:14 reply
Baru tau kalo bahasa indonesianya fashion maniac tu centil... hehehe ^.^

sunny day [us], 14 Nov 2009, 19:21 reply